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February 15, 2024

Reading, Writing, and Pickleball

For most kids, gym class is the highlight of the school week. It’s a much-needed break from serious class work and a chance to run around, play with friends, and expend energy playing basketball, soccer, volleyball, and floor hockey. Today, an increasing number of schools are adding pickleball to the menu as a way to provide students with a fun, easy way to increase physical activity and combat childhood obesity while addressing their ever-shrinking budgets.


Tailor-Made For Schools

Many aspects that have made pickleball so popular with adults – it’s easy to learn, it’s a fun workout, games are quick, and it allows people of various abilities and fitness levels to play together – also make it a great fit for school gym classes. Students can progress very quickly, which builds up their self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment and can lead to improvements in their overall academic achievement.

Pickleball is also ideal for schools because it solves the problem of how to provide students with a fun physical activity while adhering to tight budgets. According to The Society of Health and Physical Educators, (SHAPE America), the average elementary school spends only $462 per year on physical education. That’s not per child —that’s for the entire school. Given these constraints, pickleball provides a cost-effective activity that many students can play while meeting government mandates for physical education.


DUPR Fuels the Growth of Pickleball Among Younger Players 

The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) estimates that 8.9 million people played pickleball in 2023. As the average age of pickleball participants continues to trend downward – it’s currently at 35 – DUPR is working with organizations across the country to expand the sport further among younger players. For example, the most recent National Junior Pickleball Championships powered by DUPR was held in October in Las Vegas and featured 113 boys and girls ranging in age from 9-18 competing in singles, doubles, and team tournaments. 

Bringing Pickleball to Schools

In addition to DUPR’s efforts, the nonprofit organization PHIT America is making it easy for schools to add pickleball to their physical education curriculum. PHIT America’s Play Pickleball initiative donates everything a school needs – paddles, nets, balls, training aids -- to introduce pickleball to students. Launched in Spring 2023 with the ambitious goal of delivering more than 100 kits to elementary schools throughout the US, PHIT America is partnering with pickleball pro KaSandra Gerke to spread the word about the fun and health benefits kids can enjoy from playing pickleball.


Pickleball is all about teamwork and good sportsmanship and therefore fits nicely with the values schools teach every day. The sport’s explosive growth over the past few years is poised to continue, and anyone who has watched an MLP or PPA match is witnessing the success younger players are having on tour. Seventeen-year-old Anna Leigh Waters continues to dominate and teen phenoms Hayden Patriquin and Quang Duong consistently compete at the highest levels. You never know, somewhere in America a student could be picking up a paddle in gym class for the first time, get hooked on the sport and soon play in a few pickleball tournaments, get their DUPR rating, and maybe become tomorrow’s next great pickleball champion.

February 9, 2024


Professionals Can Access Industry-Leading Tools and Technology to Successfully Introduce and Grow the World’s Fastest-Growing Sport in Their Communities

DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) and The Registry of Pickleball Professionals (RRPk), the pickleball arm of the International Coaches Institute, today announced a long-term partnership to support the growth and development of club owners and coaching professionals with pickleball education training and resources. 

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the US and is seeing explosive growth worldwide. DUPR and RPPk are collaborating to launch an educational training program and platform for professional coaches and event organizers to equip them with tools and training to capitalize on the excitement around pickleball and successfully introduce the sport in their communities. DUPR’s accurate global rating system and technology platform provide a unifying language and standard to evaluate player skill level and find opportunities to play, creating connectivity for the sport around the world. 

“Our mission is to serve our members with the best tools and training to enhance their professional development. Pickleball is only continuing to grow worldwide and our partnership with DUPR will give our professionals the resources they need to effectively introduce and grow the sport in their communities,” said Luis Mediero, President of the Registro Profesional de Pickleball and International Registry of Pickleball Professionals. “We specialize in coaches and education, and DUPR specializes in the best, most accurate pickleball ratings and technology. It’s a natural fit for our organizations to come together to support our professionals and grow the sport effectively worldwide.”

RPPk will provide a DUPR Team Coach qualification to all coaches who pass the corresponding training courses in their professional training program, and will release a number of certification programs to support organizers in their professional development later this year. The partnership will kick off with a pickleball tournament in Madrid, where coaches will be able to take the first RRPk course and experience the power and precision of DUPR during a championship tournament.

“Professionals are the lifeblood of the game, and we are committed to providing the training, tools and technology to grow pickleball and make the experience fun and exciting so players keep coming back to the court,” said Tito Machado, DUPR CEO. “Our focus at DUPR is to bring accessible, easy to understand technology and analytics to pickleball to unify the sport across age, gender and location with a simple rating system. We are honored to partner with the RPPk and the International Coaches Institute to support professionals and the growth of the game worldwide.” 

RRPk and DUPR are developing the following programs to be released later this year: 

  • Players’ Rating Program: This will train certified RPPK International Professional coaches in establishing initial DUPR ratings for new players to evaluate player skill level, organize level-based play and start to get results into the system. 
  • Tournament Director Course: Coaches will learn how to use the DUPR platform to develop and organize successful pickleball events and tournaments. 
  • Team Manager Course: Team organizers will learn how to use the DUPR platform and successfully direct and captain a team in a pickleball league.
  • Referee Certification Course: Open to licensed International Referee Professionals, this course will teach how to use the DUPR platform and the necessary regulations to referee a pickleball tournament. 
  • Professional Services: RPPk offers a series of professional services so that all professionals certified through the RPPk & DUPR training and certification programs can carry out their work with total safety and guarantee.

For more information, please visit www.RPPickleball.org

About International Coaches Institute & RPPk

The International Coaches Institute - ICI established during 2021, the Registry of Pickleball Professionals - RPPk dedicated to professional training, international certification and comprehensive professional services for PICKLEBALL teaching professionals, as well as the promotion of this sport. RPPk has more 1,200certified coaches in 21 countries, who have the highest recognition in the Pickleball industry. All our qualifications are recognized by: International Registry of Pickleball Professionals (RPPk International), European Registry of Pickleball Professionals (RPPk Europe), United States Registry of Pickleball Professionals (RPPk USA), Registro Profesional de Pickleball Latinoamericano (RPPk Latinoamérica), International Coaches Institute (ICI) and the y Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating (DUPR). 

All training programs, certification and qualifications and professional services of the Registry of Pickleball Professionals - RPPk are endorsed and recognized by the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation - RFET / PICKLEBALL and by the Spanish Pickleball Association - Pickleball Spain.

The International Coaches Institute (ICI) has become the first and largest international organization dedicated to offering educational programs, international certification and comprehensive professional services to tennis, golf, padel, fitness and pickleball teaching professionals through their respective Professional Registries: Tennis (RPTennis), Golf (RPGolf), Padel (RPPadel), Fitness (RPFitness) and Pickleball (RPPk) with a clear objective: to offer all those tools necessary to train and develop people through sport. 

About DUPR 

DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) is the premier global pickleball rating system and technology platform, trusted by the world's leading clubs, tournaments, leagues, and players. DUPR's dynamic rating system unifies pickleball across age, gender, and location by analyzing match results to accurately evaluate all players across a 2.000 - 8.000 scale. 

For more information on DUPR, visit the official website and follow DUPR on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

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February 7, 2024

Q&A with DUPR Athlete Tyson McGuffin

Tyson McGuffin is one of the most well-known names in pickleball. As one of the top players in the sport, he has made a significant impact with his skills and dedication to the game. In this Q&A session, we get to know Tyson, who is a DUPR athlete and active member of our community, a little bit better. We discuss his favorite hobbies, goals, and his thoughts on the DUPR Rating System.

What is your favorite hobby (jokingly outside of pickleball of course)?

“ I just picked up golf and am really loving that. Also cooking. I love my wife, but I do all the cooking.”

What is your favorite destination that you have played pickleball in?

“I love Palm Springs. Weather is nice, golf is great, and the vibes are good.”

What are some goals you have set for yourself in 2024 - whether personally or professionally in pickleball?

“I am determined to keep working on my craft, always stay grounded and be the people's champ. No matter what category - husband, father, player, coach, content creator - I want to shoot for 100%.”

How do you think the DUPR Rating System has enhanced the overall pickleball experience? Do you often or ever compare your DUPR to other players that you are playing, is it a factor going into a match that you play?

“Having an accurate rating system helps the level of play. It creates consistency and sustainability in the sport. It ensures equal play in a competitive setting. The algorithm helps determine how to organize play when you have a range of ratings. Knowing everyone’s DUPR helps keep matches competitive when levels are all over the place. 

What inspired you to go pro?

“I was done playing tennis, but still wanted to compete. I was turned on to this silly sport by a member at the club where I was teaching. I have zero moderation in most things in life so dove fully into going pro quickly.”

We are proud to call Tyson McGuffin a DUPR Athlete. His dedication and love for the sport is obvious. With his goals set for continual growth and providing an inclusive playing environment through DUPR, Tyson is making his mark on the pickleball world and inspiring others to do the same.

Make sure to stay updated on Tyson McGuffin's ongoing journey as a DUPR athlete in 2024. Follow him on Instagram and tune into his podcast to catch all of Tyson's upcoming appearances.

Follow Tyson and all your favorite DUPR Athlete's on the DUPR app - Download now!

February 6, 2024

Illinois Super Regional: A Record-Breaking Event in Collegiate Pickleball History

Fifteen schools and 113 players competed at Pickle Haus this past weekend to be crowned the Illinois Super Regional champions. By player count, it's the largest Regional that DUPR has ever run and the 3rd largest collegiate pickleball tournament ever! Multiple news stations were there to cover the action, as well as plenty of spectators from the surrounding Chicago area.

This tournament was the competitive debut for the UW-Madison, SIUE, Carnegie Mellon, Cornerstone, and Concordia pickleball teams. At the top, we saw the familiar faces of Ohio State, TCU, Indiana, and Michigan reach the semifinals and claim a bid to Nationals in November.

At our Michigan Regional last year, we saw Indiana beat the Ohio State 1st team in a Dreambreaker to advance to the finals and win the whole tournament. However the tables turned at the Illinois Super Regional, and it was instead the Ohio State 1st team getting their revenge and beating Indiana in the Dreambreaker to advance to the finals and winning the whole tournament.

The Illinois Super Regional was the first of eight Super Regionals DUPR is running this year, with the next one being the Utah Super Regional in Kaysville, Utah on March 2nd-3rd.

A big thank you goes to our sponsors: HEAD, GAMMA, OOFOS, Michelob Ultra, and Total Pickleball.

January 31, 2024

DUPR Welcomes GAMMA as the Official Ball for 2024 with the Exciting Arrival of the CHUCK Tournament Ball!

DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) is thrilled to announce the expansion of its partnership with GAMMA Sports, marking an exciting new chapter in the future of pickleball in 2024. GAMMA is set to become the official ball for DUPR with the launch of the innovative CHUCK Tournament Pickleball to the market.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our DUPR partnership. DUPR’s commitment to pickleball aligns perfectly with our brand mission to expand the pickleball community. We believe this collaboration will support growth and introduce pickleball to an even wider audience,” said Molly Boras, Executive Vice President of GAMMA Sports.

"This strategic partnership with GAMMA Sports as The Official Ball of DUPR is truly exciting. Together, we look forward to strengthening our joint mission of growing the sport of pickleball at a rapid rate,” said Ben Van Hout, Director of Sponsorships atDUPR.

The CHUCK Tournament Pickleball will make its debut at DUPR's Collegiate Super Regional on February 3rd and 4th in Illinois. The ball features 38 holes instead of 40 for a guaranteed true flight and is engineered to withstand temperatures at both ends of the outdoor spectrum. The CHUCK Tournament Pickleball will be released for sale on February 7th on GAMMA Sports website.

As two entities committed to advancing the sport of pickleball, DUPR and GAMMA are excited about the potential of this partnership in fostering community engagement amongst all pickleball players in the nation and on a global scale.

To learn more about DUPR, please visit: www.mydupr.com

To learn more about Gamma Sports, please visit: www.gammasports.com


About DUPR:

DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) is the premier global pickleball rating system and technology platform, trusted by the world's leading clubs, tournaments, leagues and players. DUPR's dynamic rating system unifies pickleball across age, gender and location by analyzing match results to accurately evaluate all players across a 2.000 - 8.000 scale.

For more information on DUPR, visit the official website and follow DUPR on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

About GAMMA Sports:

GAMMA Sports is a family-owned manufacturer of innovative pickleball and tennis equipment.  With over 50 years of experience in racquet sports, GAMMA has become a trusted name among athletes and sports enthusiasts around the world.  With a commitment to quality and performance, GAMMA provides products to improve every player’s game. The company's product lineup includes high-performance paddles, balls, grips, and accessories.

GAMMA Media Contact:

Paige Powers

Communications Manager, GAMMA Sports

Email: paige.powers@gammasports.com

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January 30, 2024

Progress Report - January 30, 2024

Explaining the Research Behind DUPR’s Jan. 30th Updates

You all have probably seen the quick-hitter algo update and FAQs we posted on Jan 25th looking forward to the Jan 30th algo improvements or saw me talk briefly about them in my Reddit post last week. I wanted to take the opportunity to go a little more in depth here for those of you who are interested as to how we took the methods from my last blog post and applied them to these decisions, or just generally for those who are keen to get a better understanding of the algo’s inner workings.

Our goal is, in essence, to solve an “optimization” style problem: maximize X while obeying Y. In our case here, “X” is the accuracy of the overall system (we want to predict future matches as accurately as possible) and “Y” is the standard of pre-match transparency and post-match interpretability (it should be intuitive to a user whether their DUPR will go up, down, or stay the same as a result of the match they just played).

The original weekly algo had high accuracy and low transparency/interpretability —it did well on the optimization but didn’t satisfy the requirements. The instantaneous algo had lower accuracy but high transparency/interpretability — it easily satisfied the requirements but with plenty of room to grow on accuracy.

I see transparency as having two key components:

  1. Knowing What Caused a Move
  2. Intuitive Movement Results

These components are crucial for users because they build trust in the system through clear and justifiable results, ensuring the output is viewed as fair and reliable for all.

The instantaneous ratings update presented a solution to the first transparency component by effectively telling the user: “this match, and only this match, is the reason your DUPR just changed”.

The win-and-go-up aspect of the instantaneous rating was an initial solution to the second transparency component because, while you may not know the exact amount a given match result will move your DUPR, you can at least have a good feel for the directionality and scale on intuition by comparing everyone’s ratings and the simple final W/L result.

So, how do we improve our accuracy while staying within the defined bounds? DUPR can either operate more accurately within the current solutions to these constraints (by building better models with the same requirements of instant results and win-and-go-up movements) or it can build additional solutions by adding channels of communication which show that causality or intuition more clearly to users.

Given some workflow hurdles to solve for the fact that many users typically only look at DUPR after the match has been played, and the required technical lifts to build these communication channels, our January 30th algo update is focused on optimizing within the solutions available to us, making sure each step adds accuracy and intuition.

Win Intensity

Win intensity is stage one of fully reintroducing points to our ecosystem in a transparent and effective way. The question becomes: how do we reintegrate the accuracy of counting points back into the rating such that it satisfies the intuitive movement constraint?

The first step is: does counting points actually improve accuracy? Does seeing someone win 11-8 vs winning 11-0 mean that our prediction of their future performance should be relatively lower in the 11-8 case? With the framework discussed in the last blog, we can now answer this question pretty explicitly. We spin up a version of the algo that scales the movement of a player based on the points they’ve won, and, as many of you may have guessed, points do in fact add predictive value!

Calculating all of the points, even without much additional sophistication, adds an additional 25% or so of accuracy!

But there’s a catch. If Albus was supposed to win 11-5 against Barnabus and instead Albus only won 11-8, this pure points model would actually indicate Albus’ rating is too high as it currently stands or else it would’ve known to predict 11-8 from the get go! So the result would nudge both Albus’ and Barnabus’ ratings closer to the ratings that would’ve predicted 11-8: Albus goes down and Barnabus goes up, despite Albus beating Barnabus. While Barnabus may love the fact that his rating went up “unexpectedly”, Albus certainly could be frustrated. Maybe he had the game in hand at 11-4 and went easy for the last few points because he didn’t know he had to win 11-5 or better. Without a way of communicating that 11-5 target to users before the match is played, we simply don’t feel comfortable imposing that negative experience on users at this stage. We’re working on making this possible, but since many users don’t enter matches until after the match completes, for instance, we will have to address the entire user workflow to make this available for us.

So what can we do now? Well, we can design another model that still uses points, but allows for the inflection to still be at whether you’ve won or lost. By tuning the hyperparameters around exactly how this model works, we can maximize the accuracy of this method to within 10% of the pure points model — a significant step forward from where we are now! We’re calling this model feature Win Intensity. As before, if you win a match, you will go up, and if you lose, you will go down —this is the only way to guarantee transparency with this process because of the above.

But, now when you win by just a little, your rating barely moves up. If you win by a lot, your rating moves up much more. More of that point spread information is being incorporated.

Representative example of how DUPR can use Win Intensity to get close to the Pure Points-based ratings movement while still having an intuitive behavior. The exact shape here is for illustrative purposes only.

So yes, if I hypothetically took a bunch of lessons and managed to lose to Ben Johns by only 11-9, I would move down a very, very, very small amount after that match even though I would ideally show as having played quite above my current station. But when I turn around and start beating other people now by increasingly larger spreads, my rating would begin to rise much faster than in the former format. With more matches played, the relative differences from the Win Intensity model get averaged out and have less and less of an influence.

This is an area of ongoing focus for us, of course. We’d love to have all 25% of that accuracy bonus back (and then some), but this is a significant step in a positive direction while staying within the transparency conditions that have generated a significantly more active user-base.

Match Recency

I promise the next few sections will be shorter!

On the topic of taking a bunch of lessons and getting significantly better, we needed a way to incorporate drift and movement in player skill. Players get better with practice, more focus, or just generally more experience. Maybe they’re transitioning from another racquet sport and picking up a new pickleball-specific skill every week they touch a paddle. In the pre-Jan 30th instant algo, movement was constant regardless of when the games were played.

In this release, the ratings will now move proportionally to their match recency weighting. Recent matches will count for more in your rating and their weights will begin to slowly drop over time. As you get further and further from that match, the more recent matches entered will then hold relatively higher emphasis on your rating. If you take a few months off, the matches in your account will continue to decay in weight. Once you start entering matches into DUPR again, those recent matches will be much fresher than the old ones and your rating will move more than if you had been playing every day leading up to your latest match. This helps us learn better particularly in the case where you’ve taken some time off to practice and are coming back into the game with a few new tricks up your sleeve!

How did DUPR come up with the particular shape and decay rate? You may even be able to guess my answer at this point! We built a few hypotheses based on statistical theory and experience, fit them into our model, ran them against our dataset, and the one that best captured the natural trend in player skill movement was selected!

Match Count

The last big change that was burning a hole in our quantitative pockets for this Jan 30 release date was the idea of match count and learning rate. Imagine you flipped a coin one time and have no prior knowledge of coins. They are an absolute mystery. It landed on heads. Our best guess at this time is that it would always land on heads–we have no idea what else it could be since we’ve only ever seen one flip! The next time we flip it, it lands on tails, and our best guess is now that it's only a 50/50 chance of being heads since we’ve now observed one of each. That's a move of 50 whole percent! On the other side of the spectrum, imagine we had flipped a million coins in our life and we had meticulously recorded 500k heads and 500k tails. Our next coin flip, be it heads or tails, doesn't change our estimate that much as to how likely this coin is to land on heads; we've already seen so much information to support our hypothesis that coin flips are 50/50 that this next flip adds relatively little new information.

Playing pickleball acts statistically in quite the same way; the more you play, the more we know about you and the less new information we gain from the latest match. An MLP/PPA pro is probably pretty close to their true rating, whereas someone just joining DUPR has a lot of unknown variables to discover! You may think “Wait, every time I play you should be learning more about me, right?” That is still true! But if it was your first game ever on DUPR, we’d have 100% of our knowledge about your rating coming from one single match and would have to update accordingly. As you play more matches, there are certain pieces of information that are redundant from match to match, and less and less of the match’s details are “surprises” to the algo that it can learn from. Let’s say you play the same team 10 times in a row. By the tenth match, we probably have a pretty good idea of how you typically match up against them and that tenth match usually just helps to confirm that constructed view rather than forming a new view altogether.

But you’ll notice this effect is acting in the opposite direction of the Match Recency effect; where Match Recency says we learn more from recent matches, Match Count says we are learning relatively less. With our new framework, we can calibrate these two effects together to determine the appropriate rates for DUPR to both “learn” and “forget” to maximize the predictive nature of the ecosystem.


With Win Intensity, Match Recency, and Match Count all affecting the ratings as of January 30th, how are matches entered prior to then going to be adapted into the upgraded system? This especially becomes a technological and operational concern when we have to go back and amend old matches or merge player accounts. The best way for us to do this, while also getting the benefit of getting that 15% accuracy bump as soon as possible, is to batch fix everyone’s ratings to the new model’s best guess. This, as you might imagine, would cause a lot of people to be quite frustrated, particularly those of you who may be slightly higher in the old system vs the new.

Our compromise is going to be to batch adjust only those people’s ratings whose ratings are going to go UP in the updated model. If you notice your rating has jumped overnight, congratulations! The upgraded model likes you more than the prior version did! This definitely will create some bias in the average rating since we’re not equivalently moving others down, but as we move further and further into the future, this bias will get decayed through the Match Recency effect and players will move to their unbiased ratings as they play.

Thank You for Reading!

With these updates to the DUPR algorithm, we've focused on making the system not only more accurate but also more intuitive and accessible, ensuring that every DUPR user can easily understand and benefit from their personal rating progression. We’re excited about these changes and the process through which they resulted and hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a little bit more into how we came to the decisions we did. As we work towards future algorithm updates and improvements, or maybe just as interesting topics pop up in the space, I hope to see you back here with me!

Written By: Scott Mendelssohn - Head of Analytics, DUPR

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January 26, 2024

DUPR Unveils New Feeds Feature: A Social Hub for the Pickleball Community!

Here at DUPR, we're thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking feature that's set to revolutionize your pickleball experience – DUPR Feeds!

For the first time, we're introducing a dynamic way for players to connect, share, and engage within the vibrant pickleball community right from our app.

What's in Store with Feeds:

  • Follow Friends: Stay in the loop with your pickleball pals! With the new Feeds feature, you can now follow your friends and catch up on their latest pickleball adventures, victories, and more.

  • Post Text or Images to Feed: Share your pickleball journey with the community! Whether it's a stunning action shot or a post-game reflection, you can now post text or images directly to your feed for everyone to enjoy.

  • Highlight Top Matches: Showcase your best plays and give fellow players a front-row seat to your pickleball progress.

  • Comment on Players' Matches: Celebrate victories, share tips, or simply cheer on your fellow players. Feeds allows you to engage in lively discussions by commenting on the matches posted by others.

  • Comment on Players' Posts: Connect with players through comments on their posts and keep the post-match buzz alive off the court.

  • Tag Players: With Feeds, you can tag your friends and fellow players in your posts, ensuring they never miss a moment of the action.

  • Tag Clubs and Events: Stay connected with the broader pickleball community. Tag your favorite clubs and events that you’re registered for in your posts to share the excitement.

Get ready to dive into an improved pickleball experience on the DUPR app with the new DUPR Feeds – the ultimate social hub for pickleball players.

