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The DUPR rating system provides clubs and organizations with universal, real time ratings for it’s players. It is a rating based solely on the players results therefore making it extremely objective. Leagues, organized play, tournaments, and round robins can be easily run and monitored with DUPR.

Lee Whitwell

I enjoy teaching immensely, but it’s always difficult when people sign up for the wrong skill level clinic. They simply don’t know any better. I’m excited to have a way for your every day player to know where they stand so that they can learn and compete with people of their own skill level.

Zane Navratil

I love DUPR because it’s a transparent rating system available to everyone! It’s adaptable so it will keep updating to ensure accuracy. Tournament and rec players can easily get their 3 digit rating and find compatible partners for play!

Dekel Barr

Some people play their best games at tournaments and others play theirs in rec play. DUPR captures all that data to make sure your rating reflects what it should: Your game. This is a game changer for the sport of Pickleball.

Brandon Nsekpong

I'm so excited that there is finally a framework to accurately measure skill level. Not only is DUPR accurate, but you no longer have to be a tournament player to be rated, making ratings more attainable than ever.

Corinne Carr

The DUPR rating system does not lose out on any information or data. They incorporate everything into their algorithm, making it the most accurate and effective method for ratings.

Ben Johns

DUPR Stories

Telling Pickleball’s greatest stories through the lens of data.

June 18, 2024

u3a: The Bedrock of Pickleball Participation in the UK

  • Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing activities across national volunteer-led movement for older adults.
  • u3a pickleball groups are significant drivers of participation for the over-50s in UK.
  • With 3,000 players out of an overall membership of 400,000, there is huge scope for growth.

The average age of the pickleball-playing population in the UK is gradually reducing — but, for now, over-50s remain the bedrock of the sport's participation base. A significant percentage of these older players are discovering pickleball through u3a. 

The u3a is a huge volunteer-led movement that keeps retired people active and learning. It is made up of around 1000 u3as  across the UK who organize activities that keep older adults mentally, physically and socially active. These range from sport to learning a language, history, photography, walking, wine tasting and much more.

Three years ago, there were 15 pickleball groups across the u3a movement. Now (May 2024), there are 139. It is one of the fastest growing sports within u3a and now boasts over 3,000 players. For context, Pickleball England has 5,000 registered members over 50 years of age and there are an estimated 15,000 players of all ages (including non-members of the governing body) in the country.

David Pechey has been the u3a's National Subject Advisor for pickleball since 2021. Having started his own club in Bramhall, Manchester in 2018, he felt pickleball strongly aligned with u3a's objective of encouraging older adults to become and/or stay active.  

David, 73, has published guidance and a package of resources on the u3a website for anyone wanting to set up their own group. He has also undertaken a Pickleball Leaders Certification to teach people the basic techniques and tactics. Some are happy with a regular hit and chat; others have progressed to competing and registering with DUPR. 

"You get great satisfaction from helping people learn to play and seeing them grow in confidence on court," said David. "But some u3a groups have started without any help from me. I am just a sounding board if people need one, but pickleball is increasingly creating its own momentum."

David also adds,

"Pickleball is so accessible for people of my age. They don't want hours of training with a coach. As long as there is someone to teach you the rules and basic tactics, you can start playing pickleball to a reasonable level pretty quickly. That's why it has struck a chord. People have been able to get a bit of physical activity and social interaction while feeling they are having a good, competitive game." 

As pickleball groups have popped up and grown throughout the u3a movement, the organization has organically become a key participation driver for the sport in the UK – all led by the enthusiasm and passion of volunteers. 

David stated,

"A huge debt of gratitude is owed to the local champions in every active u3a group: the group conveners, coordinators and leaders. These are local heroes with enthusiasm, initiative, perseverance and patience. A debt to them is owed by me and by every u3a player that enjoys exercise, fun, gentle competition and social interaction as a result of their efforts.”

With just under 100 u3a pickleball groups across the UK, there is obvious potential for it to spread much further.