While the web version of DUPR Feeds is coming next week, DUPR Feeds is available now on our mobile app!

Click here to learn more about other upcoming app updates.

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January 26, 2024

Precision in Progress

New-DUPR’s Data-Driven Approach

Pickleball, especially the professional pickleball landscape, has gone through a tumultuous period of late. A continuing surge in the growth of the sport paired with the ever-present “will they/won’t they” relationship between the MLP and the PPA saw DUPR spun out from its former MLP umbrella and into a verdant green pasture of new ownership and an opportunity to fully take the reins on our own destiny.

With the changing of the guard, DUPR can refocus on what it can do best—provide universal, ageless, and genderless ratings for recreational players and professionals alike to foster competitive matches, ensure honest tournament entries, and find partners to play with or against no matter where in the world you are.

You’ve heard that story before and maybe you’ve bought in and are along for the ride or maybe you’ve been burned before and are feeling a little skeptical. This series of blog posts I’ll be writing in the coming weeks is for both of you as we build up to the release of our first algo change reintroducing the points effect since THE algo change back in June. For those of you with your DUPR-branded bucket hats already atop your head, this is a chance to get a peek behind the scenes at what a real research and sports analytics team looks like now that we can be, first and foremost, a research and sports analytics team. For those of you remaining dubious, I hope this provides insights into how we learn from the past, how we approach the problems to solve, and can demonstrate that, while we are certainly ever-imperfect (as all science is), we take this responsibility seriously and have the process in place to deliver results.

A History and What We’ve Learned

For a relatively young company, DUPR has certainly seen its fair share of iterations. I’m sure there are more nuanced stratifications to be drawn, but from an algorithmic side, we’ve basically lived 2 lives:

  1. Once-Per-Week Ratings Update
  2. Instant and Transparent Results

Each of these algorithm styles has its pros and cons that need to be balanced across all of the company’s objectives–namely, in our case, user experience and accuracy. Let’s dive in.

Once-Per-Week Ratings Update

The original algo, characterized by its update every week, moved slowly. For many of our enthusiastic players eagerly participating in matches throughout the week, the anticipation of seeing their DUPR rating update every Tuesday was a unique experience but lacked the benefits of instant gratification. Further, by combining the effects of an entire week’s performance into one single ratings move, it was hard to understand the effects and build faith in its quality. More often than not, the algo was working “as intended”, but there was absolutely no way for you to go back and verify, leading to skepticism and distrust. Clearly, the user experience needed an overhaul.

But “working as intended” for this algo was also quite raw; in places where the model couldn’t completely solve a problem, heuristics were used to hold the ship together. This is not altogether uncommon. In many algorithms across industries, heuristics are used to optimize a secondary constraint: labor-hours. If you can put something out into the world that moves the needle in a positive direction, the next biggest improvement may be had by going out and finding a second or third needle to positively move rather than spending far more time on needle number one. As long as you’re not looking for these needles in a quantitative haystack, you’re probably better off going out and finding one. When DUPR started, the problem of accurate pickleball ratings was less of a quantitative haystack and more of a quantitative needle-stack.

One of the needles we uncovered ended up being crucially important: connectivity.

How do you accurately compare Player A to Player B if they’ve never met, and may not even be in the same state or even country?

What happens as those connections grow or change? The full deep-dive into this thought process is worthy of its own blog post (and it will absolutely be one down the line when we also talk about ratings reliability!), but the important visualization here is that pickleball is a web of relationships, and information flows through these relationships in a definable and studyable way. Unlike most other sports with highly connected infrastructures that ship their players around the country to play each other in person (football, basketball, hockey, soccer, etc.,) or those with online presences that can generate artificial proximity (online chess and other forms of E-Gaming), pickleball is still relatively disjointed and communal.

A graphical representation of every doubles pickleball match on DUPR. Each node is a player and each line is a match, clustered by strength of connection.

The initial connectivity solution provided a significant boost in the accuracy of the system, but without the tools in place at the time to explain it, it contributed to effectively all of the confusion among the users of that system.

We understood this confusion was a significant issue in the original approach and demanded a change, but the complexities of this transition, both mathematically and technically, were immense.

Instant and Transparent Results

Faced with tight deadlines and a focus on immediate solutions, the team worked diligently to address emerging issues. This rapid pace naturally placed significant demands on the tech stack, particularly when managing the data infrastructure requirements of large-scale, instantaneous updates for the entire population. The initially simplistic effects of an instantaneous algo and the prerequisites around things like unrated player initialization had to be solved in real time after going live. Eventually, after having whacked all of the moles, we got ourselves back to a steady state and were able to take a breath and try to take a pulse on the ecosystem at-large.

One thing was incredibly clear.

Despite the bugs, engagement was up with DUPR. Like, UP up. Getting immediate and transparent results was so gratifying to the user base as compared to the previous version that we saw the fastest growth in match entry per user than we had ever seen and new users were flooding the platform at the highest rate in company history.

Being able to know that “winning meant going up” gave players a concrete DUPR goal that aligned with their pickleball goal for a given match. Whereas the population of users (mostly) understands and believes that accounting for every single point would be more accurate, there was no denying that having no idea the amount of points you’d need to score in a given match to go up could lead to frustrations, especially if it was never explained why a rating had changed after the fact!

Immediacy was fun and transparency was key.

But the transition was bumpier than we had hoped for and the algorithm needed a few rounds of iteration until we got back to the plant-wide accuracy we expect from DUPR.

Going Forward

We knew we couldn’t move away from immediacy and transparency, and obviously we needed a way to reintroduce that crucial element of connectivity. So now, with the ability to forge our own research and development path as we see fit, the question becomes: How do we generate the most accurate possible system within the constraints of that user experience? Well, for that, we first need to understand what we mean by accuracy.

How We Measure Accuracy

I ask you to predict the outcome of a coin toss and the chance that it ends up on heads. (I also ask that you bear with me for some very light math… I promise). Common sense has likely given you the answer to the question already: 50%. Imagine you are asked to evaluate two different models that are in the business of predicting coin tosses (if you have a good one, please let me know and we can make some Super Bowl Prop Bets together this year…).

  1. Model 1 says there is a 55% chance of landing on heads
  2. Model 2 says there is a 100% chance of landing on heads

When comparing these two models, both of them guess “heads” every time and get the answer right 50% of the time. Yet, clearly, both of these models are “wrong”. The right answer to guess is, of course, 50% (although a recent paper that looked at 351k real coin flips says there’s actually a ~51% chance a coin tends to land on the same side it started on!), but there are gradients to wrong-ness that clearly don’t come out by just seeing how many times our guess was right.

For instance, the moment we ever get a coin flip that lands on tails, we can definitively say that Model 2 is instantly and completely discredited. It thought tails was literally impossible and failed to account for the fundamental randomness and noise in the process of a coin flip. Model 1 more correctly aligns with that fundamental randomness, but maybe not enough.

We need to measure both how often we’re correct and whether we are well calibrated to that fundamental randomness. Being correct as often as you think you ought to be correct is just as important as getting the actual heads/tails guess right. If you think a coin has a 51% chance of landing on heads, you’d want to observe yourself being correct guessing heads about 51% of the time. If you were correct in guessing heads 100% of the time, then your model wasn’t as confident as it could’ve been, despite it guessing correctly 100% of the time.

There are numerous statistical ways to evaluate this, but the important takeaway (while staying underneath my mathy-ness budget) is that writing an algorithm that is meant to accurately predict which team wins a match of pickleball is both about constructing a guess that, on average, is more right than wrong and simultaneously is trying to think about how confident its guess is in the first place.

How We Advance from Here

Ok, so we have an algorithmic starting place and we have a barometer of success, but how do we actually take the former and achieve the latter? Over the past few weeks, the analytics team has been able to rewrite and modernize our research pipeline from scratch under the sound principles that are required of a project being built for the scale and duration we envision for DUPR.

We created a full-fledged simulation engine with an ever-increasing list of model hyperparameters that we can now strategically and confidently tune through how they improve our success measurements, and have modularized our algorithm so that each individual component can be studied and improved specifically.

The hard work has been done to make the analytics workflow easy. Now the process is relatively straightforward:

  1. Define a research project
  2. Generate a model that fits into our engine and expose its hyperparameters to the simulator
  3. Run the simulator over the grid of possible values
  4. Pick the result that improves the predictive ability the most

Rinse. Repeat. Refine.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be continuing this series diving into how this has been applied at DUPR so far as well as poking around in some other fun curiosities. I hope you stay tuned and enjoy the behind the scenes look at DUPR’s analytical process!

Written By: Scott Mendelssohn - Head of Analytics, DUPR

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January 25, 2024

DUPR Algo Updates 1/30: What You Need to Know

After months of research and gathering feedback from users, we are excited to announce that on January 30th, we will release key updates and improvements to the DUPR algorithm. We are confident these updates will create even more accuracy within our rating and a better experience for pickleball players everywhere.

Tomorrow, we're releasing a new blog post that provides a behind-the-scenes look at DUPR's research process and how it contributes to the continual advancement of the algorithm.

As of January 30th, DUPR takes into account:

  1. Points Matter. Was this a tight match or a blowout? DUPR now evaluates the closeness of the match, so a score of 11-0 will have a bigger impact on your rating than a close match of 11-9 against that same opponent
  2. Recency Matters. A match you played today will impact your rating more than a match you played six months ago.
  3. Total Match Count Matters. If you've played in a lot of matches, your rating will fluctuate less compared to a player with a lower match count.
  4. Every Match Matters (even against unrated players). Every match counts towards your rating, even if you are playing against someone who is unrated or new to DUPR.


So what does the updated rating mean for you? We’ve tried to answer the most common questions from our community below.

Do these changes start now or will they be applied to all my past matches?

These updates will be applied across all your match results in our platform on January 30th, as well as to all future results you submit. Want to ensure your rating is accurate and up to date? Hit the court and share your results.

Why is DUPR updating the algorithm again? Is this going to happen frequently?

Our team of data scientists is dedicated to ensuring DUPR is the world’s best and most accurate global pickleball rating. As we get more players and results onto the platform, and have more data at our disposal, we are able to make improvements and updates to the system to ensure that DUPR is providing the most accurate assessment of level. We’re confident that each of these updates will improve the foundational accuracy of the rating. On 1/26/2024, we're releasing a blog post that provides a behind-the-scenes look at DUPR's research process and how it contributes to the continual advancement  of the algorithm. Will be linked here.

When do matches start to matter less? Is there a certain number of matches that count more (ie my most recent 5 matches)? When do matches start losing their value?

The weight of each match decays with each day that passes by. That means that any match played on the same day will have the same weight before considering the number of sets in the match. The match weight decays smoothly, so there is no cutoff for when a match is no longer counting.

What if all the players involved are not rated?

If all players are unrated, we do not know the level of the match, so we take a guess that the level is 3.5. The outcome of the match will push one team above 3.5 and the other below to properly reflect the levels displayed by the scores of the match. With each player’s next few matches, they will be able to move quickly toward their appropriate level, especially once they are playing rated players around their skill level.

Can my rating go down if I win?

No! You will be awarded a rating increase for each win, but the amount depends on many factors including your win probability, all players’ reliability, the score, the result type, and more.

Will my rating change if I haven’t logged in matches for a long period of time? I have 200 games entered but haven’t played in a year. How does that affect my rating?

A pause in playing will not directly affect your rating, but rather your reliability. In order to keep a reliable rating, we recommend that you continue to participate in DUPR logged or reported matches on a regular basis. If you jump back in after a break, you can expect some fluctuations in your rating in your first few matches back since your rating reached a low level of reliability. Once you record more matches, your rating will start to stabilize again and more accurately represent your current skill level.

Still have questions? Our support team is here to help. Fill out our new form: HERE

January 24, 2024


Seasoned Investors and Operators in Sports and Technology Join Effort to Unify Pickleball Through Technology and Universal Rating System

Austin, TX (January 24, 2024) – Today, DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating), pickleball’s most accurate international rating system, announced a new board, ownership and investors, as well as an influx of $8M in funding to further advance its mission to unify the fast-growing sport with innovative technology and a dynamic global rating.

David Kass, real estate developer and Major League Pickleball team owner, will operate as the new owner and chairman, alongside new board members and investors including legendary tennis star Andre Agassi; Raine Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Raine Group; Jay Farner, CEO of Ronin Capital Partners and former CEO of Rocket Companies; Brian Yeager, Chairman & CEO, The Champions Companies; and R. Blane Walter, founder of InChord Communications. Tito Machado will continue to lead the organization as its CEO.

“Pickleball is still in its infancy and the sport is only going to continue to gain traction in the US and worldwide. We are making a major financial investment in DUPR to grow the platform, its technology and the game for the long term,” said David Kass, DUPR Chairman of the Board. “In just a few years, DUPR has experienced incredible adoption, with over 35 API partners and half a million users, enabling players to know their level, connect with friends and players, join clubs, and unlock advanced analytics, training tools and opportunities for upskilling. Now operating as its own entity, DUPR can focus on cementing its position as the connective tissue of the entire pickleball ecosystem. I am excited to work with this talented team to take DUPR into its next chapter.”

With over half a million users and a 20% month over month growth rate since its founding in 2021, and a presence in over 140 countries, including China, Germany and the UK, DUPR has established itself as the global standard in pickleball ratings. DUPR provides players across all levels with an ageless, genderless rating based on their match results to equip the emerging sport with a simple language and standard to gauge player ability.

“As an active, passionate pickleball player I know how important it is to play against players  at your level for the ultimate enjoyment of the sport,” said Andre Agassi, former world #1 tennis player, eight-time Grand Slam champion and Olympic gold medalist. “DUPR is the most accurate system out there that gives all players a simple and easy way to know their skill level. With DUPR, you can also track progress, connect with others and maximize more opportunities to hit the courts. I believe in DUPR’s vision to benefit pickleball and players of every level. I am excited and proud to be a part of this team.”

DUPR’s various organized competition models provide endless opportunities to participate in pickleball. From juniors (focused on shaping young talent that will define the future of the sport), to collegiate (DUPR is the home of collegiate pickleball), all the way to Major League Pickleball — DUPR connects the entire pickleball pathway, offering something for everyone. The company’s partners and supporters include LifeTime Pickleball, The Picklr, Ace and OOFOS.

“Our team has been working tirelessly for the last few years to build the best-in-class rating system and technology platform to unify pickleball. Now, with the support and guidance of David Kass, Andre Agassi, The Raine Group and our other incredible investors and board members, we’re well-positioned to accelerate our growth and adoption worldwide, while also releasing new features to the platform to enhance the experience for players and organizers,” said Tito Machado, DUPR CEO.

DUPR uses a modified Elo algorithm that rates players, regardless of their age, gender, location, or skill, across the same 2.0 to 8.0 scale to evaluate their ability. The algorithm considers three factors: wins or losses, type of match (recreational vs tournament) and the rating spread between players. DUPR is free and one match is all it takes to have a rating. As players play more, their rating becomes even more accurate. Players who use DUPR play more often, and love the ability to know their level and find more opportunities to play. Tournament directors and event organizers report that when their players have a DUPR they see more activity at their club and increased growth for their bottom line.

To learn more about DUPR, please visit www.mydupr.com.


About DUPR 

DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) is the premier global pickleball rating system and technology platform, trusted by the world’s leading clubs, tournaments, leagues and players. DUPR’s dynamic rating system unifies pickleball across age, gender and location by analyzing match results to accurately evaluate all players across a 2.000 - 8.000 scale. Players and operators can visit  www.mydupr.com to sign up and learn more.  

Media Contact

Erica Annon / DUPR / erica@mydupr.com 

January 18, 2024

Connor Garnett, Professional Pickleball Player, Shares Insights on Minor League Pickleball and the DUPR Rating System.

"Having that scoring there puts a little more pressure, it got me hooked on pickleball.” -Connor Garnett

Connor Garnett, a Professional Pickleball Player, was introduced to pickleball through his first Minor League Pickleball event, which instantly sparked his passion for the sport. With a background in college tennis and investment banking, his competitive and fearless nature led him to pursue professional pickleball at the highest level in the country. During the interview, he discusses his experience in his initial Minor League event, his journey to the Major Leagues, and his personal views on the DUPR rating system.

 How did you first hear about Minor League Pickleball and what made you try it?

“I was still working full time at that point and just getting into pickleball and a couple of buddies were forming a team and they were like, “Do you want to come out this weekend to play this tournament?” It'll be a fun team event. Having come from college tennis, it instantly was appealing in that regard and it was awesome. I also didn't have to give up any work at that time. So it's kind of playing that balancing act where the regular tournament started Thursday. This was a perfect opportunity to get out there play a tournament and meet a ton of people with a few good buddies. So I was stoked to get out there and play with them.” 

 Any standout moments or experiences from your first time at Minor League?

"Having that scoring (MLPlay) there puts a little more pressure. It got me hooked a little bit more on pickleball coming from not really competing the last couple of years and just working in investment banking. I was able to get out there and have that Collegiate environment, which was a ton of fun. I remember us just battling it out. There was pool play which was also fun. You just got to see a lot of different teams and then you ended up with semis and finals which was a super cool way to do it.”

Do you think playing Minor League Pickleball prepared you to play Major League Pickleball? Was there a smooth transition? Any adjustments, both in your game and mentally?

"Yes. I think the level of errors goes down and so in Minor League, you get used to the format and the style of it, but you can still get away with a lot of stuff that's not going to work in Challenger (Major League Pickleball).  Each level has its challenges, but Minor League helped me build confidence and get used to the format. The jump was significant, especially in the first Challenger event. The pressure increased, and you have to fully trust your game. Facing top players in premier level MLP means every match is a battle out there, so it's just getting used to those levels and putting in the work on the reps so you can fully trust your game."

Who would you recommend Minor League for, and why?

"Minors is great for those entering the sport and wanting their first exposure, or just looking to have a good time. It got my foot in the door and got some buzz around my name but it's also fun for those players who are just looking to have a good time. The Minor League events are out there, and it's a cool way to make a little bit of money and play the sport that you love. Like the one I attended, it added a fun twist with team costumes where the winner of the contest received money. It's not just competitive;  it's also a place where you can go and hang out after the matches and just talk to everyone. It's a great stepping stone, but then you want to be focusing on the PPA tour stops to make that jump."

What are your thoughts on pickleball ratings and accuracy overall?

"DUPR does a good job of collecting more data, especially for lower levels. I know when I was first getting into the sport I had to call and ask about getting my ranking properly adjusted so I could play pro tournaments and it just wasn't picking up certain things and wasn't as Dynamic. I think DUPR has a great kind of functionality on capturing those earlier players and putting a ranking on them to at least help them make sure they're in an event but I think sandbagging is always gonna be prevalent. No matter how you slice it. It's just trying to mitigate it as much as possible."

How important is having an accurate rating for the sport, and should there be one standardized system?

"I don't look at ratings much but being able to accurately get that having one system out there that can just put a value on everyone. It is so important and I think that's just going to be crucial. The more systems you have the more confusing it gets so it's just the more you can standardize that the better it's gonna be."

Lastly, any feedback for DUPR 's improvement?

"I love the DUPR system. I think it's great for some of the waterfall events and just being able to have that flexibility in these different formats is awesome. I think the cool thing about DUPR is you have been constantly tinkering with the system, experimenting with it. I like that because it's a learning process, figuring out what makes sense from my perspective. I'm not as close to that stuff. I think, for the pro level, DUPR does a cool job showing probabilities."

Follow Connor's pickleball journey on Instagram.

View the full interview on our YouTube channel.

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January 9, 2024

The 2024 DUPR Collegiate Pickleball Schedule Is Here! A Guide to Everything New This Upcoming Year!

After an amazing 2023, DUPR Collegiate Pickleball is excited to announce everything new we have to offer for 2024! In the post below, we describe changes we’re making to the bids, regionals, and rankings, as well as introducing campus regionals, DUPR duals, and regions! To get in contact with us, use our email at college@mydupr.com.

Bid System

Here are how bids will work for 2024:

  • 4 bids given out at each of the 8 Super Regionals
  • 1 bid given out at each of the 16 Campus Regionals

In total, there will be 48 bids given out to the 2024 Collegiate National Championship.

Super Regionals

Regionals run by DUPR have been upgraded into Super Regionals! These Super Regionals will have more bids, scholarship money, teams, and courts than our 2023 Regionals.

Spring Super Regionals

  • Illinois Super Regional - February 3rd-4th (Pickle Haüs in Chicago, IL)
  • Utah Super Regional - March 2nd-3rd (The Picklr in Kaysville, UT)
  • Virginia Super Regional - March 23rd-24th (Performance Pickleball in Richmond, VA)
  • Georgia Super Regional - April 6th-7th (Pickle & Social in Buford, GA)

Fall Super Regionals

  • Nevada Super Regional - October 5th-6th (Green Valley Life Time in Las Vegas, NV)
  • Arizona Super Regional - October 19th-20th (The Picklr in Gilbert, AZ)
  • Texas Super Regional - October 26th-27th (PALA Pickleball in Houston, TX)
  • 4th Fall Super Regional - TBD

Scholarship Money - $6000 total

Team Bracket

  • 1st Place - $2500
  • 2nd Place - $1250
  • Lost in the Semifinals - $500
  • Lost in the Quarterfinals - $250

Challenger Bracket

  • 1st Place - $250

1st-4th place teams will receive a bid to Nationals. If any of these teams already possess a bid, the opportunity for a bid will extend to the next highest-ranking team that does not have one. In some cases, schools may need to engage in an additional match to determine which team will receive the extended bid opportunity.

The Team Bracket will consist of MLP teams from each school, where there are 2-3 men and 2-3 women players on each team. It will operate the same as our 2023 Regionals, where teams will play Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles, 2 Mixed Doubles, and potentially a Dreambreaker to determine a winner between teams. The Challenger Bracket will be an open doubles tournament, unless we have enough players sign up to split into Men’s Doubles/Mixed Doubles/Women’s Doubles. 

Schools may bring an unlimited number of teams and challenger players. Any school may attend any Super Regional.

Entry Requirements

  • Have a DUPR account with a doubles rating
  • Be taking at least 6 credit hours at the school you are representing
  • Be partnered with other players from your school (applies to both the team and challenger brackets)

Email college@mydupr.com to have a team bracket made for your school in the Regional you want to attend. Your team bracket players will register in that bracket we made for you, and all challenger bracket players will register in the bracket labeled “Challenger Bracket”

Campus Regionals

Campus Regionals are a way for DUPR Collegiate Pickleball to work with individual clubs running their own collegiate tournaments. If your club is running a collegiate tournament, and it meets certain requirements, the tournament can be a part of our Campus Regional series. Each Campus Regional will receive a Nationals bid to give out, as well as be featured on the DUPR Collegiate Pickleball website. Only 16 tournaments will be selected for the Campus Regional series in 2024. Here is the link for the application and more details.

2024 Collegiate Individual National Championships (CINC)

Date: June 1st-2nd

Location: The Pickle Lodge in Cincinnati, OH

Scholarship Money: $20,000 total

Individual Nationals is returning in 2024! This event will crown a champion for each of the Men’s & Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and Men’s & Women’s Singles brackets. Any college student taking at least 6 credit hours can compete!

2023 CINC Champions

  • Mixed Doubles: Collin Shick & Sarah Carpenter (UNC)
  • Men’s Singles: Collin Shick (UNC)
  • Women’s Singles: Dylan Ciampini (Utah Tech)
  • Men’s Doubles: Collin Shick & Hunter Boyd (UNC)
  • Women’s Doubles: Dyan Ciampini & Katelyn Nadauld (Utah Tech)

Entry Requirements

  • Be current students taking at least 6 credit hours at the college they are representing
  • Be partnered up with someone from their college (if playing in a doubles bracket)


  • Saturday morning - Mixed Doubles
  • Saturday afternoon - Men’s & Women’s Singles
  • Sunday morning - Men’s & Women’s Doubles
  • Sunday afternoon - Semifinals and Finals for all events

2024 Collegiate National Championship (CNC)

For Nationals, 48 schools from across the country will compete to be the champion! Schools will be split into 8 groups of 6, and the top two teams from each group will advance to the single-elimination playoffs. There will also be a challenger bracket at the 2024 CNC, which will operate similar to the 2023 CNC challenger bracket. 

For the first time, we are allowing schools to bring multiple teams to Nationals! Schools with a bid can bring a 2nd team to compete against other 2nd teams. This 2nd team bracket is separate from the main 1st team championship bracket and will have scholarship money up for grabs. 

To participate in the team brackets at CNC, a school must:

  • Have obtained a bid
  • Participated in a Regional (either a Super Regional or a Campus Regional)
  • Have all of their players be current students at the college they are representing and taking at least 6 credit hours

To participate in the challenger bracket at CNC, players must:

  • Be partnered up with someone from their college
  • Be current students taking at least 6 credit hours at the college they are representing
  • A bid is NOT required to have players from your school compete in the challenger bracket

Nationals will be held on 11/22-11/24. The final location is still being determined.

Dual Matches

Ready to challenge your local rivals? Got a free weekend and craving some Collegiate Pickleball? We have just the solution - introducing DUPR Duals. This new initiative will allow teams to organize matches against each other that count towards their team record and ranking. All dual matches following this format will be featured on the DUPR Collegiate Pickleball website. Here is the link to our doc explaining how to conduct a dual match with another school. 

DUPR Collegiate Council

DUPR is the home of collegiate pickleball, and we want to make sure that we continue to foster open communication and collaboration with our player base. In 2024, we will organize a DUPR Collegiate Council that will be made up of leaders and players from each region of collegiate pickleball. The DUPR Collegiate Council and DUPR’s Collegiate Team will meet regularly to discuss feedback on previous events, the steps that DUPR is taking to grow the sport, and your input on what we can do to increase each player’s experience. Participation in the DUPR Collegiate Council will be by invitation only. If you are interested in lending your experience to help us grow collegiate pickleball, you may apply here.

Rankings Change

In 2024 we are changing the way teams are ranked. This new ranking system will reflect a team’s performance, instead of just their combined DUPR. The old system from 2023 will be renamed “Team Ratings” and will still be updated monthly and posted on our website. The new system will be called “Team Rankings”, and will be updated weekly with results from dual matches, campus regionals, and super regionals. We intend to use this ranking to seed teams for the 2024 Collegiate National Championship. 

Here is the formula:

  • Percentile of your Match W/L % (x4) - If your school is 6-2 against other schools, your match W/L % is 75%.
  • Percentile of your Strength of Schedule (x3) - Strength of Schedule formula: Number of wins of every team you’ve played divided by number of losses of every team you’ve played.
  • Percentile of your Game Differential (x2) - Your game differential will go up +4, +3, +2, or +1 if you win 4-0, 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2 respectively. Vice versa if you lose.
  • Percentile of your best Super Regional finish (x1) - If you finished 3rd and 6th at your two Super Regional appearances, we will only look at the 3rd place finish, since that is your best. 

Percentile - Range from 1 to 0, based on the results from every other school. The worst result is a 0, and the best is a 1. Max score is a 10.00 (4.00+3.00+2.00+1.00), lowest is a 0.00. Only matches played by a school’s 1st and 2nd teams will count towards their school’s ranking. 

DUPR Regions

Introducing DUPR Regions - Teams are split up into different regions based on geographic location. These regions were decided based on a variety of factors, and with the ever-growing collegiate pickleball landscape, we shall review regional splits on an annual basis. DUPR Regions will allow players to be eligible for regional awards, experience heightened rivalries, and access more competitive opportunities.

Please note - Due to the current distribution of Collegiate Pickleball teams, not all regions will have the same amount of Super/Campus Regionals for 2024. Teams can compete in any regional tournament they wish, regardless of their assigned region.

See below to see what region your team belongs to - 

DUPR Awards

Starting in 2024, DUPR shall implement the inaugural DUPR Collegiate Pickleball Awards! This initiative aims to reward players, coaches, and programs for their contributions to the success of DUPR Collegiate Pickleball on and off the court. These awards will be decided by the DUPR Collegiate Council and will be given out at the 2024 Collegiate National Championship during the awards banquet. 

DUPR All-American 

  • Honors the top 4 male and top 4 female players based on multiple performance criteria as judged by the DUPR Collegiate Council.

DUPR Scholar-Athlete

  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.7
  • Be a full-time student
  • Competed in a DUPR Super Regional 

DUPR Rookie of the Year

  • Honors a first-year student who made significant contributions to his/her team in the areas of leadership, sportsmanship, and performance.

DUPR Senior Player of the Year

  • Honors the senior student who had the best year among all players in his/her class in areas of leadership, sportsmanship, and performance.

DUPR Coach of the Year

  • Honors a coach who has exhibited outstanding leadership in ways that contribute to on and off-court team performance.

DUPR Community Service Award (Team)

  • Honors a team that gives back to their campus and their community through pickleball and non-pickleball pathways.

DUPR Ambassador of the Year

  • DUPR will recognize two students (1 male, 1 female) who advance the mission of DUPR by devoting consistent time and effort to promotional activities, and by supporting and bringing awareness to their school program and collegiate pickleball in general.
December 23, 2023

Resounding Victories and Team Spirit: Inside the Minor League Pickleball National Championship

The Minor League Pickleball (MiLP) National Championship took place Dec 16-17, 2023 at Los Cab Sports Village in Fountain Valley, California. The event hosted teams from 24 states across the US and several countries. With five divisions competing, the weekend was charged with competition and camaraderie, leaving everyone with lasting memories and anticipation of next year’s Nationals.

Saturday consisted of 68 teams battling for a spot in Sunday’s finals. Sunday featured intense quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. It also included a unique uniform contest, drawing many great team submissions. Team Matrix from DUPR 16 was voted the winner with their fun, creative, and vibrant spirit.

Player Insights

Reflecting on the experience, participants praised the event organization and atmosphere. Brodie Smith from California in DUPR 18 with Team Don’s Pro Shop, deemed it as the "best pickleball event" he had attended, emphasizing the exceptional care given to athletes and the seamless event execution.

Ashley Koo from Washington in DUPR 20, representing team Mutant Ninja Pickles, highlighted the exceptional teamwork fostered by the MiLP format, describing it as an "EPIC weekend of pickleball."

Jordan DeGroote from New York in DUPR 18 with Team The Sky Guys/Life Time reinforced these shared sentiments stating, “When I think of a perfect pickleball tournament, I now and forever will think of MiLP Nationals. Thrilling format, gorgeous weather, ideal venue, exhilarating competition, and TONS of pickleball! The tournament was so well organized and executed - we will definitely do our best to be back next year.”

Partnership with Swish

Central to the tournament's success was the use of Swish, one of DUPR's latest API partners. Swish streamlined the event by automating the entire player experience, encompassing everything from inputting and validating match scores to updating court assignments and providing players access to view other teams' results.

At the end of each day, tournament results were uploaded into DUPR so that players could quickly see how their ratings changed. Swish contributed to a seamless tournament and made the players' lives easier, allowing them to focus on their matches.

Division Winners

MiLP Nationals showcased top-tier play across various divisions, highlighting the different levels of skill and the competitive spirit of pickleball players. Here's the list of divisional winners:

DUPR 14 Division:

First Place: Wild Monkeys - Oklahoma

Second Place: Hook’Em - Texas

Third Place: Team Angry Birds - California

DUPR 16 Division:

First Place: Tennis Sucks - California

Second Place: Wear a Smile - Oklahoma

Third Place: Zen Johns from New Jersey - Pennsylvania

DUPR 18 Division:

First Place: The Sky Guys/Life Time - New York

Second Place: Wild Monkeys - Oklahoma

Third Place: Cranky Big Red Bears - Texas

DUPR 20 Division:

First Place: Mutant Ninja Pickles - Washington

Second Place: Pickle Rock - California

Third Place: Coachella Pickleballers All Stars - California

DUPR 22 Division:

First Place: Team Florence - California

Second Place: Pickleball Lifers - California and the District of Columbia

Third Place: Cali Breeze 2.0 - California

Gratitude to Our Sponsors

The event's success owes a huge thanks to our sponsors: Anheuser Busch, Total Pickleball, OOFOS, and Oso. Anheuser Bush's refreshing drinks were a hit, Total Pickleball's "CHAMP" discount code still offers 30% off until the end of the year, OOFOS kept players comfortable as our official recovery footwear, and Oso kept the games going as the official ball of MiLP Nationals. Their support truly made a difference, enhancing the entire event experience.

The MiLP National Championship at Los Cab Sports Village represented more than just a competition; it embodied sportsmanship, teamwork, and a shared passion for pickleball. As the event wrapped up, the echoes of excitement and camaraderie remain, setting the stage for an eagerly anticipated return next year.

About Minor League Pickleball

Minor League Pickleball is a co-ed, amateur tournament where players compete in their respective divisions across the nation. The top teams earn the chance to advance and play at the Minor League Pickleball National Championship.

To learn more about Minor League Pickleball, visit the website.

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Minor League
December 20, 2023

DUPR Teams Up with Asian Pickleball Association and Pickleball League Asia Pvt Ltd for Further Global Expansion of the Sport

DUPR is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Pranav Kohli, the Asian Pickleball Association (APA), and PLAPL. This collaboration marks a significant step towards the global unification of the sport, supporting the excitement and growth across continents. The partnership with DUPR signifies an important step towards making pickleball a better experience

for both professionals and amateurs.

“I am excited to further align our efforts in the unification of the sport under one rating. Joining forces with Pranav Kohli and APA/PLAPL aligns perfectly with our mission to unify the sport on a global scale. This partnership reflects our commitment to bringing together diverse communities and promoting the universal sport of pickleball. Pranav Kohli's visionary leadership and APA/PLAPL's dedication to the sport make them ideal partners on our journey. By working together, we can create unparalleled opportunities for players, fans, and stakeholders alike,” said Ryan Maher, Head of Commercial at DUPR.

PLAPL and APA are excited to partner with DUPR to bring the sport of Pickleball to a larger audience globally. “With the growth of Pickleball globally,a reliable and robust rating system is needed to make the sport more inclusive. With the DUPR rating system present at more and more events, it will make these more exciting and rewarding experiences for professionals and amateurs alike,” said Pranav Kohli, CEO of PLAPL and Interim President of AP. “We are extremely excited about our partnership with DUPR,” he added.

A key focus of this collaboration is to support the growth of the sport in India and throughout Asia. DUPR is excited to contribute to the development of the sport in these regions, tapping into the immense potential and passion within the diverse and dynamic communities.

About DUPR

DUPR is the gold standard in pickleball ratings and event management, and is the official ratings system for MLP and PPA. In November of 2022, DUPR successfully launched a collegiate pickleball national championship in which 16 co-ed teams participated using the same unique team format used in MLP.

For more information on DUPR, visit the official website and follow DUPR on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

About Asian Pickleball Association

Asian Pickleball Association is the soon-to-be-launched governing body for Asia affiliated with the Global Pickleball Federation. APA is working towards a united and inclusive front at the continental level and is committed to pushing the sport of pickleball to greater heights with the eventual goal of being part of the Olympics under the aegis of the Global PickleBall Federation.

About Pickleball League Asia Pvt Ltd

PLAPL is an organization centered around creating world-class events across the globe for professionals. PLAPL is in the process of launching the largest team-based global league in 2024 with the highest prize money ever in pickleball.

November 22, 2023

Special Q&A With the Owners of Mexico’s First Pickleball Resort, Sally and Paul!

Sally and Paul founded Tres Palapas Baja Pickleball Resort ten years ago. Today, Tres Palapas is the cornerstone of pickleball in Mexico and also the number one global destination for the sport.

Since its opening, the resort has focused on promoting pickleball and has hosted numerous international junior tournaments. Throughout their years of operation, Tres Palapas has welcomed over half a million paying guests so far. The story of their dedication to the sport continues with DUPR.

How did you first get into pickleball?

"Twelve years ago I agreed to go for lessons and brought Sally with me. I personally learned pickleball by holding a paddle in my right hand and wearing flip-flops. After that two-hour lesson on bringing up stuff like ‘the kitchen’ and ‘the dink’, we were thinking ‘what is this?’ That same night we ran to San Jose and bought running shoes,” said Paul.

Why did you decide to get so involved with pickleball and combine it with your resort?

“We saw a need for a facility and we loved the game. Like I said, one of the reasons that made Tres Palapas what it has become is that we came from having no racquet experience of any kind and we built a place that we wanted to be at,” said Paul.

What is unique about Tres Palapas?

“We are different because we put pickleball first. We were built all around pickleball and it wasn't until this year that we actually opened rooms. There is so much more that you can have other than people coming to fill rooms. Other facilities are missing a huge part of the business. They are missing what you can bring to the community. Establishing a facility like Tres Palapas, has really refined how to be viable,” said Sally.

How important is the DUPR rating to you and your players?

“DUPR is getting very good recognition in the pickleball world. Now players are telling us, 'Here’s my DUPR,' and we get questioned if we use DUPR for registrations for our tournaments. Other than that, it's a huge motivator for the individuals who come in the door, and at the end of the day, it's great for the club because people have a greater investment in pickleball. Our players go from participating in events and clinics to becoming a greater part of the community,” said Paul.

How has the integration of the DUPR rating system contributed to the growth and development of players within your club?

"All that DUPR needs to know is the scores at the end of the game and who you were playing against. So being a resort, we've got our locals here, expats, as well as a lot of tourism. As an overall, we get a lot of different people coming in. It gives us a base to give people good quality play, especially for our round robins, our ladders, and leagues,” said Paul.

How has the pickleball space evolved since you started Tres Palapas?

“The first international junior tournament, which at the time was the largest junior tournament ever held, took place here at Tres Palapas in 2018. Some of the kids that were in that tournament are now running their own facilities in Mexico. DUPR makes their jobs easier and more possible. It gives them a solid foundation of something that's reliable. San Jose, our little tiny airport here, receives 7 million visitors from the United States alone every year, and a lot of them play pickleball. They need places to play and DUPR is helping out,” said Sally.

How do you think DUPR will help Mexico when it comes to the growth of the sport?

“The pickleball boom is on in Mexico. We're almost ten years into this now. We've had half a million paid entries through the gates. We have spawned so much pickleball in Mexico, and it's just at this point where it's starting to take off. You know, for us, we're the cornerstone in Mexico. Everybody still looks to us as to how they build their future. So hey, the next pickleball boom is right here. Mexico is it!” said Sally.

DUPR has teamed up with Tres Palapas to offer a fantastic 4 days - 3 nights giveaway on our Instagram page! To enter the giveaway, visit the post.

To learn more about Tres Palapas Baja Pickleball Resort, visit their website at: trespalapasbaja.com

Watch the full interview on our YouTube channel.

November 22, 2023

Thrills, Upsets, and Roars: Highlights from the DUPR Collegiate National Championship

This past weekend, the annual DUPR Collegiate National Championship took place at Life Time Athletic Club in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, and brought together 400 athletes from over 36 universities across the country to prove which school deserved to be crowned the title of Pickleball National Champions. The three-day tournament featured big upsets, heated exchanges, and possibly the rowdiest crowd this sport has ever seen.

On the first day, schools battled each other in group play. Out of the six schools in each of the six groups, only the top two would make it out of group play into the elimination round. Each group experienced intense competition and the upsets started on day one.

Notable Upsets From Group Play:

  • In Group A #24 Virginia Tech upset #13 Kennesaw State and #12 Michigan.
  • In Group C #15 Ohio State upset #10 Grand Canyon University. Even after Ohio State’s starting male player dislocated his shoulder mid-match and they had to make an emergency substitution.
  • In Group D #16 Florida upset #4 Utah Valley and #9 Indiana.
  • In Group F #18 Maryland upset #6 Utah State.

UVA's March To Victory

Out of the 36 teams in the championship bracket, only 12 made it into the elimination bracket. Six of those teams earned a 5-0 record while only two teams, 1st seed Utah Tech and 7th seed Florida Atlantic, managed the impressive feat of not losing a single game during those five match wins.

While there was hardly a shortage of great pickleball during group play, probably the most impressive story of the weekend was the oppressive campaign led by 5th seed UVA that had them dominating throughout the playoffs, toppling top teams left and right.

During the play-in round of the elimination bracket, UVA faced off against their Commonwealth rivals, Virginia Tech. During group play, 24th seed Virginia Tech had already pulled off the upsets against 13th seed Kennesaw State and 12th seed Michigan and was looking forward to taking down UVA. However, UVA had other plans for their in-state rivals and secured their place in the quarterfinals by beating Virginia Tech 3-1.

In the quarterfinals, UVA faced off against the veteran team and 3rd seed TCU. After taking a big 2-0 lead on the Horned Frogs, the Hoos extended their run with a 3-1 win to advance to the semifinals.

Sunday morning, the UNC Tarheels defeated the extremely tough team from Florida Atlantic. Their first-ever match loss for the championship after Florida Atlantic almost forced a dreambreaker. The second semifinal match positioned the number one seed and 2022 National Championship runner-up Utah Tech Trailblazers against the red-hot UVA squad.

UVA's Thrilling Victory Over the Undefeated Trailblazers

The Trailblazers came out with a 21-11 win in women’s doubles with a women’s team that hadn’t lost all tournament. The men’s doubles game saw UVA take a 6-1 lead, forcing Utah Tech to take an early time-out. The Trailblazers clawed back to take the late lead at 18-16, forcing UVA to take their time-out. With their composure regained, UVA stormed back to win 5 straight points to end the game 21-18 and tip the momentum back in their favor. The Trailblazers never recovered and UVA took the next two mixed games at 21-18 and 21-12, handing the previously 34-0 Utah Tech team their first loss of the year, and their second-ever loss in their program’s history.

While the win gave UVA much to celebrate, their job wasn’t over as they now had to battle the defending national champions, The UNC Tarheels. Both teams traveled well and the stands were packed with fans, players, and students donning either Carolina or Jefferson Blue. Before the match even started, the stadium echoed with school chants for both UNC and UVA. The crowd was roaring and the stage was set for what ended up being the most electric collegiate match in history.

UVA's Unforgettable Journey to Claim the DUPR Collegiate National Championship Title

UVA came out on fire, handing the UNC women their first loss of the tournament and taking a 1-0 lead on UNC. The men’s doubles game had an extremely close half, with the Tarheels leading at the side change 11-7. However, UNC showed why they were the defending champions, made the necessary adjustments, and held the UVA men to just 2 points in the second half to win 21-9. UNC capitalized on the momentum and took the first mixed game against UVA 21-14. UVA showed the same grit and determination that carried them to the finals in the first place and took an early six-point lead in the first half that UNC just couldn’t recover from. UVA finished the game 21-13, forcing the first-ever dreambreaker in Collegiate National Championship finals history.

UNC started the dreambreaker with a big 4-0 start against UVA. However, UVA battled back and their women in the 3rd and 4th dreambreaker spot, allowing UVA to trail by only one during the side changeover. UNC absolutely turned it on in the second half and found their rhythm. They marched on to a 20-16 lead and a championship point. Throughout the tournament, UVA proved time and time again that even when the odds are stacked against them, you can never count them out. Twice they defended UNC’s championship point, clawing their way to their own championship point, and ultimately stunning the Tarheels and winning the dreambreaker 23-21. Multiple times throughout the tournament, the Hoos defied the odds, battled back from deficits, and without a doubt, earned their crown as the new DUPR Collegiate National Champions.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the event and a special thank you to all the teams, players, and all of our partners who helped make this event possible.

Thanks to our Partners

Visit HERE for the full Collegiate National Championship Guide, including Brackets, Standing, and more!

Media Contact: Kevin Brown, Director of Marketing at DUPR

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November 16, 2023

Track and Boost Your Ranking In Your Club, Now In The DUPR App!

The Latest DUPR App Update Features Personalized Club Rankings Where You Can Track Your Rise Among Other Members

We are excited to introduce the latest DUPR app update. We now have rankings for players per club on Digital Club. Members of a digital club can now see how they rank within a club.

  1. Track the progression of your rankings within your club and among its members.
  2. Analyze the development of fellow club members.
  3. Explore the top-ranked players in clubs nationwide.
  4. Play in matches to ascend the ranks within your club.
  5. Identify the leading player in your digital club.

Club Rankings Take Center Stage!

Get ready to elevate your game as DUPR introduces a game-changing feature: Club Rankings and Leaderboards! Picture this – you, your paddle, and a whole digital realm buzzing with excitement as you climb the ranks within your club. It's not just about hitting the ball — it's about owning the court!

Compare, Compete, Conquer

Turn up the thrill as you peek into the stats of other players in your club. Compare your growth, celebrate their achievements, and let the friendly banter begin. Who's the undisputed champ at your college club? It's time to find out!

Nationwide Showdown

But wait, there's more! DUPR isn't just about local supremacy; it's your passport to pickleball greatness across the entire country. Discover who reigns supreme in top clubs from coast to coast. Are you up for the challenge of taking on the best of the best?

Let the games begin!

November 8, 2023

DUPR Brings Back Three Decimal Places To Improve Player Rating Accuracy

DUPR is committed to providing the highest quality experience to pickleball players across the globe, which entails improving our algorithm to enhance accuracy and player satisfaction.

After listening to our community and gathering in-depth player feedback, we are proud to reintroduce 3 decimal places to all player ratings! Our main mission at DUPR is to create fairness in player ratings across the board. The three decimals enhancement allows for additional precision and helps to differentiate and rank players more accurately.

Benefits of the Change

  • Clearer Rating Differentiation: With the addition of three decimal places, you can now track even the most minute changes in your ratings.
  • Improved Transparency: You can now see the exact impact of each match, down to the third decimal place, eliminating any ambiguity.
  • Enhanced Competitive Spirit: Get motivated to move up in the rankings by tracking your detailed performance.

The Need for Precision

There’s nothing more stimulating than playing competitively and tracking your progress. Previously, many players had almost identical ratings, leading to the need for additional clarity. Having a rating rounded to 3 decimal places drastically increases the likelihood that you can set yourself apart from your opponent with your unique rating.

Addressing User Feedback

At DUPR, we take user feedback seriously as it provides valuable insight into the experience of players. The feedback we've received in recent months has come from various sources, including in-person conversations, social media, emails, and our support channel. The three decimals enhancement addresses user concerns about matches that seemingly had little to no impact on ratings. What are your thoughts on the new changes? Let us know via email or social media. We encourage and appreciate all feedback as we continue to perfect our algorithm.

For more information on DUPR, visit our official website and follow us on Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

November 2, 2023

Players on the Rise - Pre MLP Dallas

We can't wait to watch those players continue to rise this weekend at MLP Dallas.

Challenger Level

Megan Fudge

Six upset wins since MLP Atlanta and 81% of wins across all doubles matches. Includes two quality upset wins against the high-ranked pairing of Simone Jardim (14th) and Parris Todd (4th) during the APP Sun Atlanta Open.