"We haven't reached 10% yet, so I want to continue to help grow it throughout all the u3as  in the UK," states David. 

With players’ ages ranging from 50 to early 90s, thousands of people in the autumn of their years are being given a new lease of life through u3a and pickleball.

June 17, 2024

How To Get Started With Organizing Game Play Successfully

Devan Egan, the founder of Club Pickleball USA, brings extensive experience and a deep passion for the sport. Having made all the mistakes himself, he now shares valuable tips to help you avoid them. Read on to learn how he started his club, how he keeps it on track, and how you can get your club moving too!

When Club Pickleball USA first started, The initial assumption about what pickleball players wanted was quite narrow. Most players would interact with the sport the same way. It was shocking how quite the opposite it is.

After years of playing and running an extensive programming experience for thousands of pickleballers, Devan has identified 4 key principles for organized play. Let’s dive into each one:

  1. Help Players Find Each Other
  2. Create the Right Schedule
  3. Treat Open Play Differently 
  4. Market Your Club

Help Players Find Each Other

The first thing to understand with organized game play is to realize that most players have nobody to play with. The purpose of organized play is to bring people together by skill level, age, gender, or interests (casual play, competitive play, social experiences, etc.).

Many people are mistaken here—not everyone wants to reserve a court. A lot of people prefer the simplicity of signing up for an event individually, showing up, and having a predictable, quality experience with lots of other players. 

Some events (open play, socials) help players meet each other, but you also need to create a culture of connection. One helpful secret for Devan has been using GroupMe. With GroupMe, he organizes the groups by skill level, and the players become some of the best marketers to help fill events while also creating player connections for private court reservations. 

Pickleball brings people together and sometimes your players just need a little guidance and help to make the quality connections they’re looking for.


Create the Right Schedule

A lot of clubs focus on what they do, but far too many forget about the importance of when to do it. The right timing and schedule can make all the difference in whether or not an event fills up.

The most effective strategy has been to schedule events that align with specific groups we observe visiting at those specific times. If most of your court reservations with a specific group are from 10 am to noon, it’s likely that others in their same group type (for instance, age range) would join an event at that same time. Let the players give those signals out; be observant and responsive to those player habits and pay attention to the audience. Don’t let the players dictate the entire schedule, but there are a lot of opportunities and events that are born out of their suggestions.

One of the key practices that Devan and Club Pickleball USA adheres to is maintaining a balanced schedule of offerings at various times. Create a calendar sheet (separate from your regular court management software) that outlines your event offerings by day and time of the week, specifying the intended audience (such as skill level, age group, etc.). This will help identify the gaps and opportunities within the programming schedule for new or additional events. 

Additionally, it’s ideal to maintain 2 to 4-hour gaps between similar or larger-scale events to provide two reservation windows in the calendar. For instance, a 3-hour gap between a large morning event and a large midday event minimizes the ability to fill the courts only during those events. Most groups like to play for 2 hours – so now an hour of opportunity (in most cases) is thrown away because it failed to gap the experiences sufficiently. A 4-hour gap would have allowed for 2 different groups to make a 2-hour reservation in between the 2 large events.

Lastly, don’t give all of your courts to one experience. Set aside at least 3 or 4 courts for private reservations; otherwise, players will feel excluded or limited from equal access to court time, particularly in peak hours. Within reason, we will wait until we’re within 48 hours before adding people from a waitlist for an event to take most or all of the courts.


Treat Open Play Differently 

If there's one key takeaway from this article, it's this topic. This is where most clubs go wrong with their programming schedules. Let's break down the DOs and DON'Ts:

DO (Be sure to read and use the don’t section in conjunction with the do’s.):

  • Offer an extensive and frequent open play schedule (three 3-hour sessions per day). Ideally one in the morning, one midday, and one evening.
  • Book the event for 2.5 or 3 hours, 2 hours is not enough time for a rotational experience.
  • Utilize challenge courts to give higher-skilled players an outlet.
  • Use wristbands at check-in to verify players who registered are actually the ones playing. You may have other members who didn’t register bleed over from their expired court reservation and throw off your numbers. “Wrist band check!” is how to catch the rule abusers.
  • Post signs about paddle-up rules and gameplay.
  • Depending on the number of players, have an ambassador/employee helping direct traffic and monitor for abuse.