Recent APP Place Finished

ATL - Women's 1st

DAL - Women's 1st & Mixed 3rd

HOU - Women's 1st & Mixed 3rd

Collin Shick

He has been climbing for several months and continues doing so. Since the beginning of the year, Collin has a winning percentage of 60% despite being an underdog 60% of the time.

Premier Level

Vivian Glozman

She has won 54% of her APP doubles matches and is averaging 56% of points scored in APP matches since MLP Atlanta.

Recent APP Place Finished

ATL - Women's 3rd & Mixed 3rd

DAL - Women's 3rd

HOU - Women's 2nd

Andrei Daescu

He has won 87% of his APP matches and averaged 65% of points scored in matches since MLP Atlanta. Recent APP Place FinishedATL - Men's 1st & Mixed 2ndDAL - Men's 1st & Mixed 2ndHOU - Men's 1st & Mixed 2st

November 1, 2023

Steals of the Draft - DUPR Edition

Follow DUPR on Instagram and stay tuned as we gear up for MLP Dallas!

Premier Level Draft

Steal #1 - Jade Kawamoto: Both Jade and her sister Jackie were major draft steals in the Premier Draft. Jade especially provided a great value pick for D.C. at 29 overall. Despite ranking 6th among MLP women on draft day, Jade was the 17th female drafted. A huge value, Jade increases her team's win probability by about 12 percent per match when compared to the typical 29th overall pick.

Steal #2 - Hurricane Tyra Black: Drafted at 36th overall, right around her draft day doubles ranking. However, since the MLP draft, HTB has shot up the women's doubles rankings to number 12 among MLP women. This disparity between doubles rank and draft position yields about 11 percent win probability added per match.

Challenger Level Draft

Steal #1 - Jaume Martinez Vich: Drafted at 44th overall, he is now the 5th-ranked men's doubles player in MLP Challenger. Given that their 4th round pick turned into the 5th overall men's doubles player in all of Challenger, it is not a surprise that Jaume's ascension yielded about 13 percent win probability added per match for the New York Hustlers.

Steal #2 - Patrick Smith: Despite going undrafted, Patrick Smith is one of the biggest values in Challenger after serving as an injury replacement for Brandon French of the Seattle Pioneers. The addition of Patrick and his subsequent rise to the 4th highest-rated men's doubles player in Challenger provides a 17 percent win probability added per match for his team.

Player ranking is only relative to other MLP Players

October 28, 2023

From Canada to Mexico - Kurt Schroeder’s Passion For DUPR And His Local Pickleball Community

Kurt Schroeder is no stranger to DUPR, having brought the first Mexican club onto the DUPR platform. Although he only started playing pickleball about two years ago, Kurt is passionate about growing pickleball in his community of Progreso, a port city on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, and promoting fair and equal play for all. After what was supposed to be a one year adventure, Kurt has never looked back and has spent the last 13 years in Mexico since moving from Canada.

Kurt had originally been introduced to pickleball by his friends from the Canadian city, Calgary because they wanted something to do while visiting him over the Christmas holiday. The story starts with Kurt’s long time friends ready and wanting to play, but the local groups would not let them participate because they were already over capacity with winter members. One of Kurt’s friends then said, “Just build me a court.” Kurt went on to measure his backyard parking area to see if a court would fit, and sure enough, it did. Then the Knights Court, named after the last name of his friends who requested it, came alive.

How important is the DUPR rating to you and your club?

DUPR is so important to our club because it allows us to group our players six at a time with people of similar abilities. There is nothing more frustrating than having one player who does not fit in the right category because it ruins the game for everybody else. So, it really helps us sort out who belongs where.

Do you think the DUPR rating helps motivate people?

It does for some people, and people are certainly driven by the rating. We would definitely like to see the latter come into effect.

Do you have any significant milestones or goals that you would like to share?

In the next five to ten years, there will be a lot of growth in pickleball here in Mexico. I also think that when we get more people entering their scores into DUPR, that will be a big thing. If every game was put into DUPR, that would also be great.

The Knights Court is known for having a mural that spans the length of the court which includes paintings of all Kurt’s friends and family, comical pickleball sayings, the name of the court, and even a couple DUPR logos.

“A local muralist did all of these. There are our three dogs, my niece, and my grandma. She also painted my wife and I. There are caricatures of everybody such as our parents, friends, and other family members,” said Kurt. His home offers six suites, which all have access to the court.

As Kurt said, “In Mexico, people can have donkeys, chickens, or roosters living next door and there are no complaints.” But when the pickleball court opened, people complained, ‘Why are people having so much fun at seven in the morning shouting and yelling?’ Kurt then had to move his regularly scheduled pickleball games from the early morning to late evening.

As DUPR grows into different parts of the world, the organization is proud to have enthusiasts such as Kurt, who are passionate about pickleball, help grow the sport, and spread awareness about DUPR.

About The Knights Court

The Knights Court is based in Progreso, Mexico, and was created to ensure a fun spot for all friends to play. Check out their Facebook page for more information: The Knights Court

View the full interview on our YouTube channel.

October 24, 2023

Official Statement: Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating

At Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating, we are committed to maintaining a fair and transparent environment for all our users. Our community guidelines are designed to ensure that every participant has an equal and enjoyable experience within our platform.

Any user found in violation of our community guidelines will face appropriate action, including removal from our platform. We are actively monitoring these activities and diligently working around the clock to identify and remove cheaters.

Our mission is to provide a trustworthy and inclusive platform for all pickleball enthusiasts, and we appreciate the vigilance of our community members in reporting any suspicious behavior.

Together, we can maintain the integrity of our platform and ensure fair play for everyone. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to the values that make Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating a vibrant and thriving community.



October 18, 2023

DUPR Community Guidelines

DUPR is committed to creating a safe and fair environment for all players and organizers. The following Community Guidelines were created to help foster and protect our amazing pickleball community. Respect for our community, opponents, coaches, and officials is a critical part of growing the game and an essential principle in the fair treatment of all. Overstepping these boundaries may result in a permanent ban, suspended account, or other restrictions. You can report any violations by emailing support@mydupr.com.

DUPR upholds a zero-tolerance policy towards:

  1. Instances of racism, sexism, discrimination, abusive language, physical abuse, harassment, and any other behaviors detrimental to an individual or the event.
  2. Instances of cheating, tanking, game-fixing, and any kind of data manipulation, including creating multiple accounts.
  3. Individuals who fail background checks.

Players and Organizers are expected to adhere to the following principles and may not:

  1. Engage in direct or indirect verbal mistreatment of any official, player, sponsor, spectator, or any other individuals present within the event venue.
  2. Display unsportsmanlike conduct, such as acts of aggression or property damage.
  3. Use illicit substances at any event.
  4. Claim the identity of another player and/or impersonate another player/organizer.
  5. Send inappropriate messages, within or outside, the DUPR platform.
  6. Manipulate ratings, results, or data in any manner, including creating multiple accounts.
  7. Misuse DUPR's brand imagery or property. Our registered trademark is owned and exclusively held by DUPR. All intellectual property rights, including but not limited to trademark rights, associated with this logo are the sole property of DUPR, and any unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution, or alteration of the registered trademark logo without explicit written consent is strictly prohibited and may be subject to legal action.
October 12, 2023

The Story Behind All State Pickleball League

Fair play, sportsmanship, and equity for all players.

All State Pickleball League was founded by like-minded pickleball players in New Jersey and currently has over 1,800 Members on the DUPR platform. We spoke to founders and owner operators Stephen Conger and Michele Dabal about their amazing journey in pickleball.

How did you get started with Pickleball?

It’s a fairly unique story. I have been a liver transplant recipient for 18 years and they added pickleball as an event to the transplant games. A friend of mine, who I was playing tennis with at the transplant games lives in Florida, told me about this game called Pickleball. I said, ‘What in the world is that?’ She said, ‘When I come back to New Jersey, I'll teach you how to play.’ As soon as I started to play I fell quickly in love with the game and have been doing it ever since, said Michele.

What inspired you to start a statewide pickleball league?

We love the league idea. From there, we talked to Tito at DUPR. He was excited to work with us and see how that could happen. The three of us met regularly and established the framework of the league. We then launched in the fall of 2022 with 66 teams. We thought it was pretty phenomenal; we were all over the state. Spring came along and we went up to 106 teams. We kept on getting more players and it was just unreal. So, I think in that regard it was kind of a seed that was planted and then we just kept watering it. Now it has grown into this fall where we have almost 120 teams, said Stephen.

How has DUPR played a role in all of this and why did you end up choosing DUPR?

The nice thing with DUPR is that it has data from everywhere. DUPR encapsulates more than just competitive tournament play. Now, it still doesn't capture everything. There's not a rating system out there that captures everything. But in terms of the data that's available, it has more. said Stephen.

What is your most popular format?

I think the league players are enjoying the more traditional play — not rally scoring, regular scoring — playing matches to 11, best out of three, because it's what they're accustomed to. But then when you go to Minor League pickleball, it bumps it up in the excitement level to be playing just like the Major League does. Initially people said, ‘Wait, how do you do this? Where do I stand? Wait, we don't change sides?’ But when they understand that, they are totally into it. It adds a special element to it where you are playing like the Major League pros, and you are at a really nice indoor facility and you just feel really good about the experience, said Michele.

About All State Pickleball League:The statewide pickleball league in NJ features team based competition over a 10 week period. They have over 30 locations around the state that teams use both public and private, and they also run Minor League Pickleball events throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

We are proud to have All State Pickleball League a part of the DUPR family as they continue to grow and evolve their league and expand to more locations. If you would like to learn more about their events and what they do, visit their website here: allstatepickleball.com

Website: allstatepickleball.com

Instagram: @allstatepickleballleague

Facebook: All State Pickleball League

View the full interview on our YouTube channel.

October 6, 2023

From Navy Corpsman to Pickleball Ambassador: Gabe George's Journey with MACS and Pickleball

Gabe George is the Director of Pickleball at Military Adaptive Court Sports (MACS). His unwavering passion for playing and instructing pickleball knows no geographical boundaries, as he firmly believes, "If there’s a desire in the heart of veterans, we’ll make it there.”

Gabe’s Quest to Find A New Purpose

Gabe George, a retired Navy corpsman, faced a life-altering motorcycle accident resulting in the paralysis of his right arm, which later needed amputation. In his quest to discover a new sense of purpose, Gabe's journey led him to the world of adaptive sports. It was through this path that he became acquainted with MACS, an organization that would become instrumental in developing his passion for pickleball. Gabe not only found fulfillment in playing the sport but also discovered his talent and love for teaching others the game.

Humbling Pickleball Beginnings

Immediately, Gabe fell in love with pickleball. He enjoyed how he could play several games and not feel beat up afterward. He got his start playing at a local church where he lives in Jacksonville, Florida. His opponents consisted of individuals in their seventies and eighties. Recalling his initial experience, Gabe humorously remarked, "I had an eighty-four-year-old man stand in one spot and laugh while he whooped my butt and ran me around the whole court."

Spreading the Pickleball Passion Through MACS

Military Adaptive Court Sports is a phenomenal organization dedicated to teaching and promoting adaptive sports to disabled armed service members and veterans. Currently, their programs include pickleball, racquetball, and badminton, with plans to introduce padel tennis soon. All MACS instructors are certified and specially trained to work with individuals with disabilities.

I’ve had the honor of traveling all over the country teaching. I've taught hundreds and hundreds of veterans, able-bodied, and non-able-bodied people. It's my love. And when I'm not underwater diving or something, with my dog, or my daughter, I'm on the court somewhere.

Pickleball and DUPR: Ageless, Genderless, and for All Abilities

Pickleball aligns seamlessly with MACS due to its inclusivity.

Everybody can play. You don't have to be a pro. I've taught kids, older folks, people who can barely walk, knee replacements, and people with visual impairments who can hear the different sounds and different balls. It’s very adaptive.

The DUPR rating system is beneficial in that it matches players up evenly based on skill level regardless of age, mobility, gender, and any other factors.

It’s very helpful. Once you play a while you can understand how the rating changes. And I love the growth of how the rating system has changed. It’s always updating, it’s really great for what we’ve got going on right now. It’s helped get a judge of who you’re playing against. It’s not just about your age and your mobility, skill level is skill level. If you’re a master of your craft, it shouldn’t matter your age.

Making Their Way to Waterfall Nationals

MACS and their director, Gabe, are making their way to the 2023 DUPR Waterfall Nationals in Rockwall, Texas, October 12-15. MACS will have a sports clinic each morning from 10 a.m. to noon.

Gabe enjoys the DUPR Waterfall format of four matches in four hours which means four times the fun.

I love it because you get to play more. You get to mix with multiple different types of pickleball players and their different styles. I like what they’re doing with it, and I can see it being incorporated in a lot of other tournaments and events too.

He also mentioned the struggle that many of us have experienced with other tournament styles:

You’re sitting there and you've been waiting for hours and hours to play and just get to play that one game and then it's done. So, yeah, I think anytime it comes to a tournament when you’re guaranteed to get to play, that's going to light you up and make you want to be there more.

-  -

If you're interested in learning more or participating in MACS, visit: Military Adaptive Court Sports. In the words of Gabe, "If there's a desire in the heart of veterans, we'll make it there."

To watch the full interview on YouTube, click here.

October 4, 2023

Meet Liz & Emilie, two friends who grew up together and are forever pickleball partners

Liz and Emilie started to play pickleball as a weekly getaway. It is easy to forget the need to refresh and have fun, especially as busy, working moms.

Their inspiring motto, “Try Harder,” applies to their daily routine with family, work, and pickleball. The two friends love traveling and competing against players of different backgrounds, ages, genders, and abilities.

With the DUPR Waterfall format, of four competitive matches all within a four-hour period, they've discovered how to make the most of their time and be able to play pickleball and still return to work or other commitments afterward.

Liz and Emilie's friendship is a reminder that pickleball is a way to create memories, as well as build and maintain lasting friendships. They support each other, compete, and strengthen their bond on and off-court.

What do you like the most about pickleball?

"The competition is fun, meeting different people from all over. We played in a bunch of different states. It has been a really fun adventure getting to see and meet new people," said Liz.
"You get your energy out; you get to do something where you lose yourself. We laugh every single time that we get out there, and we just have fun," said Emilie.

How was your first experience playing at a Waterfall event?

"I like the quickness of it. There was not a lot of downtime, which was nice. We played four matches within an hour; that constant play was really beneficial. Even when we were not playing, they had courts reserved where we could warm up and continue to play. It was a really positive experience, " said Liz.

"Also, when people would lose, they could play on the other courts. It is not like all of sudden you had to just leave, and you could still enjoy the whole experience of the Waterfall," said Emilie.

What have you enjoyed most about the Waterfall format?

"The DUPR Waterfalls are great to be able to play, have fun, and be comfortable with yourself. I feel like it's not as much of a competition where people are shoving the ball down your throat and thinking they're better than you or you're better than me. And it moves quickly and it's fast which is a big deal, especially when you have to fit things into your busy schedule. We have our kids but we can still do things for ourselves," said Emilie.

"With these DUPR Waterfall tournaments, I was still able to go to work that afternoon after a morning tournament, so that's pretty awesome," said Liz.

How has the DUPR rating system enhanced your pickleball experience?

"I do like the idea that with DUPR, it's genderless and ageless. It really is strictly a rating. It gives more competition, especially when it is the two of us against two guys who are younger than us and look like they are in a lot better shape, but it is the rating system that keeps everything leveled, which is fun and makes us play better," said Liz.

Grab a friend and sign up for Waterfall Nationals today. Make memories, enjoy some pickleball, and meet new people, all while playing for the chance to win 20,000+ in prize money. This is an opportunity you won't want to miss. Sign up today! Registration ends Friday, October 6.

View the full video story on our YouTube channel.

September 28, 2023

Meet Jake: A Software Engineer from Minnesota Who Loves Pickleball

Jake is a software engineer from Minnesota who loves pickleball and how it brings people together of all ages and sports backgrounds. He first played in a DUPR Waterfall Tournament at Lucky Shots Pickleball Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

DUPR first introduced the waterfall concept back in July 2022 when they announced the first ever Newport Beach DUPR Waterfall Presented by Takeya, which at the time had the largest prize purse in pickleball history at $100,000.

A DUPR Waterfall is a newer tournament format and came to life in 2023 with thousands of players entering into hundreds of tournaments across the country. It offers players four competitive matches all within a four-hour period. Players sign up with or without a partner and DUPR will create brackets of 16 teams based on the rating of the highest DUPR-rated player of the team.

What do you like about DUPR Waterfalls?

"I’d recommend Waterfalls to other pickleball players because they’re a cool twist on traditional pickleball tournaments. It’s exciting how everyone in your bracket plays at the same time, and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, you still get to play 4 matches," said Jake.

What makes people want to play in a DUPR Waterfall?

Jake said, “I was excited about how everyone in your bracket plays at the same time and that no matter if you win or lose you get to play four matches.”  

Most pickleball players will agree that the downside to the standard pickleball tournament is that there is too much downtime, or too much time in between matches, whereas in a waterfall format, players can expect to play for a specific four-hour timeframe on a given day.

Jake Bendickson played in a DUPR Waterfall in 2023, won a platinum ticket, and will have free entry into the DUPR Waterfall Nationals next month. The DUPR Waterfall Nationals takes place in Rockwall, TX on October 12-15, 2023, and there will be over $20,000 in prize money given away.

About Lucky Shots Pickleball Club:

Lucky Shots Pickleball Club has over twenty five hundred players on the DUPR platform and they are based in a historical office/warehouse originally built in 1947 for the Foley Manufacturing Company. Over the last several years, First & First has been actively transforming the property, which led to converting 40,000 square feet of the building into the Lucky Shots Pickleball facility. More info on their website.

September 26, 2023

DUPR Collegiate Pickleball - Weekly Regional Recaps

Keep up with the collegiate regionals, all leading up to the 2023 November National Championship. Stay tuned for more updates! The Regional Championships were a testament to the hard work, dedication, passion, and growth of collegiate athletes. As this chapter closes, a new one opens as the teams prepare to compete at the National Championship.

Watching these young athletes has shown us that the future of the sport is in great hands. We look forward to seeing you all coming together and competing for the ultimate prize. The stakes are higher, the competition is fiercer, and the expectations are greater.

Check out the list of regional champions:

- Georgia Regional - Clemson

- Arizona Regional - Utah Tech

- Minnesota Regional - Michigan

- North Carolina Regional - UNC

- Ohio Regional - Maryland

- Oklahoma Regional - Mississippi State

- Colorado Regional - Utah Tech

- Utah Regional - Utah Tech

- Texas Regional - TCU

- Florida Regional - FAU

- Michigan Regional - Indiana

- Nevada Regional - Utah Tech

Full list of National participants. For more info, please visit DUPR Collegiate.

Nevada Regional Championship

October 7-8, 2023

Henderson, NV

Nine schools competed last weekend at the Nevada Regional, closing the regular season for DUPR Collegiate Pickleball.

It was the last chance to secure a spot for the six schools that still needed a bid for Nationals. However, it proved challenging, as the aspiring teams faced the western powerhouses Grand Canyon University (GCU) and Utah Tech.

Utah Tech put its two teams in the semifinals against GCU and the University of California San Diego (UCSD). As they advanced through the semifinals, the two Utah Tech teams faced each other in the finals for the third consecutive time this season.

UCSD secured its bid to Nationals, while the University of Arizona faced off against Arizona State University to determine the last qualifying spot. The University of Arizona won, becoming the second Arizona team to secure their place at Nationals this year.

The top schools have just over a month to prepare until they hit the courts in Atlanta for the DUPR Collegiate National Championships.

Michigan Regional Championship

September 30 - October 1, 2023

Rochester Hills, MI

With the fall season coming to an end, the Michigan Regional showcased 11 schools and 90 players competing for two of the final remaining bids to the Collegiate National Championship.

Virginia Tech, Ohio State, and Michigan University faced fierce opposition from schools like Wisconsin-Whitewater and Case Western.

The Indiana University squad won an incredible Dreambreaker against Ohio State in the semi-finals and a convincing 3-0 victory over the number one-seeded Miami University.

In their first-ever regionals appearance, Indiana University and Miami University have earned their tickets to the 2023 DUPR Collegiate National Championships.

Next week will conclude the 2023 regular season with the Nevada Regional Championship, where hopeful schools must fight veteran teams Utah Tech and Grand Canyon to earn their bids for Nationals.

Florida Regional Championship

September 23-24, 2023

Boca Raton, FL

The most competitive Collegiate Regional Championship took place in Boca Raton, Florida, with 24 teams from 17 schools battling to earn one of the few remaining spots available for the Collegiate National Championship on November 17.

Auburn, Florida State, and the University of Florida battled for every point against the pickleball newcomers Florida Atlantic, the University of Miami, and the University of Georgia.

Multiple rain delays weren't enough to stop Florida Atlantic University from becoming the new regional superpower.

Florida Atlantic and the University of Georgia guaranteed their spots at the National Championship in November.

Texas Regional Championship

September 16-17, 2023

Humble, TX

This weekend wraps up the DUPR Collegiate Texas Regional Championship, where nine teams from six universities battled on Life Time's newest outdoor pickleball facility in Humble, Texas.

The teams traveled across the region to compete for the title of Texas Regional Champions, a bid to the Collegiate National Championship, and their share of the $4,000 prize pool.

In the finals match, Texas Christian University (TCU) and Florida State University stood undefeated and faced each other for the first time in their school's history. Ultimately, the TCU Horned Frogs emerged victorious winning the Texas Regional Championship.

TCU had already earned their bid to Nationals at the Individual Championship that took place in April, but Florida State University and the University of Texas earned their respective bids.

Next week, the collegiate tour madness continues with the DUPR Collegiate Florida Regional Championship in Boca Raton. This tournament, which is the largest regional event of the year, will host 24 teams.

Utah Regional Championship

September 9-10, 2023

South Jordan, UT

Utah Tech dominated again despite solid opposition from Utah Valley and Utah State, winning its third straight Regional Championship.

Three teams (*#2 Utah Tech, #5 Utah State, and #8 Grand Canyon University) were veterans on the tour, with a spot locked in for the National Championship in November.

Other schools were debuting their teams in this tournament, including the University of Utah, Utah Valley University, Rick's College, and Northwest Nazarene University.

*Numbers reflect the GAMMA Power Rankings from September 1, 2023.

For the full 2023 DUPR Collegiate Pickleball Schedule, check out our page: HERE

Schools can attend any regional they want, and can bring as many players as they want! Email us at college@mydupr.com if you’re interested in bringing a team to a regional.

September 23, 2023

Meet Michael Cobb — The man who holds the DUPR record for number of pickleball games played

Think you’re a hardcore picklehead? Chances are, you’re no match for Michael Cobb who has played 1420 games in one year, averaging 27 games per week.

At 1400+ matches, you hold the record for most matches entered on DUPR, out of hundreds of thousands of users. When do you even sleep?

I have a special situation here in Kansas City, as I've been the regional director of iPickle Nation for three and a half years now. We run Round Robins five days a week using the DUPR system. It's the best thing out there, because it helps us put people in the right levels. It just seems to create really good competitive games. We probably run 15,000 matches through DUPR in a year.
Whenever the level is high enough, I play myself. That’s how I've been averaging 27 games a week, which is how I’ve gotten 1420 matches entered in DUPR since August of 2022 — so that's only little over a year’s worth. I don’t have a set goal I’m aiming for. As long as I can continue playing, I'll do it.  

What got you hooked on pickleball?

About four and a half years ago, I was at a community center working out in Kansas City, and I went to go get a drink at the water fountain and it was down below where the gymnasium was. I looked in there and saw people playing a weird game. There was a guy at the fountain, I asked him: “what is that?” and he goes, “it’s pickleball, you ought to try that sometime.”
The next day I was playing, and I've been hooked ever since. There’s a competitiveness to it, but you can play recreationally if you want to. That's the great thing about pickleball — it’s an easy game for anybody to play, but to master it, there's a little more to it. And also the camaraderie. There's no discrimination on who can play this game. I also think it's going to keep elderly people living longer, honestly.

What was your favorite match you ever entered?

About two and a half years ago, we went to St Louis to qualify for the Nationals. My partner — his name is Raven Pier — does everything barefoot. It’s amazing. He walks out in the snow, barefoot. If it's 100 degrees out, it'll be barefoot. On the pickleball court, he’s barefoot. So the last match of the day, we had to win it to qualify, and it was an intense match. It probably lasted close to 40 minutes, with a lot of back and forth. I made some phenomenal plays, and so did he. We ended up winning 15-13, and we got to go to Nationals. That was definitely my best match that I can remember.

What about the worst one — the one you wish you could forget?

The worst match I remember goes hand in hand with the best: we went to nationals and got our butts smoked. It was in California, and they forced Raven to wear shoes. I told him the night before when we were practicing, “Hey, Raven, let me give you a pair of socks”, knowing that playing barefoot with shoes might be hard on his feet. He said he’d be okay and played without socks. During practice, I noticed he wasn't moving as well, and usually he's a phenomenal player, so I knew something wasn't right. Well, after the matches were done and we had lost, he took off his shoes and he had bloody heels.

How do you feel about the changes to the DUPR rating algorithm?

When they changed the algorithm, it seemed drastic. We went from like a chess type algorithm to strictly almost on wins and losses and it affected people. My community was asking me, “what’s going on?” and I had to explain you were just revamping the algorithm. But I do think it's a great system. Of course, there's going to be some tweaks to it that need to be done. If I'm not mistaken, there's wins and losses and the first type of algorithm being mixed together now, so it has definitely improved tremendously in the past months.

Which features would you want to see added to DUPR?

If there was a way to check in-depth stats for the last hundred games, or eventually, once you get enough data, you can bring up a player and get insight into your stats with that specific player.

What do you say to players who complain about their DUPR rating?

90% of players will think they're better than they are. I mean, that's just a given. And that’s ok, but it means they have trouble accepting their classification at first. I always tell them, you're just going to have to play and keep it going because the more games you get in, the more accurate it'll be.

Full interview on YouTube: HERE

Check out Michael Cobb’s Profile: HERE

September 21, 2023

Pickleball Software and Ace Pickleball Club Join Forces With DUPR To Enhance Player Experience

At DUPR, we believe that fair, level-based play creates the most enjoyable experience for pickleball players and is a key driver of adoption for the sport. Today, we’re proud to announce a joint partnership with Pickleball Software and Ace Pickleball Club to ensure its players can experience the most competitive and enjoyable matches possible, based on the most accurate rating system. This will elevate the game for all players.

“This partnership underscores our unwavering dedication to the sport of pickleball here at DUPR. We are thrilled to collaborate with Ace Pickleball Club and Pickleball Software, uniting to deliver players an unparalleled experience that combines competitive fairness with precise data accuracy,“ said Tito Machado, Head of DUPR.

“Ace Pickleball Club is committed to providing our members and guests with the optimal pickleball playing experience. We’re thrilled to be partnering with DUPR to ensure our players can experience the most competitive, fair, and enjoyable matches possible while helping to drive a high level of accuracy in their ratings,” said Mookie McDevitt, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Ace Pickleball Club.

"Pickleball continues to grow because of a highly addictive community, great software tools for management and the growth of premier facilities like Ace Pickleball Club. Pickleball Software is eager to help streamline the technical side for Ace players by connecting DUPR's Universal standard to the app, promoting competitiveness and growth at every Ace club in the nation,” said Scott Hause, Founder of Pickleball Software.


About DUPR

DUPR is the gold standard in Pickleball ratings and event management, and is the official ratings system for MLP and PPA. In November of 2022, DUPR successfully launched a collegiate pickleball national championship in which 16 co-ed teams participated using the same unique team format used in MLP.

For more information on DUPR, visit the official website and follow DUPR on Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

About ACE Pickleball Club

Ace Pickleball Club is the fastest growing indoor pickleball franchise in the world, with over 50 facilities currently in development across 11 states. Each Club will feature between 8 to 16 regulation size courts in a climate controlled environment, and the membership based club is focused on providing optimal playing conditions for everyone from beginners to experts. Ace Pickleball Club began offering franchises for development in February of 2023, opening their first corporate-owned location in Roswell, GA in July 2023.

About Pickleball Software

Pickleball Software, powered by Sports Carnival Software, is the premier all-in-one facility management solution designed to streamline operations for pickleball clubs and enthusiasts alike. PS empowers pickleball clubs to manage every aspect of their operations to help scale and grow their community. It offers a versatile, customizable solution for clubs to oversee player members, staff, events, court reservations, lessons, leagues and more.

September 12, 2023

CourtReserve Transforms Pickleball Experience with Strategic DUPR Partnership

Leading club management platform CourtReserve is extending its offerings and elevating players’ pickleball experience thanks to a new strategic partnership with DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) - pickleball’s most accurate global rating system that is trusted by pro leagues, clubs, and players around the world.

The partnership will see a seamless integration directly into CourtReserve’s advanced reservation system, allowing clubs and players to better match skills and experience.

From the end of September, club accounts on CourtReserve will be able to automatically sync all player ratings straight from DUPR. Clubs can manage players and events based on specific DUPR ranges, create leagues based on ratings, and foster stronger communities with players of the same ability.

Speaking on the partnership, Tim Owens, CourtReserve Co-Founder said: “Pairing Pickleball’s leading club management system with the number one rating system is an absolute no-brainer. Not only does it give all our clubs access to the most accurate, most comprehensive pickleball player ratings, it makes it easier than ever for the entire pickleball community to join in with matches and tournaments tailored to their skill level.”

Tito Machado, DUPR Head of Operations added: “We’re really excited to announce this strategic partnership between two of pickleball’s key players. It allows us to add even more value to the community and foster a more fun, more competitive player experience across the board.”

The partnership with DUPR is part of CourtReserve’s mission to drive innovation and elevate pickleball clubs worldwide. It’s another clear step in the organization’s efforts to deliver best-in-class technology and software that elevates the player experience. It will also support additional new features within CourtReserve’s platform - such as advanced League and Organized Play.

The DUPR integration will be available for clubs to activate within their existing CourtReserve account by the end of September.

About CourtReserve

CourtReserve is the leading all-in-one court reservation & club management platform that helps tennis and pickleball clubs run their business with ease and confidence. It provides a flexible, configurable set up for clubs to manage players, staff, events, court bookings, lessons and much more. With an online scheduler and customized member portal, players can easily see court availability and sign-up for events right from their computer or mobile device.

Learn more at https://courtreserve.com.

About DUPR

DUPR is the gold standard in Pickleball ratings and event management, and is the official ratings system for MLP and PPA. In November of 2022, DUPR successfully launched a collegiate Pickleball national championship in which 16 co-ed teams participated using the same unique team format used in MLP.

For more information on DUPR, visit theofficial website and follow DUPR onFacebook, Twitter,Instagram, andTikTok.

For further details, contact: CourtReserve, via: support@courtreserve.com

September 12, 2023

DUPR Becomes Appointed Ranking Platform For The First Ever Asia Pickleball Games

DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the Asia Federation of Pickleball (AFP). AFP has adopted DUPR as its official ranking platform for the 2023 Asia Pickleball Games, which will take place October 6-9 in Taichung City, Taiwan.

The first ever Asia Pickleball Games are representative of the sport's growth in the Asian market. Open to players of all skill levels, the event will showcase the passion, camaraderie, and athleticism that define pickleball. DUPR and AFP are excited about the potential this partnership holds to introduce pickleball to new audiences, promote level-based play through the sport’s most accurate rating system, and foster a sense of unity.

“I am honored to be a part of this pivotal moment in pickleball history. Our commitment to an accurate rating and innovation aligns seamlessly with the Asia Federation of Pickleball's vision, and together, we are dedicated to providing players and fans with an unforgettable experience. We envision the Asia Pickleball Games as a platform for cultural exchange, athleticism, and sportsmanship, and we are eager to contribute to the growth of pickleball not only as a sport but as a global phenomenon,” said Ryan Maher, Head of Commercial at DUPR.

“We are excited about the collaboration with DUPR. Their innovative ranking solution aligns perfectly with our mission to provide 44 Asia nations with a seamless, transparent, efficient and user-friendly ranking experience. DUPR is the appointed ranking platform for the 2023 Asia Pickleball Games and we look forward to leveraging the DUPR platform for future Asian tournaments,” said Jimmy Tan, CEO of Asia Federation of Pickleball.

The Asia Pickleball Games is open exclusively to DUPR Users from Asian countries. To register for the event, a DUPR user must join the club via this link. All event details are in the player handbook published on the Asia Federation of Pickleball website.

About DUPR

DUPR is the gold standard in Pickleball ratings and event management, and is the official ratings system for MLP and PPA. In November of 2022, DUPR successfully launched a collegiate Pickleball national championship in which 16 co-ed teams participated using the same unique team format used in MLP.

For more information on DUPR, visit the official website and follow DUPR on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

About Asia Federation of Pickleball

Established in 2020 and headquartered in Singapore, Asia Federation of Pickleball (AFP) is a not-for-profit organization and missioned to work collaboratively with 45 countries/states to participate in the Asian Games. On another scale level, AFP is working with 11 countries in hope to participate in Southeast Asia (SEA) Games 2025/2027/2029 in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore respectively.

Through tournaments, coaching, and partnerships, AFP aims to expand the sport's reach and create a vibrant pickleball community. In emphasizing fair play and integrity, AFP would enforce standardized rules and ethical practices. AFP strives to make pickleball accessible to all individuals and aims to play a pivotal role in advancing pickleball across Asia.




September 1, 2023

DUPR Collegiate Pickleball: The Fall Semester Finale

Collegiate picklers, listen up: this fall semester, collegiate pickleball is coming to you!

So if this summer you’ve been practicing your dink shots, lobs, and overhead slams, why not sign up for a DUPR Collegiate Pickleball event in your area and take a shot at gaining eternal glory and winning some bonus scholarship money?

We are excited to kick off the fall semester at DUPR, and put on five more Regionals and the 2nd Collegiate National Championship (CNC)! Detailed in this article is updated information about bids, CNC registration, our new club guide, and the remaining Regionals.

As of October 17th, 2023: These are the 36 schools that have obtained a bid to CNC:

- Clemson


- Utah Tech


- Michigan

- UW-W



- Florida


- NC State

- Maryland

- Ohio State

- MS State

- Texas A&M

- Utah State

- CU-Boulder

- Utah Valley

- UofU


- UT Austin


- Georiga

- Miami (FL)


- Auburn

- Indiana

- Miami (OH)

- Virginia Tech

- Villanova


- Arizona St.

- Iowa

- Duke


- UConn

In order to participate in the Team Bracket in the Collegiate National Championship on November 17-19, 2023 a program must meet these two requirements:

  1. Obtain a bid
  2. Attend at least one Collegiate Regional

Your school can bring players to participate in the Challenger Bracket without having a bid. A bid is only required to play in the Team Bracket. All players in all brackets must be taking at least 6 credit hours at the school they are representing.

As a reminder, there are 36 bids to be given out. 10 more bids will be given out at the remaining Regionals (2 at each Regional). The remaining 9 bids will be decided by the DUPR Collegiate Advisory Committee.

Here main the factors we are considering for these bids (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • How many collegiate regionals a program has attended
  • How many events a program has run on their DUPR Digital Club
  • How many dual matches against other schools a program has played
  • How many members are in their DUPR Digital Club

Collegiate Pickleball Players Holding DUPR Banner

Collegiate Pickleball National Championship Registration

Registration for the CNC is now live! Here is the link to the event on DUPR.

In order to make registration as smooth as possible, here is the link to the CNC Registration Guide outlining all of the necessary information.

Listed below are the high-level bullet points from the guide:

  • Dates: November 17-November 19, 2023
  • Registration Deadline: October 17, midnight EDT
  • Address: 6350 Courtside Dr NW, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092
  • Entry Fee: $75 per player for the Team Bracket, $25 per player for the Challenger Bracket

Collegiate National Championship Scholarship Money

For the team bracket, money is awarded based on how far your team advances.

Play-ins $500 (x4) $2000

Quarterfinals $1000 (x4) $4000

Semifinals $2500 (x2) $5000

Runner-Up $5000 (x1) $5000

Champion $15,000 (x1) $15,000

Total $31,000

This year, there will also be prizes for the challenger bracket!

  • $1000 will go to the college that brings the most challenger bracket teams
  • $1000 will go to the college that wins the most challenger bracket games
  • Prizes for the winning team of each bracket

Club Guide

DUPR is committed to supporting the growth and development of pickleball programs at colleges across the country. In order to help these clubs, we have created the DUPR Collegiate Pickleball Club Guide, which is a 15+ page document on everything you need to know to run a pickleball club. Here is the link to the club guide. If you have any questions about the contents of the club guide, or about starting a pickleball club at your school, you can email us at college@mydupr.com.

Fall Semester Regionals

Here are the remaining Regionals for 2023:

Utah Regional - September 9-10

10996 S River Front Pkwy, South Jordan, UT 84095

Texas Regional - September 16-17

13600 Will Clayton Pkwy, Humble, TX 77346

Florida Regional - September 23-24

1499 Yamato Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Michigan Regional - September 30-October 1

200 W Avon Rd, Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Nevada Regional - October 7-8

121 Carnegie St, Henderson, NV 89052

Schools can attend any regional they want, and can bring as many players as they want!

Email us at college@mydupr.com if you’re interested in bringing a team to a regional.

August 31, 2023

PALA Pickleball Club — A DUPR Platinum Club with a Vibrant Community

This month we’re shining the spotlight on our friends at PALA Pickleball, the largest indoor pickleball club in Texas and a DUPR Platinum Club member!

Photo By: @lifeofdro

PALA Pickleball has something for everyone, offering leagues, open play, clinics, drills, pickleball tournaments, and special events. With 11 indoor state-of-the-art courts with fixed (permanent) professional nets, and 8 outdoor courts for sunny days, suffice it to say players are able to get plenty of pickle time.

A club by and for the community

Besides state-of-the-art facilities, PALA prides itself on having a vibrant community of players of all ages and walks of life. The club’s founders understand what pickleball is all about: community.

As club founder Kaitlyn Myers says: “One of the great things about pickleball is that it brings people together from all different walks of life. Our goal is to provide a space where everyone is welcomed, and we will make sure everyone feels like they have a place here.”

That’s also why Kaitlyn and her friend and co-founder Gabby Angulo decided to establish a restaurant-bar at the core of the club. “You need food and drinks. Nothing starts a good conversation better than great food, delicious drinks,” she says.

Photo By: @lifeofdro

PALA’s Impressive Growth

Under the leadership of senior partnerships manager Luke Williams, PALA Pickleball Club has seen some impressive growth in recent months, signing sponsorships with Michelob Ultra, Houston Methodist Hospital, and BMW.

The club now has a new full-time head of coaching and four new pro instructors, as well as a PPA and APP player (Ryan Skufca) to rank and continue building the community of pickleball in Houston.

As a DUPR-affiliated club, PALA has organized 500+ tournaments and over 2,000 matches, with ten new Waterfall fight clubs and over $25,000 in cash given away, turning them into the organizer of the largest pickleball tournaments in Houston, Texas!

Photo By: @lifeofdro

Crazy but totally rewarding

Still, starting a pickleball club from scratch is no walk in the park. From finding and purchasing the right land, to running logistics and growing the business, Kaitlyn and Gabby have had several ups and downs along their business journey.

“Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport, and to be part of that journey is crazy but totally rewarding. The hardest part is trying to meet everyone’s needs. We want to cater for everyone, and doing so can be sometimes challenging at times.”

As pickleball continues on its upward journey, clubs like PALA are helping to spread the popularity of the sport while making sure it stays true to its community roots.

To view PALA Pickleball Fight Club events with cash prizes, visit: DUPR Events

Photo By: @lifeofdro

More information


$60 early Membership (yearly)

$80 Month to Month

$20 Open play for 3 hours +

$40 Court Rental

$0 court rental for members

Contact Info:

Website: palapickleball.com

Instagram: @Palapickleball

Facebook: @Palapickleball

Interested in joining Pala Pickleball Club? Check out their website for further information.

DUPR Club Information

In order to become an official DUPR Platinum Club, your club must already be an existing club on our platform.

If you would like to become a club, please reach out to: support@mydupr.com

August 30, 2023

DUPR Chat: Chris Olson from Pickleball Studio

We caught up with Chris Olson from Pickleball Studio to talk about how pickleball changed his life, why he loves playing at Life Time facilities in winter, and what he thinks of his DUPR rating.

How has the pickleball space evolved since you came into it?

One of the biggest changes is that the age demographic lowered drastically. Before, when I showed up to my local courts, I was the youngest one by about 10, 15 years, and I'm 27. Now when I go to the courts, there's a bunch of people younger than me. There are these two kids that are probably about nine and ten that are always there, and there's a lot more college kids and whatnot.

The second change would probably be seeing how much more attention pickleball gets and how much the media presence has grown. Now, you always see pickleball, it's always in the news somewhere. I swear, every one of my friends knows what it is now. Even within pickleball, the production quality of events or channels has gotten so much better than when I first got into it. Coming from a video background, the commercials felt like they were something from the early 2000s. Social media felt nonexistent. Stuff like that was baffling to me. And now we've just seen all of the numbers go way up in terms of follower count. But also, people have just gotten smarter about how they produce content.

How important is your DUPR rating to you?

For me, it's a good ballpark to check whether I'm generally trending in the right direction. I'm probably not going down, but I don't agonize over it or anything. I just look at the big picture: is it going up over time, or am I going down over time? I don't want to go down, that would bother me.

What are your thoughts on Life Time facilities for Pickleball?

Life Time is huge in my area because the founder actually lives in Minnesota, so I see him pretty regularly and we’ll have a conversation. In Minnesota, it gets so cold in the winter that you can't play outside for at least six or seven months of the year. So for me, I always end up going to a Life Time in the winter because they have a bunch of different venues in my area and they keep expanding them. So in the winter, it's huge for me. And then, as a content creator, being able to bring my laptop and camera, get my stuff done on the court, and then get off, get some food, and work in a lounge is really nice for me. That way, if I want to work a little bit before I play pickleball, I can do that, pack up my stuff, get on the court, and then do a little bit after. So there's a lot of flexibility and then obviously having a gym is really nice.

What is your favorite paddle at the moment?

Right now, I keep going back to the Six Zero Double Black Diamond. If I use a paddle for probably three-plus months, that's probably a good sign because I hit every single paddle that comes out. Prototypes are constantly coming through my doorway, so if something lasts me that long, it's probably a pretty good paddle.

What is your favorite venue?

Indian Wells, it’s such an iconic tennis center; it was just amazing out there. You've got mountains in the background. It's hard to beat that.

What got you into pickleball, and how did it become a core part of your life and career?

My friend and I went to play pickleball one day, and he had no racquet sports background. He's never played tennis, he's never played ping pong, nothing. And he smoked me. I'm pretty sure I got pickled 11 to 1. It was so embarrassing to me how badly I got beat, especially as a former tennis player. So after that, I decided to buy a paddle and play until I could beat him. I got hooked and immediately went and told my wife and my siblings, and they got into it too.

How was the Pickleball Studio channel born?

I was looking at all the videos on pickleball at the time and thought that I could probably make videos that people find more beneficial. I started by making some commercials and social media stuff for some local companies here in Minnesota. Then, I remembered that I had an extensive bunch of background on YouTube and thought I could try making some videos about pickleball, now that I kind of knew the game.

My first video had about 40,000 views within two weeks, which surprised me. People clearly liked this content. That's when I thought, I should figure out how to make this my full-time thing. That didn't happen for many more months. But I was playing so much pickleball, and it was so hard to focus on my actual client work that I realized that if I didn’t make this my job, I’m going to drop the ball on my real work and that was going to be a problem!  

Special thanks to Chris Olson for taking the time to catch up with DUPR and stay tuned for more stories like this soon!

Chris Olson

Instagram: @thepickleballstudio

YouTube: @PickleballStudio

Website: pickleballstudio.com

August 15, 2023

MyJourney and DUPR Partner on My Pickleball Coach App With The DUPR Challenge

My Pickleball Coach provides players a DUPR driven 1-1 coaching experience right through their phone anytime and anywhere

DUPR has partnered with MyJourney Technologies which provides elite, one-on-one Pickleball coaching to anyone, anywhere right on their phone. The mobile phone app called My Pickleball Coach provides customized 1-1 coaching based on best-proven methodologies so players improve fast.

Tito Machado, CEO of DUPR, “Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US with players expected to surpass 10 million by 2024. The growth is fantastic but we’re at an inflection point and the sport needs some organizing principles. The first step was creating a consistent rating system to provide a foundation for the most competitive and fun play. Step two is ensuring player improvement. Connecting My Pickleball Coach to DUPR provides players with a personal coach to grow their skills”

Martina Kochli, CEO of MyJourney and a world-class coach says, “My Pickleball Coach provides the world's best Pickleball coaches to players to improve their skills and measure their DUPR progress. When players get better, they play more pickleball, they influence their friends to play, and the sport grows. The “DUPR challenge” is built inside of My Pickleball Coach  and enables players to work on skills that grow their skills and their DUPR.”

Pickleball players from beginners to advanced can download the My Pickleball coach app and run the DUPR Challenge to receive a custom report on their game. They then can activate personalized 1-1 coaching via their phones from top-ranked professional players and coaches like: Collin Johns, Martina Kochli, Jordan Briones, Zane Navratil, and John Cincolaright.

Pickleball players from beginners to advanced can download the My Pickleball coach app now:

About DUPR

DUPR is the gold standard in Pickleball ratings and event management and is the official rating system for MLP and PPA. In November of 2022, DUPR successfully launched a collegiate pickleball national championship in which 16 co-ed teams participated using the same unique team format used in MLP.

For more information on DUPR, visit the official website and follow DUPR on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

About My Journey

MyJourney is the developer of My Pickleball Coach and is the inventor of Coaching as-a-service technology that provides one-on-one and scalable coaching. Their technology powers the digital coaching platform with TaylorMade and Alex Morgan’s MyJourney Soccer.

August 10, 2023

The Meteoric Rise of Collin Shick, Med Student Turned Pickleball Pro

“Pickleball changed my life. It gave me the chance to compete again at the highest level of the sport.”

It’s not every day that a qualifier makes it to a pro singles final, whether it’s in pickleball or any other sport — and yet that’s exactly what 23-year-old Collin Shick managed to pull off at the PPA’s Red Clay Hot Sauce Florida Open earlier this year.

Yet meteoric as his rise may appear, it didn’t come completely out of the blue. Shick is a former collegiate tennis player specialized in doubles who considers Rafael Nadal his role model. Suffice it to say he’s no stranger to racquet sports.