  • Don't assign skill levels to courts or open-play events. This approach can undermine your skill-specific events and force you to choose who to accommodate if all skill levels are waitlisted and you only have one court left to offer.
  • Don’t allow players to use more than 1 paddle in the paddle rack.
  • Don’t allow more than 8 players per court. We like the 7-7.5 player-to-court ratio.
  • Don’t use prime court hours for open play. Instead, use open play as a filler for the second and third-tier court hours.


Market Your Club

This is what sets Club Pickleball USA apart from its competitors: a deep understanding of marketing and sales principles. This includes knowing how to create effective funnels, both online and in-person, for both prospects and existing players. It's essential to allocate a marketing budget to attract new players to the club.

Their marketing efforts are always focused on 3 primary initiatives:

  1. Growth! Always be adding players to your database; this creates opportunities for new members and keeps your club busy.
  2. Repeat Business. The most probable customer is someone who has already engaged with the club. Utilize retargeting ads to remind your audience of the club's offerings, including the training academy, events, tournaments, memberships, and more.
  3. Increase Revenue. Invest marketing dollars in experiences that yield a return. Avoid "branding campaigns" until the club has been established for several years with a loyal audience. Instead, focus marketing efforts on achieving a positive return on ad spend (ROAS) that can be meticulously tracked. Monitor every penny spent and measure the resulting revenue. Allocate funds to experiences that offer a higher margin per court hour, such as tournaments and corporate events.

As the club evolves, strategies and implementations can become more refined and targeted. In the early stages, prioritize enhancing the player experience and ensure its delivery. When a 5-star experience is consistently provided, most other challenges tend to resolve themselves. Achieving this top-tier experience involves connecting players, offering flexible scheduling options, being strategic yet generous with open-play opportunities, and leveraging social media marketing to enhance efforts.

By integrating these best practices from Club Pickleball USA’s Devan Egan, clubs can cultivate a winning culture among players and see positive impacts on both player satisfaction and financial success! To learn more about their way of running a Club, check out the 100+ Mastermind Network they’ve built.

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June 16, 2024

Father's Day special - The Brascia's

Mary Brascia, a professional pickleball player on the PPA tour, currently ranked number 4 on the PPA leaderboards for women's singles with an impressive DUPR rating of 5.666 in doubles and 5.871 in singles, is among the top-ranked female players in the sport. Hailing from Southern California, Mary finds the greatest joy in playing pickleball with her family, and especially enjoys being coached by her father Vinnie Brascia.

“Our whole family is a pickleball family. We all play all the time and our family is super close. We enjoy spending time together so it’s really nice that we found a sport that we can all play together as a family”, Mary says.

Mary’s dad, Vinnie still coaches her and her sister to this day. Mary says,

"He knows me better than anyone, and he helps my sister and I play our best on the court because he knows the game really well.” Mary mentions she plays her best with her dad as her coach because it keeps her in a “positive headspace”.

Vinnie has always taken pride in both Mary’s and her sister Maggie’s passion for pickleball. He remains focused on their goals and maintaining a good relationship to the sport.

“My goal is for them to have fun and to achieve their potential as best as they can”, Vinnie says. As any good father would, he remains dad first, “I’m dad first and foremost, and always, and no matter what happens in a match I’m just going to give Mary a big hug and just say how proud I am for trying their best out there, cause this sport is hard.”

As we celebrate Father's Day this year, let's not forget the role that fathers play in shaping our lives and helping us reach our full potential. Mary Brascia's story is a reminder of the impact that a father's love, guidance, and support can have on their child's journey to success.

To hear more about Mary and her dad, watch the video here. Follow Mary's journey in climbing the pro pickleball rankings on her Instagram.

To all the fathers out there, Happy Father's Day!


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