After deciding against a pro tennis career, Collin started playing pickleball for the same reason all of us do — for fun. Yet what started as a fun pastime quickly evolved into an obsession. Ultimately, it was the team spirit that drew him to pickleball the most.

“In my experience with college tennis, team events have always been my favorite thing,” says Collin. “Whether it was juniors or college, I love playing for a team and having your teammates grinding with you day in and day out."

A med student at the University of North Carolina, Collin was playing pickleball at a local park with a friend one day when the UNC Pickleball Club president walked up and encouraged him to join the club.

That’s when Collin discovered DUPR Collegiate tournaments. “My favorite memory is winning the first-ever DUPR Collegiate National Championship,” he says. “That was pretty special, it was the first real professional pickleball event I ever played in.”

After a little over a year of perfecting his pickleball skills, Collin decided to go pro in 2023, with a sponsorship from Selkirk and joined DUPR as a DUPR athlete in July 2023.

After reaching the quarterfinals in the Boca Masters in January, Collin went on to compete in PPA’s Florida Open in Daytona, where he barely lost to Ben Johns in the finals.

Wondering how Collin manages to juggle med school, pro pickleball, and being a college athlete all at the same time?

“I like to stay busy. I can’t study all day, every day in medical school. I love getting out there, getting some exercise, and getting to be competitive again. Also, working on something new, that’s how I stay motivated.”

Clearly the future is looking bright for Collin. Here’s to his success and to many more matches where he keeps us at the edge of our seats!

August 10, 2023

Celebrating DUPR's Impact at the English Open: Elevating Pickleball's Growth in Europe

In a monumental stride for pickleball enthusiasts across Europe, the recent English Open witnessed the remarkable influence of DUPR. The event unfolded as a pivotal platform for pickleball's growth on the continent, and DUPR couldn't be prouder to be a part of it.

DUPR's presence at the English Open was a testament to its status as the world's most accurate rating system. With an unwavering commitment to user input, transparency and precision, DUPR showcased its undeniable role in shaping the global future of the sport.

Not only did it educate existing players and clubs about the nuances of its rating system, but it also warmly embraced newcomers to the pickleball community, introducing them to the intricacies of accurate player ratings.

Alvaro Menendez, Senior Product Manager of DUPR, describes the event as the "Best European pickleball event so far!"

The English Open brought into focus the pivotal role that rating systems play in fostering fair competition and enhancing player experience. The event marked a watershed moment for both the sport and DUPR, by highlighting the importance of relying on an accurate rating system for the broader growth of pickleball on a worldwide scale.

"I was thrilled to see the massive number of athletes playing at such an elevated level at the English Open in Telford. Even more exciting was confirming that what we largely consider 4.5 DUPR level of play in The United States was right on par with 4.5 level play in Britain," said Dave McCune, Director of Activation.  

As the crowd's cheers during the English Open continue to reverberate, it is abundantly clear that DUPR's positive influence has left its mark on the pickleball landscape in Europe. The event represents a gateway to an exciting future - one where precision, transparency, and the passion for pickleball converge to elevate the sport to new heights.

Recap provided by: Ryan Maher, Head of Commercial at DUPR

August 10, 2023

Pickleball With A Heart - South Township, Pennsylvania

Pickleball with a Heart began as a tiny tournament to raise enough money to make 40 generous candy bags for underprivileged kids in our community.

Since that first event in October 2021, they hosted various fundraising tournaments and ladder leagues and raised over $10,000 for small local charities.

They became interested in DUPR because they wanted their events to be competitive and fair, encouraging new players to enter competitions and have a positive tournament experience.

Their club is "virtual," meaning they play at various local courts. Most events are played on six courts at the Greentree Sportsplex, though they have hosted events at Glen Creek Tennis Club, Peters Township Tennis Center, and South Park Tennis Courts.

Their club has grown to over 520 members! They are proud to be making a difference in these small charities with little to no dedicated fundraising volunteers and are thrilled that DUPR is a part of their journey.

To find out more about Pickleball with a Heart, visit their club page: HERE

Provided By: Laurie Lawrence, Founder of Pickleball with a Heart

August 9, 2023

DUPR Expands Into China to Revolutionize Pickleball Ratings and Promote the Sport's Growth

DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) is thrilled to announce its expansion into China with the launch of its new club – DUPR China. This strategic move aims to standardize ratings in pickleball competitions across the country and promote the rapid growth of the sport among Chinese players. DUPR China will be led in collaboration with Yui See Lau, Co-Founder of the Canadian National Pickleball League.

China's deep-rooted passion for racquet sports has laid a solid foundation for the introduction and development of pickleball. With its unique blend of strategy, skill, and fun, pickleball promises to captivate Chinese tennis, badminton, and ping pong athletes and provide them with an exciting new opportunity to delve into the world’s fastest-growing sport.

DUPR China will revolutionize the pickleball landscape in China by implementing a standardized ranking system, ensuring fair and accurate evaluations of players' skills and achievements. By introducing consistent ratings, DUPR China will offer players a clear path to track their progress and compete against opponents of similar abilities. This initiative aims to foster healthy competition, inspire new players, and elevate the overall level of play in China's pickleball community.

Yui See Lau, Co-Founder of the Canadian National Pickleball League, will be partnering with DUPR to lead the charge in China. Yui See’s understanding of the industry’s dynamics combined with his passion for promoting pickleball make him an invaluable addition to the DUPR China team. Together, DUPR and Yui See will work to ensure the sport thrives and pickleball becomes a household name in China, enlisting the help of Full Send (Fu Xin) Pickleball’s Juan (Yuki) Chen and Han (Kevin) Chenas their liaisons in China to connect with the multitude of pickleball clubs that have started appearing and gaining momentum in the Guangdong Province in cities such as Hengqin, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, as well as in Beijing and Shanghai.

DUPR China is committed to supporting pickleball enthusiasts, players, and clubs across the country. By providing a standardized ranking system and fostering a sense of community, DUPR China aims to accelerate the sport's growth and build a vibrant pickleball ecosystem throughout China.

DUPR China invites all pickleball enthusiasts, players, and organizations to join them on this exciting journey. With the combined efforts of DUPR, Yui See Lau, and the pickleball community in China, this initiative is set to revolutionize the sport and create a legacy for future generations of Chinese pickleball players.


August 12 (Guangdong Province — Hengqin)

Our first stop takes us to Hengqin, located in the southern part of Zhuhai City and separated from Macao by a bridge, is a major platform for promoting the diversified development of Macao's economy.

August 19 (Shanghai)

Our second tournament of the series will be in Shanghai. Shanghai is the Oriental Fashion Capital, a city that is constantly being put in industry lights with Milan, Paris, London, New York and Tokyo. As Shanghai was opened as a commercial port in 1843, it became one of the first Chinese cities exposed to Western culture and customs.

August 26 (Beijing)

Beijing will play host to our third tournament. Beijing is a metropolis in northern China and the capital of the People's Republic of China (PRC). It is also known in English as Peking. Beijing is also one of the four municipalities of the PRC, which are equivalent to provinces in China's administrative structure and is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China.

August 27 (Chongqing)

Our fourth stop, Chongqing, is one of the four municipalities of the PRC, one of China's five major cities, and constitutes another metropolis made from a large city (Chongqing Downtown), and six regional central cities with populations of over one million each, and 25 other counties. The world map hanging in the halls of the United Nations marks only the names of four cities in China, one of which is Chongqing.

September 3 (Guangdong Province — Hengqin)

For the championship we come back to Hengqin (our first stop) where we will be inviting the top 3 teams/players from each city that participated in the series tournaments and divide them into two big group by age, 50+/50-, to compete in a final showdown for a high-stakes, winner-takes-all tournament!

For media inquiries, please contact:

Yui See Lau, DUPR China Club Director

August 1, 2023

Updated Version of DUPR App Now Available on iOS and Android

Exciting New Features Highlighted By Group Messaging, Tracking Rating Changes, Match Impact Visibility, and Completely Rebuilt User Interface

DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating), pickleball’s most accurate global rating system, today announced the official launch of their new mobile app. DUPR is trusted by the world’s leading professional pickleball tours – Major League Pickleball and Professional Pickleball Association – premier pickleball clubs, and recreational players alike.

Highlights and new features of the app include:

  • Tracking rating changes: provide valuable perspective on user’s progress and performance trends over time
  • Group messaging: community building via a dynamic and collaborative environment within the app
  • Match impact visibility: identify the impact that each match has on your rating
  • Completely refreshed UI: rebuilt from the ground up with a modern user experience in mind

"We have focused on transparency and community building with this update," said Tito Machado, Head of DUPR. "Users will now have clear visibility on how each match impacts their rating and we believe that the group messaging feature will promote a vibrant sense of community and allow for better organized rec play."

As the go-to platform for the sport, DUPR serves as a central hub for players to communicate, find level-based play, and track their growth and personal successes. DUPR also provides tools and technology for organizers, clubs, and communities to showcase their pickleball journey.

The DUPR mobile app is now available to download on iOS and Android Devices, ensuring accessibility for players across all platforms. For more information about the DUPR App, visit mydupr.com.

About DUPR

DUPR is the gold standard in Pickleball ratings and event management, and is the official ratings system for MLP and PPA. In November of 2022, DUPR successfully launched a collegiate Pickleball national championship in which 16 coed teams participated using the same unique team format used in MLP.

For more information on DUPR, visit the official website and follow DUPR on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

DUPR Media Contact:

Kevin Brown, Director of Marketing kevin@mydupr.com

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t I see the match impact of my rating on all of my matches?

You will only be able to see the match by match impact on your rating for matches in which the new algorithm was used. Matches with the previous rating system will not be shown as part of this new feature.

2. I have been a DUPR user for a long time, why can’t I see my rating over time since the beginning of my account?

Tracking rating changes over time is a new functionality that was built with instant ratings and was not supported with the old algorithm.

3. When is my rating updated?

Ratings are updated almost instantly after your opponent accepts a match.

4. I won a recreational match. Why did my rating go down?

Recreational matches calculate ratings on a game by game basis. Even if you won a two out of three game match, if you lost a game to a much lower ranked player there is a chance it could decrease your rating.

July 18, 2023

Total Pickleball Becomes Official Retail Partner of DUPR

DUPR is proud to announce its partnership with Total Pickleball, who will  be the official retail partner of DUPR. Total Pickleball is a leading provider of pickleball equipment and accessories. This collaboration brings together two industry leaders committed to promoting the growth and development of pickleball worldwide.

"We are thrilled to join forces with DUPR as their official retail partner," said Rick Kerpsack, President of Total Pickleball. "Both Total Pickleball and DUPR share a common goal of enhancing the pickleball experience for players worldwide. By offering a comprehensive range of high-quality products, we aim to empower players to reach their full potential and enjoy the sport they love."

As the official retail partner of DUPR, Total Pickleball will offer a wide range of products that cater to the needs of pickleball enthusiasts at every skill level. With a shared passion for the sport and a commitment to excellence, this partnership will enhance the overall pickleball experience for players around the globe.

"This partnership with Total Pickleball has laid the foundation for an extraordinary alliance that will propel us to new heights," said Tito Machado, Head of DUPR. "This strategic collaboration combines our shared vision, experience, and passion for the sport of pickleball."

DUPR has gained recognition as the most accurate global rating system in the pickleball community. By utilizing advanced algorithms and data-driven analytics, DUPR provides players with precise skill ratings, ensuring fair competition and facilitating player matchmaking. With Total Pickleball's dedication to offering top-notch equipment and accessories, players can now access everything they need to elevate their game to new heights.

Through this partnership, Total Pickleball will also actively collaborate with DUPR to promote events, tournaments, and initiatives that foster community engagement and player development. Together, they will work toward creating a more inclusive and accessible pickleball landscape, encouraging players of all ages and skill levels to embrace the game.

About Total Pickleball

Total Pickleball is a leading provider of premium pickleball equipment and accessories. With a wide selection of paddles, balls, bags, apparel, and more, Total Pickleball is committed to serving the needs of pickleball enthusiasts at every level of the game. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Total Pickleball is dedicated to providing an exceptional pickleball experience for players worldwide.

Total Pickleball Media Contact:

Grace Oeser, Partnerships Manager Total Pickleball grace@warehousesports.com

About DUPR

DUPR is the gold standard in Pickleball ratings and event management, and is the official ratings system for MLP and PPA. In November of 2022, DUPR successfully launched a collegiate Pickleball national championship in which 16 co-ed teams participated using the same unique team format used in MLP.

For more information on DUPR, visit the official website and follow DUPR on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

DUPR Media Contact:

Kevin Brown, Marketing Operations Manager kevin@mydupr.com

May 2, 2023

Minor League Pickleball - Dallas Showdown - Recap

On April 15-16, Minor League Pickleball headed to the Oasis Pickleball Club in Rockwall, Texas for the Dallas Showdown.

The Oasis Pickleball Club has become a premier tournament venue in Texas, with more than 40 permanent outdoor courts and home to many high-profile pickleball tournaments. This was the second Minor League Showdown event to occur in 2023 filled with plenty of highs and lows throughout the weekend in both the DUPR 18 and DUPR 20 divisions. All the teams who competed did not disappoint and brought the same hyped and upbeat team energy to this event as we’ve seen at previous Minor League events.

From customized jerseys to color-coordinated outfits, we saw some unique styles all around. Team names were nothing short of creative with some notable team names such as “Baby Got Backhand”, “Big Dink Energy”, “Dink 182” and “Not Another Podcast”. Minor League teams traveled from near and far to compete in this event, with players traveling from cities around Texas and even out of state from California, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Florida to name a few. On Day 1 on Saturday, the weather brought less than ideal conditions with 20 mph winds at times and large gusts which was challenging for most players throughout the day. Certain players adapted to the conditions and those teams proved to be successful throughout the weekend.

On Day 1, the 12 teams in the DUPR 18 division competed in pool play and the two top teams in each pool advanced to the Semi-Finals on Sunday. The Oklahoma Outlaws advanced to play the 501’s and Baby Got Backhand advanced to compete against Risky Biscuits on Sunday. The remaining teams that didn’t advance played a compass backdraw on Sunday.  Both Baby Got Backhand and the Oklahoma Outlaws advanced to the finals with Baby Got Backhand coming out victorious after winning a fifth game dreambreaker and securing a $1600 prize for their team. The Oklahoma Outlaws took home $800 for second place.

For the DUPR 20 division, six teams competed in a round robin format on Saturday to determine seedings for Sunday. Dink 182 and the undefeated No Strings Attached moved directly into the semi-finals while the remaining teams played each other in the quarterfinals Sunday morning. Team Not Another Podcast and Team DUPR advanced, but Teams No Strings Attached and Dink 182 both advanced to the finals, with Dink 182 winning the final in three games. Dink 182 won the $2,800 prize and No Strings Attached took home $1,200.

All the teams who competed accumulated points based on how they finished towards Minor League Pickleball’s National Pathway Year-End Championship in December. Teams who accumulate the most points throughout the year advance to Championship and compete for large prizes. Thank you to all the Teams, Sponsors, and staff who made this tournament possible.

Written By: Sydney Steinaker - Executive Assistant

Edited By: Kevin Brown - Director of Marketing

Contact: Marketing@mydupr.com

Minor League
May 2, 2023

DUPR Waterfall - Battle of the Paddles

We are excited to be adding a Professional event as a part of the Road to Oasis, Waterfall Nationals this year in Rockwall, TX on October 12-15, 2023. Waterfall Nationals is a culmination for the amateur athletes who have competed and earned their Platinum Ticket to Nationals throughout the year at DUPR’s local Waterfall events.

The amateur athletes are competing for a total prize purse of $20,000+ and the title of Waterfall Nationals Champions. The Amateur event will finish up on Saturday evening ensuring that the Battle of the Paddles will be the premier event concluding our Nationals weekend!

DUPR will be offering Battle of the Paddles on Sunday, October 15, 2023.

The concept is for paddle companies to form one men’s and one women’s team to represent the brand. There will be a men’s and women’s draw. Every athlete needs to have a DUPR rating between 5.0-5.5 at the time of registration. Brackets are formed with a 16-team maximum and after each round, athletes continue playing against a team with the same sequence of wins/losses.

What is a Waterfall: VIDEO

Games will be MLP style rally scoring, best 2 out of 3 games to 21. This event will be live streamed. The entry fee is $500 per team.

Battle of the Paddles prize money is below:

1st: $3000

2nd: $1500

3rd: $1000

Consolation: $500

Least Amount of Allowed: $400

Sportsmanship: $100

Paddles companies, not athletes, are only allowed to sign teams up for this event. Sign-ups will be taken on a first come/first serve basis.

Please book time on Kerri's calendar to sign up for more information, if you have any questions, or to sign up your teams.

Contact: Kerri@mydupr.com

May 2, 2023

DUPR Collegiate Individual National Championship - Recap

On April 14-16, 2023 DUPR held their Collegiate Individual National Championship at the Life Time Fort Worth-Alliance facility in Fort Worth, Texas. In total, there were 73 players and 20 universities represented during the event that competed for $22,000 in scholarship money.

The University of Virginia brought the highest number of participants with 18 students representing the University's Cavaliers.

The purpose for DUPR starting the Collegiate Individual National Championship this year was to recognize the most talented college players in pickleball, regardless of the university they attend. Any college student taking a minimum of 6 college credits is eligible to participate in this league. For players, the goal is to secure a spot for themselves in the Collegiate Team National Championship which will take place in November later this year.

Throughout the weekend, some of pickleball’s most talented up and coming players competed in Gender Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and Men and Womens Singles. The Collegiate Individual Nationship Championship league is the only tournament through DUPR with a singles event.

Each player is guaranteed 5 matches per event, utilizing the rally scoring format. For each perspective event, the scholarship payouts were as followed:

$2,000 Winner

$800 Runner-Up

$400 Semifinalists

$200 Quarterfinalists

In addition to this, the winner(s) of each event earned a bid for their school to compete in the year-end championship in November.

Recent PPA Pro Singles Silver Medalist and University of North Carolina student, Collin Shick had all eyes on him this weekend, and rightfully so, pulling off a 27-0 record for the weekend and earning him the triple crown in all three events. Dylan Ciampini, another rising star in pickleball hailing from Utah Tech University, won women’s singles and doubles.

Below are the results for the finals of each event:

Men’s Singles

Winner: Collin Shick (University of North Carolina)

Runner-Up: Martin Michelsen (University of Florida)

Women’s Singles

Winner: Dylan Ciampini (Utah Tech University)

Runner-Up: Caitlin Lewis (University of North Carolina)

Men’s Doubles

Winner: Collin Shick & Hunter Boyd (University of North Carolina)

Runner-Up: Christopher Crouch & Django Chassang (University of Flordia)

Women’s Doubles

Winner: Dylan Ciampini & Katelyn Nadauld (Utah Tech University)

Runner-Up: Taylor Crabtree & Lillian Vandixhorn (Texas Christian University)

Mixed Doubles

Winner: Collin Shick & Sarah Carpenter (University of North Carolina)

Runner-Up: Jared Brungard & Dylan Ciampini (Utah Tech University)

The following Universities were represented during the event with the amount of players representing the colleges and universities in parenthesis:

  • Boise State University (2)
  • Carnegie Mellon University (1)
  • Collin College (2)
  • University of Colorado at Boulder (3)
  • Florida State University (1)
  • Grand Canyon University (2)
  • University of Oklahoma (2)
  • Ohio State University (2)
  • Tarrant County College (1)
  • Texas Christian University (6)
  • Texas Woman's University (2)
  • University of Florida (8)
  • University of North Carolina (4)
  • Utah State University (2)
  • Utah Tech University (7)
  • University of Virginia (18)
  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (4)
  • Virginia Tech University (4)
  • University of Washington (1)

We would like to thank our event sponsors: Gamma Pickleball, OOFOS, and Cirkul who provided our players with bucket hats and water bottles. Additionally, we’d also like to thank the LifeTime Fort-Worth Star Alliance facility for hosting the event and providing an excellent experience for all participants.

If you are interested in getting involved with DUPR Collegiate Pickleball, please e-mail us at college@mydupr.com.

Be sure to follow us on social media as well to stay up-to-date for all future Collegiate events.

Written By: Sydney Steinaker - Executive Assistant

Edited By: Kevin Brown - Marketing Operations Manager

Contact: Marketing@mydupr.com

March 3, 2023

DUPR Predicts - APP Plantation Open

Hey Pickleball Fam,

The APP Tour's Florida swing continues this weekend from the city of Plantation. With last week's gold medalists Dekel Bar and Vivienne David sitting this one out, who will beat the top rated team, Dylan Frazier (6.568) and Simone Jardim (5.886). Could it be first time partners Zane Navratil (6.490) and Jackie Kawamoto (5.757)? We shall see! And don't forget about Florida residents JW Johnson (6.607) and Lee Whitwell (5.592). Two forehands in the middle makes a great pairing for pickle.

In the Senior Mixed Pro bracket, we see last week's gold medalist, Scott Crandall, opting out and thus, Kim Kesner (5.202) playing with Rick Witsken (5.568) as our 3rd seed. Just like in our Pro Mixed bracket, last week's Silver Medalists (Scott Moore (5.585) and Eva Welsher (5.281)) are taking the top spot on our list. Will Kesner have the golden paddle with a new partner? Mircea Morariu (5.567) and Julie Johnson (5.250) will have something to say about that.

Good luck to all our competitors and may there be many a third game tiebreak.

We'll be updating this list as the weekend progresses with winner predictions by bracket. Stay tuned and let us know who you're rooting for on social. @duprpb

February 7, 2023

DUPR Collegiate Pickleball - 2023 Schedule

DUPR is excited to announce our Collegiate Tournament Schedule for 2023!

There will be 12 Regional Tournaments, The Collegiate Team National Championships, and new this year is the Collegiate Individual National Championship. All tournaments will be played at Life Time locations across the country.

DUPR is working to bring the college pickleball experience to as many schools as possible, and that starts by having regionalized tournaments across the nation. DUPR will be hosting the first annual Collegiate Individual National Championship, where players from any school can come and compete in brackets for all 5 events.

To conclude the year, DUPR will be hosting the 2023 Collegiate National Championship for the 36 best college teams in the country!

Here is an overview for each of the tournaments:

DUPR Regionals

DUPR will be putting on 12 Regionals at Life Time clubs between March and October of this year. In order to participate in the DUPR Collegiate National Championship, every college has to participate in at least one Regional, and receive a bid for their school. Regionals are the main way to receive a bid, but there are other methods as listed below. Schools are not locked by location and can play in as many Regionals as they want.

All it takes is 2 men and 2 women players from a college to form a team and compete! Your school doesn't need to have an official pickleball club in order to participate. You just need 4 current students and a DUPR Digital Club for your school. Search here to see if your school already has a DUPR Digital Club, and if not, contact college@mydupr.com to have one made for your school.

To register, go to the Regional event on DUPR (links are below) and sign up in your school's team bracket once your school has decided who is going. If your school doesn't have a team bracket, contact college@mydupr.com to have one made for your school.

Scholarship Money (Per Regional): $4,000

Entry Requirements:

  • Have a fully filled out DUPR Digital club for your college
  • Any eligible college student taking a minimum of 6 college credits can participate


  • Team Bracket (MLPlay format) and Open Divisions
  • A school can submit as many complete teams of 4 into the Team Bracket as they want

Bid Distribution:

  • The two finalists of the team tournament will obtain a bid for their school

DUPR Collegiate Individual National Championship

Date: April 14th-16th 2023

Location: Life Time - Fort Worth-Alliance (Fort Worth, Texas)

Scholarship Money: $22,000

In addition to Regionals, DUPR will also be starting the Collegiate Individual National Championship in 2023. We want to recognize the best college players, regardless of what school they are from. This Championship will have a Men’s & Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and a Men’s & Women’s Singles bracket for any college student to compete in.

Entry Requirements:

  • Any eligible college student taking a minimum of 6 college credits can participate


  • Men’s & Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and Men’s & Women’s Singles brackets

Bid Distribution:

  • The winner of each bracket will obtain a bid for their school

DUPR Collegiate National Championship

Date: November 17th-19th 2023

Location: Life Time - Peachtree Corners (Atlanta, GA)

Scholarship Money: $31,000

To wrap up the collegiate pickleball season, we are once again having the College National Championship for the best schools in the country. In order to participate, each college will need to obtain a bid. Bids are given out in three ways: Regionals, the Collegiate Individual Championship, and the DUPR Collegiate Council.

Entry Requirements:

  • Obtain a bid
  • Participate in a Regional Tournament


  • Team Bracket (MLPlay format)
  • 6 pools of 6 colleges each with equal DUPR in each pool
  • 2 colleges from each pool will advance to the single elimination playoffs

Travel Stipend

DUPR is offering up to a $1000 travel stipend for the first 100 schools that qualify! To see the requirements and apply for the travel stipend, click here.

More Information about Bids

In order to play in the DUPR Collegiate National Championship, a college must obtain a bid either through a Regional Tournament, the Collegiate Individual National Championship, or the DUPR Collegiate Council. DUPR will keep track of which schools have received a bid as the year progresses. Once your school receives a bid, you cannot receive any more. Any bids you would have received will be given to the next highest placed team at the tournament. This prevents schools from blocking other schools from receiving bids.

24 bids will be given out across the 12 regional tournaments, and 5 bids will be given out at the Collegiate Individual National Championship. To get to 36 total bids, the DUPR Collegiate Council will give out bids to schools based on competitiveness, DUPR rating, club size, and how the club has used the DUPR software at their school and community. DUPR will update the colleges regularly about how many bids have been given out, and to which schools.

Scholarship Money Breakdown

Contact Us

Interest Form

Email: college@mydupr.com

January 18, 2023

DUPR Flex Leagues

Grab a teammate, and showcase your game with DUPR Flex Leagues in your community.

Interested Organizers:

Are you an organizer interested in hosting your own DUPR Flex League in your area?

If so, please complete the application form below to get started.

Apply Here

How Flex Leagues Work:

Players are placed in a round-robin group and play 4 matches over 5-weeks. Players will be divided into leagues/groups based on their location and DUPR.

What else?

- Organize your weekly league matches at a time and on a court that’s convenient for you and your opponent.

- Matches can be played during any week of your Flex League session. You can even play all four matches in the first week if you’d like!

- Matches are gendered, mixed or open doubles with brackets by DUPR.

For more info and questions, contact: flex@mydupr.com.

January 10, 2023

DUPR - Waterfall

The DUPR Waterfall features a new and innovative format that offers players four (4) competitive matches all within a four-hour period. This revolutionary, amateur-only event will be like none other.


Brackets are formed with 16 teams maximum and after each round, you continue playing against a team with the same sequence of wins-losses. For example, after round three, teams who won their first 2 and lost the 3rd play and teams that lost the first and won the next 2 play. Your sequence matters even though all teams have 2 wins and 1 loss.

Open Gender / Age Events:

Participants can play with a partner of any age, gender, or level. The common denominator? Play will be competitive, level-based, and DUPR-neutral across demographics.

DUPR Rating:

All players must have a DUPR of 5.0 or less because the DUPR Waterfall guarantees DUPR-neutral play. Players with a DUPR rating higher than the maximum number in that bracket cannot play down. Players are permitted to play in a higher DUPR rated bracket if their DUPR rating is lower than the bracket's minimum rating. The tournament director will have final approval on tournament admission.

Players that don't have a DUPR rating can enter the tournament. Player can self-rate, but If a player doesn't have a DUPR rating, that player can't win a Platinum Ticket. It is highly encouraged to record 3-5 self-recorded games through the DUPR app prior to registration. If a DUPR rated player has a partner with a NR, that team will play in the DUPR rated bracket of that player.


Play will occur within a four-hour designated time window. Players sign up with or without a partner and DUPR will create brackets of 16 teams based on rating of the highest DUPR rated player on the team.

Partner Differential:

Within the DUPR Algorithm, matches, where players are rated with a difference greater than 1.50, are excluded. Therefore, players may not sign up with a partner outside of that range. So, a 5.0 can’t play with a 3.4, but a 4.9 and a 3.5 could play two players rated a 4.4.


Payment must be taken through: mydupr.com registration page.


No refunds for any reason after the cancellation deadline (2 weeks prior) unless the Registration & Weather Insurance Policy has been purchased prior to the cancellation deadline. If you withdraw before the cancellation deadline, you will be issued a 90% refund. If you are withdrawn from the tournament by the event administration, you will receive a 100% refund.

Refunds will be granted for withdrawals prior to 2 weeks before the event. Simply select the bracket and click “Withdraw”. Email waterfall@mydupr.com if you have refund issues.

December 18, 2022

MLP. 48 women, 48 men, 1 league - Part 2

The Major League Pickleball (™) draft continues this week with the 12 Challenger teams selecting their players!  

See the current doubles and singles ratings of those eligible to be drafted below.

There are many talented players on the board and it’s clear team owners are looking for experience as well as team chemistry.  

Will GMs select the highest rated players, or look to some of the rising stars to round out their rosters?

December 11, 2022

MLP. 48 Women, 48 Men, 1 League.

The Major League Pickleball(™) draft is just around the corner. See the current rank based on doubles DUPR ratings of the players who have submitted their names and are eligible for the draft.  While the majority of play is doubles, players’ singles skills can make a huge impact when a Dreambreaker decides the match.

One thing is for certain, with 48 women and 48 men, the 2023 season is sure to include exciting new partnerships and the most competitive field of players ever assembled.

"The year will be divided into two “seasons” of three events – in the first season, 12 teams will compete in the MLP Premier Level (the first 48 drafted players) and 12 will compete in the MLP Challenger Level (the next 48 drafted players), with rosters consisting of two men and two women. The teams will then flip levels and re-draft players for the second season. With the expansion to 24 teams, MLP is offering up to $5 million in prize money and payouts to its players in 2023."

See full 2023 schedule and more info

This is the final list for the Premier Level Draft.  After the Premier Level Draft on Thursday December 15, 2022 MLP will add a number of players eligible for the Challenger Level Draft which takes place on Dec 19, 2022.

Who will go #1 overall, Ben Johns…Anna Leigh Waters…or will it be a surprise?

November 28, 2022

Welcome DUPR Executive Directors

Join DUPR in welcoming our Executive Directors. As an Executive Director, each individual operates and owns DUPR Flex and Team Leagues; runs innovative DUPR events like the Waterfall & Jamboree; and activates their community members and local clubs and facilities. Use the image below to see if you have an Executive Director near you.

South Carolina (Max Easton)

Washington (Pablo Granados)

Minnesota (Scott Buell)

Utah (Brandon Chesley)

Northern California (Carmen Sanz)

Arizona & New Mexico (Chase Distefano)

Michigan (Calvin Bushor)

Middle States (Rick Fortuna)

Maryland (Sam Morris)

Oregon (Aaron Boehme)

Hong Kong (Venise Chan)

Japan (Daniel Moore)

Great Plains (Dave McCune)

Texas (Rich Lopez)

Southern California (Steve Riggs)

Australia (Mike Newell)

Florida (Andrea LaMack)

Arkansas (Cindy Fish)

DUPR is pickleball’s most accurate global rating system trusted by world premier pickleball clubs, professional tours, and recreational players alike. Learn more at mydupr.com.

November 22, 2022

New Top 50 Doubles By Region (Top 25 Singles)

It's round 4 of our most popular and biggest list: DUPR by Region.

It's the 12 USA Pickleball Regions--plus the UK and Canada. See who the Top 50 Men and Top 50 Women are, grouped by where they call home.

As a reminder, we use the 12 USA Pickleball Regions, so if you're curious why Colorado isn't in "Mountain" or where we came up with "North Mid Atlantic" as a region...well, we didn't. Here's the map of regions from our last regional list as well as some more information about How DUPR is calculated.

The regions are listed in order of the average DUPR of the Top 100 Overall--followed by our lists of the UK and Canada.

Please email hello@mydupr.com for any inquiries or corrections about our Regional Lists.

Click the map for our Rankings page with the full lists.

November 17, 2022

A Letter from the CEO of DUPR, Jillian Braverman and DUPR's Founder, Steve Kuhn

My fellow pickleball enthusiast,

My name is Jillian Braverman and I am the CEO of DUPR, joined by DUPR’s Founder, Steve Kuhn, and we are writing to you today in celebration that the sport has unified under one rating: DUPR. Pickleball.com, along with its subsidiaries, the PPA Tour, PickleballTournaments.com, and PickleballBrackets.com, will adopt DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) as its official and exclusive rating system.

This is a watershed moment for the sport of pickleball, marking the unification of the amateur game. This partnership will enable Pickleball.com & DUPR to create more innovative amateur player experiences, optimized ratings, and most importantly grow the game we all love.

In less than two years DUPR has built our sport’s most accurate rating system, and become the official rating of the World Pickleball Federation along with fifteen (15) other individual international federations. We’d like to thank our over 600 club partners, representing the world’s pre-eminent and largest pickleball leagues, associations and facilities across the world. Clubs like Life Time, Invited Clubs (formerly Club Corp), Spare Time, Sean Bollettieri & The Tennis and Pickleball Club of Newport Beach, Club Pickleball USA, Chicken N Pickle, In-Shape, and many, many others. You are the thought leaders in your community.

Thank you to our amazing Executive Directors and Regional Ambassadors, a program for which we received over 500 applications in under twenty-four hours. You are the grassroots engines that help your local communities hum and we are nothing without your trust and support. Thank you. We’d also like to thank the tennis community as it opens its arms more and more to pickleball. DUPR has received a tremendous outpouring of support from major Tennis Federations across the world as we welcome this new community to our great sport. We are humbled to act as pickleball’s gateway for these tennis players. Stay tuned for some big announcements on this topic.

Additionally, we’d like to thank our community for helping us harness its collective creativity to build innovative bridges to the everyday recreational player: DUPR Team Leagues powered by MLPlay, DUPR Flex Leagues, The first-ever Collegiate National Championship, The Waterfall (pickleball’s first self-run tournament), and the DUPR Rating Assessment Clinic by Collin Johns & Sonny Tannan.

This is only the beginning of many other unique and innovative formats that make our beloved sport more fun and fair for everyone, created and driven by community members whose passion and business is pickleball.  Lastly and most importantly, we’d like to thank, well— YOU.

You’ve trusted us and we want you to know that we will work tirelessly every single day to earn that trust. You deserve a rating that is accurate, transparent and universal— you deserve a global passport to play.  

You deserve DUPR.  

Thank you,

Jillian & Steve  

#OneRating #PickleballZealots #PickleballUnited #OneNationUnderPickleball

November 16, 2022

Pickleball.com Adopts DUPR as its Official Rating System

Collaborative relationship unifies the sport with the premier rating system on the premier software platform

Pickleball.com, along with its subsidiaries, the PPA Tour, PickleballTournaments.com, and PickleballBrackets.com, will adopt DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) as its official and exclusive rating system.“Today is a watershed moment for the sport of pickleball, marking the unification of the amateur game. This partnership will enable Pickleball.com & DUPR to create more innovative amateur player experiences, optimize ratings, and most importantly, grow the game we all love,” said Jill Braverman, CEO of DUPR. Pickleball.com will serve as the home for all DUPR events, including DUPR Waterfall Tournaments, Flex, and Team leagues. DUPR will remain the Official Pickleball Rating of the PPA Tour.

"As pickleball’s preeminent tournament management solution and long-time stewards of the game of pickleball, we are excited about removing the confusion and inconsistencies caused by having multiple rating systems. Coalescing around a single rating system will eliminate unnecessary distractions and allow us to continue to focus on enabling fair and fun competition in both recreational and tournament play," said Melissa McCurley, CEO of PickleballTournaments.com.

Pickleball is the fastest-growing and most popular participatory sport in America. DUPR and Pickleball.com have independently promoted this growth and will continue to provide solutions to meet the evolving needs of the growing community.

November 10, 2022

Joint Statement from MLP's Steve Kuhn and PPA's Tom Dundon

We are proud to announce that Major League Pickleball and the PPA Tour’s VIBE Pickleball League have agreed to a strategic merger to unify the sport of pickleball as a global, co-ed, team-based league featuring the greatest players, biggest events, and visionary owners. This league will continue to live under the “Major League Pickleball” brand name and format.

Pickleball is the fastest-growing and most popular participatory sport in America – and soon the world. MLP and the PPA have independently fostered this growth by supporting world class players, driving powerful marketing, and creating unbelievable live experiences. Coming together as one team league allows us to build much bigger events, offer more prize money, enhance player development, pursue larger media and sponsorship deals and, most importantly, grow the game we all love.

Our league is starting with the best professional players in the world and a group of iconic leaders from sports and business including LeBron James, Tom Brady, Kevin Durant and Kim Clijsters. Just yesterday we announced Anheuser-Busch is our newest team owner – and we are just getting started.

Today marks a real milestone in the evolution of pickleball. In a world desperate for more social connection and reasons to celebrate, we are so excited for this merger and what it means for our community and our beautiful sport.

Kind regards,


November 7, 2022

Major League Pickleball (MLP) and DUPR partner with Life Time in Strategic Alliance to Elevate Fast

Life Time to host multiple MLP tour events during 2023 season and adopt DUPR as official rating system

Chanhassen, Minn., (Nov. 7, 2022) — Nearly five million people are now playing pickleball according to the latest data from the Sports and Fitness Industry Association and today, Major League Pickleball (MLP) and DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) announced a strategic alliance with Life Time (NYSE: LTH) to continue elevating the sport through hosting tournaments and events at iconic Life Time locations, adopting the DUPR official rating system across all Life Time clubs, partnering on improved technology and offering shared marketing support.

“This is an exciting time for all of us involved in making pickleball a sport that everyone chooses to play – whether competitively, for fun, for physical and mental health, to be a part of a welcoming community or all the above. I’ve never seen a sport so unifying,” said Life Time Founder, Chairman and CEO Bahram Akradi. “Through this strategic alliance among our organizations, we will take pickleball to the next level through elevated events, experiences, ratings and execution with one standard in mind – being the best. We are thrilled to be working with MLP and DUPR.”

As a part of the partnership, Life Time will adopt the DUPR rating system and technology across all of its pickleball programming, making the sport even more accessible by creating even playing fields and providing best-in-class technology to run events. MLP will also be bringing at least two of its marquee team-based events to Life Time locations in 2023.

MLP has made news in recent months with its roster of new team owners including iconic professional athletes, serial entrepreneurs, best-selling authors and speakers, billionaire investors and more. As the 2023 season gets underway, the league will grow to 16 teams, double its events from three to six and surpass the $2M mark in player prize money and payouts.  

“We could not be more excited to create this strategic alliance with Life Time,” said MLP and DUPR Founder Steve Kuhn. “Life Time owns and operates the most pickleball courts of any company in the U.S., located within the most beautiful athletic country clubs in prime locations creating the perfect environment to host MLP events. Additionally, aligning with DUPR to provide the most accurate global rating system will provide immense benefit to players, regardless of which Life Time club they’re playing at across the country. Together we’ll see the sport continue to explode in growth as we aim to hit our goal of 40 million players by 2030.”

Further details of the deal were not disclosed. For more information visit: MLP, Life Time and DUPR.

# # #

About Major League Pickleball

Major League Pickleball (MLP) is the first of its kind professional team league and the standard-bearer for the fastest-growing sport in the United States. Led by Founder & CEO Steve Kuhn, MLP is committed to perpetuating the sport's larger role in society and permeating every facet of pickleball's business, marketing, and community relations. With iconic team owners, a co-ed team format, an innovative draft, easy to understand scoring, groundbreaking broadcast quality, and the highest prize money events in pro pickleball, MLP's goal is to elevate and grow the sport in everything it does. For more information on Major League Pickleball, visit MajorLeaguePickleball.net and follow Major League Pickleball on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

About DUPR

DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) is the most accurate and only global pickleball rating system trusted by the world’s premier Pickleball clubs, tours, and professionals. All players, regardless of their age, gender, location, or skill, are rated on the same scale between 2.00-8.00 based on their match results. DUPR is free and anyone can have a rating.

About Life Time®

Life Time (NYSE: LTH) empowers people to live healthy, happy lives through its portfolio of nearly 160 athletic country clubs across the United States and Canada. The company’s healthy way of life communities and ecosystem address all aspects of healthy living, healthy aging, and healthy entertainment for people 90 days to 90+ years old. Supported by a team of more than 30,000 dedicated professionals, Life Time is committed to providing the best programs and experiences through its clubs, iconic athletic events, and comprehensive digital platform.

November 1, 2022

Introducing the DUPR Rating Assessment Clinic with Collin Johns and Sonny Tannan

Collin Johns (above left), top 10 pickleball player in the world by DUPR and Sonny Tannan (above right), have joined forces to introduce their proprietary rating assessment clinic to get players rated with DUPR in a fast, fun format.  

What to expect:

Collin and Sonny’s assessment uses the objective DUPR algorithm to evaluate the maximum number of players in the shortest amount of time while removing the subjectivity of human opinion. Participants receive a provisional DUPR by competing against a variety of players. Players of all levels are welcome to participate.


  • Find a starting point for brand new players.
  • Playing your first tournament? Find out which bracket to enter.
  • Play against a variety of different opponents.
  • Everyone leaves with a provisional DUPR rating.

Use the link below to learn more about Collin and Sonny's rating assessment clinic.

Learn more

DUPR is pickleball’s most accurate global rating system trusted by world premier pickleball clubs, professional tours, and recreational players alike. Learn more at mydupr.com.

September 30, 2022

Win Zane Navratil's Signed Paddle from the NY Open!

If you haven't heard about Zane Navratil and his infamous spin serve, you haven't been paying attention.

Zane Navratil, 26, started playing pickleball in 2013 after claiming three high school tennis State Championships in Wisconsin. Zane continued his tennis career playing Division III tennis at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where he earned a Master's Degree in Accounting and achieved Academic All-American status. Upon graduation, Zane moved to Milwaukee, WI and took a position as an auditor for Deloitte & Touche, an internationally recognized public accounting firm. Pickleball, however, was calling his name, and he left his auditor position in 2020 to play and teach pickleball full time. Zane is currently rated #7 in Doubles (6.57) and #5 in Singles (7.03) by DUPR. He competes in multiple tournaments a month and rarely walks away without a medal. He also offers pickleball clinics across the country and is known for a teaching style that is both efficient, methodical & informative, as well as engaging and fun. His driven and competitive personality is well balanced with his silly sense of humor and ability to have fun with his partners, competitors and students.

See Zane and this paddle in action, competing against JW Johnson at the 2022 APP Franklin NY Open:

How To Enter:

  1. Follow @DUPRpb on instagram
  2. In a comment on this post
  • Tag 2 friends
  • Write your 2 decimal doubles or singles DUPR (ex. 3.25)


  • Must be located in the continental U.S.
  • Must have a claimed DUPR account.
  • Must be 18 years or older to enter.
  • Entries accepted between September 30 - October 13 at 12:00pm pst.

Winner will be chosen 10/14/22 at 2:00pm PST - Announced on the DUPR Instagram.



2.              HOW TO ENTER: Beginning on September 29th, 2022 at 12:00pm PDT through October 13th, 2022 at 12:00pm PDT, log on to Instagram and go the Paddle Giveaway on DUPR’s Instagram profile. Follow @duprpb on Instagram. In a comment on the Paddle Giveaway post on DUPR’s profile, tag two friends and write your 2-decimal doubles or singles DUPR (ex: 3.25). No more than 1 entry per Instagram account is permitted. Use of any robotic, automatic, programmed, or similar entry method or entering more than the number of times permitted will void all entries and result in disqualification. You may not enter more times than indicated in an attempt to circumvent the rules.

3.              ELIGIBILITY: Open to residents of the 48 contiguous states of the United States and D.C., 18 years of age and older as of September 29th, 2022 who have a claimed DUPR account, except for employees of DUPR ("Sponsor"), Sponsor’s affiliates, subsidiaries, and agencies (collectively with Sponsor "Promotion Parties"), and members of their immediate family or persons living in the same household. Void where prohibited.

4.              DRAWING: A random drawing will be conducted on or about October 13th, 2022 at 2:00pm PDT by Sponsor to select the winner from among all eligible entries received. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. Potential winner will be notified via Instagram direct message and an Instagram post that will tag them. The return of any prize notification or prize as undeliverable may result in disqualification and an alternate winner may be selected. All income taxes resulting from acceptance of prize are the responsibility of winner. By entering this sweepstakes, entrant accepts and agrees to these Official Rules and the decisions of the Sponsor, which shall be final in all matters. Acceptance of a prize also constitutes permission to the Sponsor to use winner's Instagram handle for marketing purposes without further compensation or right of approval, unless prohibited by law. All federal and state laws apply.

5.              LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: By entering this sweepstakes, entrants waive all right to, and hold the Sponsor and Instagram harmless from, any claim, liability, loss, damage (including punitive, incidental, and consequential damages), or expense (including attorneys' fees) arising out of or in connection with participation in this sweepstakes or the acceptance, use, or misuse of any prize. Promotion Parties will not be responsible for: late, incomplete, or incorrect entries; an entrant's failure to receive prize notices due to entrant's security settings or for entrants' provision of incorrect or otherwise non-functioning contact information; technical, hardware, or software malfunctions, lost or unavailable network connections, or failed, incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete, garbled, or delayed electronic communications whether caused by the sender or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or used in this sweepstakes; by any human error which may occur in the processing of the entries in this sweepstakes; or any typographical, technological, or other error in the publishing of the offer, administration of the sweepstakes, or announcement of the prize. If, in the Sponsor’s opinion, there is such an error, or there is any suspected evidence of tampering with any portion of the sweepstakes, or if technical difficulties (including viruses and bugs) compromise the integrity of the sweepstakes, Sponsor reserves the right to, in its sole discretion, cancel or modify this sweepstakes in a manner deemed appropriate by the Sponsor. In the event of termination, a winner will be selected from among all eligible entries received as of date of termination. In the event a dispute arises as to the identity of a potentially winning entrant, entries will be declared made by the entrant’s Instagram account handle.

6.              PRIZE: Zane Navratil’s signed paddle that he used in the NYC Open. Total prize value: $100. Prize consists of only those items specifically listed as part of the prize. Limit one prize per family or household. No substitution or transfer of prize permitted by winner. Sponsor reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value. If a potential winner is disqualified for any reason, Sponsor will award the applicable prize to an alternate winner by random drawing from among all remaining eligible entries.

7.              CHOICE OF LAW AND FORUM: Entrant agrees that all matters arising out of or relating to this sweepstakes and these Official Rules are governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of Texas, without giving effect to any of its conflict of laws provisions thereof. Entrant further agrees that any legal suit, action, or proceeding arising out of or relating to this sweepstakes and these Official Rules shall be brought exclusively in the applicable federal or state courts located in Texas.

8.              ALTERNATIVE MODE OF ENTRY: To enter this sweepstakes without following the above-stated procedures, mail a 3x5 notecard with your personal information (name, age, mailing address, email address, and phone number) to the following address: DUPR, 2770 US-290, Dripping Springs, TX 78620.

9.              PRIVACY: Information submitted with an entry is subject to the Privacy Policy stated on [PROMOTION URL]. To read the Privacy Policy, click here.

10.            WINNERS LIST: For the name of the prize winner, available after October 13th, 2022, send a self-addressed, stamped #10 envelope to: DUPR, 2770 US-290, Dripping Springs, TX 78620. 11.            SPONSOR: DUPR, 2770 US-290, Dripping Springs, TX 78620.

September 29, 2022

DUPR Flex Leagues: Play When & Where You Want

DUPR is excited to announce the launch of Flex Leagues. Grab a teammate, and showcase your game with DUPR Flex Leagues in your community.

How Flex Leagues Work:

Players are placed in a round-robin group and play 4 matches over 5-weeks. Players will be divided into leagues/groups based on their location and DUPR.

What else?

  • Organize your weekly league matches at a time and on a court that’s convenient for you and your opponent.
  • Matches can be played during any week of your Flex League session. You can even play all four matches in the first week if you’d like!
  • Matches are gendered, mixed or open doubles with brackets by DUPR.

Interested Organizers:

Are you an organizer interested in hosting your own DUPR Flex League in your area? If so, please complete the application form below to get started.

Apply Here

Learn more about pickleball’s most accurate global rating system at mydupr.com.

September 20, 2022

DUPR Launches National Leagues with Pathway to Pickleball's 1st Ever Team National Championship

The future of pickleball leagues has arrived. America's favorite pro pickleball format meets pickleball's most accurate rating system. Utilize this league software to launch fun, social, amateur team leagues across the country.”

September 1, 2022

2022 Medal Count

Think you know who's been on the podium the most this year? Check out our full list below:

Check out the Instagram post here.

August 17, 2022

Newport Beach DUPR Waterfall presented by Takeya - Results & Insights

Thank you so much to everyone that joined us at the inaugural Newport Beach DUPR Waterfall presented by Takeya. We loved seeing so much passion for the sport and feedback on Pickleball’s first ever “self-run” tournament using the DUPR app, where scores were posted and validated by opponents in real-time.

Congrats to all the winners and to the MVPs as well. These players made some gains on their rating by beating the Expected Value in most or all of their matches. DUPR sees you!

See the full results here, if you're signed into your profile. Simply click the flight and then click "Standings" to see the final tally.

August 15, 2022

DUPR Featured Player - Kimberly Crozier

We first met Kimberly when she was identified #3 on our "Biggest Amateur Movers" list from July. Biggest movers are folks that have shown the largest change in their DUPR rating in a given amount of time.

This is an impressive accomplishment on it's own, but we were floored when she reached out to share her story of incredible resilience and perseverance.

Read Kimberly's Story In Her Words:

"I’m such a social media introvert and I rarely post anything but today is a pretty special day for me and I wanted to share it. Today I had my very last physical therapy session after going twice a week for the last 7 years.

In August of 2015 I had my first Open Hip Dislocation/Femoral Derotation surgery in which my hip sockets were reformed and my femurs were cut in half and rotated 20 degrees. We did one hip at a time, the second hip was 15 months later. The surgeries were very long and my spinal cord became pinched during the second hip surgery because of the way I was positioned. This complication greatly delayed my healing and it wasn’t until 18 months later that I had another surgery to decompress my spinal cord. I spent many, many months in a hospital bed in our home, and many years dependent on a wheelchair, walkers, and crutches to get around. I had to use those little motorized carts to shop once I could leave the house. With the change in the position of my femurs along with the spinal cord complication, I had to learn to walk all over again. I looked like Woody in Toy Story with my joints zig zagging in different directions. I couldn’t get my feet to line up with my knees and my knees to line up with my hips. My body had been rearranged and my brain couldn’t figure out how to walk again.

It’s been a very slow and very painful journey. Anyone who knows Dan and me, knows that we like to be active. Hiking, tennis, scuba diving, cycling, you name it…we just love to play. It was a tremendous loss for us to be confined to the house and not know if I would ever walk again, much less get to be active and play again. I was DETERMINED to get back to normal (active lifestyle) and it was so frustrating that my body wouldn’t work anymore. At one point, a couple of years ago, one of my PT’s gently suggested that I try different hobbies that I could do, instead of focusing on what I could no longer do. She suggested that I should just ‘go live my life’ with the limitations I had. Boy, that fired me up big time. I said OMG are you saying I need to take up something like cooking or sewing? I’m sure Dan would love if I was a better cook but seriously kill me now! Okay I’m wrapping it up I promise. A couple of years ago, I was still using a walker for anything outside the house and Jim and Sonya Phillips introduced us to Pickleball. Obviously, I was there just to watch. It looked so fun! Everything in me wanted to be out there playing, so I convinced Dan to let me come out on the court with him. I stayed in one spot and if the ball came right to me, I hit it! Oh my goodness! The spark of life that flooded my soul in that moment…I can’t even describe it. I was still so disabled at that point that if I even transferred my weight on my right hip it was screaming pain…but hey…I was out there and I was feeling alive. Pickleball motivated me to work even harder in PT. We would go out to play and I would just get the balls that came to me. Little by little I could move around the court more…Now…on this my last day of PT…I’m out playing Pickleball against people who have no idea what I’ve been through and I’m beating them   Dan and I have been traveling around competing and winning medals together. We feel 20 years younger.I want to thank God for carrying us through those long, painful years, and for healing my body bit by bit. He has been so very good to us. And Dan is my hero, my knight in shining armor. I wouldn’t have made it through this without him! We did it my love! Let’s see…7 surgeries, in 7 years! I’m estimating 88 trips to Stanford, 18 nights in the hospital, $2.89 million in medical bills, and last but not least 498 hours sitting in Bay Area traffic! "

Amazing work Kimberly! Truly an inspiration to us all.

July 22, 2022

DUPR's Biggest Amateur Movers

Let's not forget who really drives the sport - the amateurs! You don't have to be a pro to make a splash.

This is one of our favorite, most impactful lists we’ve ever made. We love rewarding players for their improvement. DUPR sees you 👀

Congrats on all your hard work!


The list is based on players who have:

  • Claimed their accounts
  • Had at least 30 match results, and at least 5 results in the last 30 days, measured from June 20 to July 19.

July 15, 2022

Top 50 Pro Players July 2022

Julian Arnold had a great month in SoCal medaling in multiple events with partners Hayden Patriquin and Lauren Stratman. Anna Bright ended June with a gold medal in both women’s singles and doubles at the USA Pickleball Consumer Cellular Championships.

Both JW Johnson and Parris Todd stay in the top 5 for singles rankings, both having won gold medals at the PPA OC Cup earlier in June.

With a summer swing of tournaments in SoCal complete, the heat shows no sign of stopping. We look forward to watching some of the best players in the sport compete at the Beer City Open in Grand Rapids next week. The following weekend holds the second MLP event of season 2 in Newport Beach, CA August 5-7, the same weekend as our inaugural DUPR Waterfall tournament.

The registration deadline for The DUPR Waterfall tournament is July 24th, don't sleep on this one!

Learn More About DUPR Waterfall



July 12, 2022

DUPR Data Deep Dive Post MLP Shuffle Draft

This August 5-7 MLP returns, this time at Newport Beach.

Every team in the league had the option to put one player on waiver and draft a replacement. They also had the opportunity to make trades before the shuffle draft occurred. More than half of the teams elected to do so.


  • Maggie Remensye (Florida Smash) traded for Michelle Esquivel (Team Clean)
  • Maggie Brascia (Ranchers) traded for Jackie Kawamoto (Jackrabbits)
  • Corrine Carr (Team Lions) was traded for Olivia McMillan (Mad Drops)


  • Pablo Tellez - Team ATX Pickleballers (Altaf Merchant was waived)
  • James Ignatowich - The Ranchers (Austin Gridley was waived)
  • Wes Burrows - The Bus (Eden Lica was waived)
  • Etta Wright - Team Lions (Bobbi Oshiro was waived)

With these new changes made, BLQK is still predicted to be on top at the end of Newport Beach with Florida Smash as runner ups again.

Last season, DUPR Team Power Ratings accurately predicted the top four team and the winning team. A player's Power Rating is the average of their singles and doubles DUPRs. A Team's Power Rating is the sum of all four players' Power Ratings (P4). If a player does not have a singles DUPR, they are assigned the gendered minimum singles rating of the field (5.04 for women and 5.82 for men).

Two women's teams have women's doubles lines with two players in the top 12 for DUPR Power Ratings.

  • BLQK with Parris Todd (#3) and Irina Tereschenko (#5)
  • Jackrabbits with Mary Brascia (#11) and Maggie Brascia (#12)  

Team ATX Pickleballers has two men in the top 12 for Power Ratings: Dylan Frazier (#4) and Pablo Tellez (#11)

Make sure to tune in August 5-7 to see these teams battle it out!

Full Rosters:

BLQK - 25.10

  • Zane Navratil - 6.93 POWER RATING
  • Rafa Hewett - 6.56 POWER RATING
  • Parris Todd - 5.85 POWER RATING
  • Irina Tereschenko - 5.77 POWER RATING

Florida Smash - 24.47 P4 RATING

  • JW Johnson - 6.99 POWER RATING
  • Travis Rettenmaier - 6.57 POWER RATING
  • Michelle Esquivel - 5.65 POWER RATING
  • Lee Whitwell - 5.42 POWER RATING

ATX Pickleballers - 24.47 P4 RATING

  • Dylan Frazier - 6.80 POWER RATING
  • Pablo Tellez - 6.62 POWER RATING
  • Jade Kawamoto - 5.82 POWER RATING
  • Sarah Ansboury - 5.24 POWER RATING

Ranchers - 24.24 P4 RATING

  • James Ignatowich - 6.58 POWER RATING
  • Darrian Young - 6.53 POWER RATING
  • Anna Bright - 5.73 POWER RATING
  • Jackie Kawamoto - 5.40 POWER RATING

The 5's - 24.09 P4 RATING

  • Rob Nunnery - 6.72 POWER RATING
  • Erik Lange - 6.15 POWER RATING
  • Simone Jardim - 5.87 POWER RATING
  • Lina Padegimaite - 5.35 POWER RATING

The Bus - 24.03 P4 RATING

  • Kyle Yates - 6.71 POWER RATING
  • Wes Burrows - 6.26 POWER RATING
  • Lauren Stratman - 5.70 POWER RATING
  • Milan Rane - 5.37 POWER RATING

Hard Eights - 23.83 P4 RATING

  • John Cincola - 6.65 POWER RATING
  • Andrei Daescu - 6.34 POWER RATING
  • Jorja Johnson - 5.57 POWER RATING
  • Susannah Barr - 5.29 POWER RATING

Team Clean - 23.79 P4 RATING

  • Dekel Bar - 6.92 POWER RATING
  • Joey Farias - 6.35 POWER RATING
  • Maggie Remynse - 5.27 POWER RATING
  • Regina Franco - 5.26 POWER RATING

Mad Drops - 23.75 P4 RATING

  • Julian Arnold - 6.64 POWER RATING
  • Adam Stone - 6.04 POWER RATING
  • Vivienne David - 5.68 POWER RATING
  • Corrine Carr - 5.39 POWER RATING

Lions - 23.70 P4 RATING

  • Thomas Wilson - 6.75 POWER RATING
  • Chuck Taylor - 6.45 POWER RATING
  • Olivia McMillan - 5.30 POWER RATING
  • Etta Wright - 5.20 POWER RATING

Chimeras - 23.65 P4 RATING

  • Rob Cassidy - 6.29 POWER RATING
  • Daniel De La Rosa - 6.09 POWER RATING
  • Andrea Koop - 5.90 POWER RATING
  • Megan Fudge - 5.37 POWER RATING

Jackrabbits - 23.56 P4 RATING

  • AJ Koller - 6.69 POWER RATING
  • Wes Gabrielsen - 5.88 POWER RATING
  • Mary Brascia - 5.56 POWER RATING
  • Maggie Brascia 5.43 POWER RATING

June 23, 2022

APP SoCal Classic Results & Insights

We showed you every player with a DUPR, now let's see how they did.

See your name on the list, but haven't downloaded the app yet? Claim your profile today.

A few insights from our results...

...only 3 gold medalists played below their level and all of them were in 5.0 brackets

...26 Gold Medalists were over .40 above their bracket entered

...13 Silver Medalists were over .40 40 above their bracket entered

...6 Bronze Medalists were over .40 above their bracket entered

...big congrats to Craig Belinsky and Richard Robinson, our Gold medalists in 4.5 65+ with an average DUPR of 4.55. They have the lowest DUPR differential of just .05 for a Gold Medalist outside of the 5.0 brackets.

Sorted by Bracket

Sorted by Gold Medalist Differential

Play the DUPR Waterfall - August 5-7 in Newport Beach, CA

(Running concurrent to MLP 2022 Newport Beach)

$100k Amateur Prize Pool

4 Matches in 4 Hours - No waiting around

Welcome to the Future of Pickleball

Claim your profile today at mydupr.com

June 21, 2022

What qualities make a pickleball rating...GREAT?

You play pickleball. Maybe you play tournament pickleball. Heck, you may watch pro pickleball tournaments, but why should you care about the algorithm behind your rating, no matter who you are. And what is an algorithm anyway?

Play the DUPR Waterfall - August 5-7 in Newport Beach, CA

(Running concurrent to MLP 2022 Newport Beach)

$100k Amateur Prize Pool

4 Matches in 4 Hours - No waiting Around

Welcome to the Future of Pickleball

More Info

June 10, 2022

MLP Presents Pickleball Night in America: So-Cal Swing

Join us for the first of three weeks in the warm California Sun.


The Details:

  • Team Blue (24.327) vs Team Red (24.428)
  • Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, then two Mixed Doubles
  • Games to 21 - win by 2, Modified Rally Scoring until one team reaches game point (20)
  • Each game is worth 1 point
  • If the points are tied 2-2 after all four games, a singles Dreambreaker will ensue
  • One team first discloses its 4-person singles rotation order, and then the opposing team with that knowledge counter-designates its singles rotation order. Each player then rotates in for 4 singles points, until the tiebreaker has a winner. Modified Rally scoring, in a game to 21, win by 2.

Prize Pool:

$1000 appearance fee per player

+$250 per player for each game won

+$500 per player for winning team

Here's how Modified Rally Scoring works.

Pickleball Night in America is ONLY streaming on the MLP YouTube & Facebook channels--5pm Pacific/7pm Central.

The Players:

Team Blue (24.327)

  • JW Johnson, USA, 6.933
  • Rob Cassidy, USA, 6.402
  • Jorja Johnson, USA, 5.664
  • Maggie Brascia, USA, 5.328

Team Red (24.428)

  • Dylan Frazier, USA, 6.719
  • Julian Arnold, USA, 6.470
  • Lauren Stratman, USA, 5.719
  • Mary Brascia, USA, 5.520

Who are you pulling for? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Tune in at 7pm Central.

June 8, 2022

DUPR Waterfall Rules and Format

The Newport Beach DUPR Waterfall Presented by Takeya

DUPR, The Tennis and Pickleball Club of Newport Beach and Takeya USA are proud to announce the largest prize money amateur tournament in the history of pickleball ($100K). The DUPR Waterfall, August 5-7, features a new and innovative format that guarantees players four (4) competitive games all within a four-hour period, or tee-time. This revolutionary, amateur-only event will be like none other. You DO NOT want to miss it! Register now for your chance at winning a piece of the $100,000 prize pool!


Newport Beach Tennis and Pickleball Club

11 Clubhouse Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660

August 4 - August 7, 2022$135 per event (7 max)

Registration closes July 24, 2022

Log In and Register

The Details


Brackets are formed with 16 teams maximum and after each round, you continue playing against a team with the same sequence of wins-losses. For example, after round three, teams who won their first 2 and lost the 3rd play and teams that lost the first and won the next 2 play...your sequence matters even though all teams have 2 wins and 1 loss.


Similar to golf, play will occur within four hour designated time windows. There will be seven over the course of the weekend, so everyone can play in up to 7 brackets, with exactly 4 guaranteed games in each, whether you win or lose them all. You will find out what your assigned Tee-Times are on August 3, 2022.DUPR RATING:

You do not need to have a DUPR rating to register, but you will need to have at least a provisional DUPR rating to play in the tournament. To register, either claim your account if you have played in tournaments, or make one if you have not. Players can self-post one match to receive a provisional DUPR. Your rating as of August 2, 2022 will be used in the event.


All players must have a DUPR of 5.25 or less because the DUPR Waterfall guarantees DUPR neutral play, the tournament director will have final approval on tournament admission. You will be notified of your tee-time (start time) 48 hours prior to the event start date.


You sign up to the events you want to play (gender doubles, mixed, open) with or without a partner, and DUPR will create brackets of 16 teams based on the Team Average DUPR.


Within the DUPR Algorithm, matches where partners are rated with a difference greater than 1.50 are excluded, therefore, you may not sign up with a partner outside of that differential. So a 3.51 and a 5.00 may theoretically play against two players rated 4.25.


Sign up with your partner or without one and we will pair off remaining players for you. If you wish to sign up with two different people in the same day, email events@mydupr.com so we can manually add you with two different players.


On Sunday 8/7, you can play with a partner of any age, gender, or level. You and your mom could be playing against two senior men. The common denominator? Play will be competitive, level-based, and DUPR neutral across demographics.


Bracket winners get $1600, finalists $800. Because play is grouped by level, everyone will have a real chance at winning! Only top two in each bracket earn prize money.


Must be completed by July 24, 2022. Payment is taken through the mydupr.com registration page.


No refunds for any reason after the CANCELLATION DEADLINE (July 24th, 2022) unless the Registration & Weather Insurance Policy has been purchased prior to the CANCELLATION DEADLINE. If you withdraw before CANCELLATION DEADLINE, you will be issued a refund that amounts to 90% of your initial payment. If you are withdrawn from the tournament by the event administration, you will receive a 100% refund.

WITHDRAWALS: Refunds will be granted for withdrawals prior to July 24th. Simply select the bracket and click "Withdraw". If you signed up for 2 or 3 events and want to just play 1 or 2, withdraw and then re-register for fewer events. Email events@mydupr.com if you have refund issues.

Log In and Register

SCHEDULE: (Seniors play the same day)

Sign up for 1 event or 2 events Friday/Sunday and up to 3 on Saturday to maximize your play and your chance to win! You will receive your start time the Tuesday prior to the event after brackets are formed. Players could end up in either or any of the tee-times each day as brackets are formulated for maximum competitiveness by the Average Team DUPR.

- Friday, 8/5: Gender Doubles - 10am and 3pm

- Saturday, 8/6: Mixed Doubles - 8am, 12pm, 4pm

- Sunday, 8/7: Open Doubles - Play with ANYONE you want. NO RESTRICTIONS. You can play with a partner you played with earlier in the tournament, or someone new. 10am and 3pm

SENIORS: (age 50 and over) can play in both senior and non-senior events concurrently so long as they do not exceed the maximum number of events for each day (Friday 2, Saturday 3, Sunday 2).

FREE SWAG: FREE Takeya bottle to first 500 registrants.

AGE 8 & UP: As of December 31, 2022

BALL: Franklin X-40

CONTACT: events@mydupr.com for event specific questions or support@mydupr.com for profile, app or general DUPR issues.

Log In and Register

June 8, 2022

DUPR Summer Club Team Championship

Qualify as an individual. Compete as a team.

Introducing the DUPR Team Draft Summer Series. A series of one-day, timed round-robins (two hours), that qualify players for an exciting end of the season draft and team format Championship tournament.

Format: Players are grouped by DUPR into the appropriate round robin bracket and play as many matches as possible within the two-hour window. The DUPR event software will establish a winner by calculating win/loss and percentage of points earned. At the end of the eight week season, the top 8 male and female players (16 total) from each bracket (80 total players) will be automatically drafted onto teams by DUPR into the end of season Team Playoffs.

Draw type: Round-Robin

Time/bracket: 2 hours

Number of brackets: 5 (One for each level: 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0)

Genders: Open

Age groups: Open

Number of players allowed: TBD (Depends on number of courts available)

Frequency: Minimum of 8 Sessions (weeks) plus a Championship

Pricing: $40-60/week

Format: 2 male players, 2 female players per team, competing in a four-team playoff

Prize Money: 1st Place in each division receives $2,000/team ($500/person)

Play the DUPR Waterfall - August 5-7 in Newport Beach, CA

(Running concurrent to MLP 2022 Newport Beach)

$100k Amateur Prize Pool

4 Matches in 4 Hours - No waiting Around

Welcome to the Future of Pickleball

June 3, 2022

MLP 2022 Austin DUPRs, Teams & Pool Strength

The Second Season of MLP begins Friday June 3-5, from Dreamland Dripping Springs for MLP  2022 Austin.

The MLP season features twelve teams of four players — two men and two women. In each matchup, four games will be played: women’s doubles, men’s doubles, and two mixed doubles. Should a match be tied after the doubles competitions, a DREAMBREAKER takes place — with all four players on a team rotating every four points.

Since the draft used DUPR to make team selections, the competition is sure to be fierce and the winning team will have to channel both doubles and singles skills to make it to the Finals on Sunday. Last year we discovered that the most accurate predictor of performance was a combined rating of both singles and doubles.

This year, the teams are split into three pools (A, B, and C). The strongest field by combined DUPR is Pool A (we call it the Death Pool), followed by Pool C and then B (which may give Florida Smash a cruise into the finals).

Two teams from each pool will make it into the semi-finals.

Noteworthy: BLQK is #1 in both Singles and Combined, edged out by ATX Pickleballer for the top Doubles Rank in the field.

Note: For players who don’t have a singles DUPR, we assigned the gendered average of the rest of the field. Women: 5.637, Men 6.756

All team graphics below show Doubles Team DUPRs




Irina Tereschenko

Doubles: 5.649 — Singles: 5.847

Zane Navratil

Doubles: 6.812 — Singles: 7.085

Parris Todd

Doubles: 5.544 — Singles: 5.824

Rafa Hewett

Doubles: 6.458 — Singles: 6.818



Jade Kawamoto

Doubles: 5.877 — Singles: 5.828

Dylan Frazier

Doubles: 6.724 — Singles: 6.841

Sarah Ansboury

Doubles: 5.505 — Singles: 5.637

Altaf Merchant

Doubles: 6.399 — Singles: 6.756



Michelle Esquivel

Doubles: 5.605 — Singles: 5.780

Dekel Bar

Doubles: 6.865 — Singles: 7.052

Regina Franco

Doubles: 5.543 — Singles: 5.637

Joey Farias

Doubles: 6.319 — Singles: 6.488



Jackie Kawamoto

Doubles: 5.834 — Singles: 5.637

AJ Koller

Doubles: 6.685 — Singles: 6.704

Mary Brascia

Doubles: 5.517 — Singles: 5.420

Hayden Patriquin

Doubles: 6.193 — Singles: 6.336




Maggie Remynse

Doubles: 5.575 — Singles: 5.637

JW Johnson

Doubles: 6.934 — Singles: 7.115

Lee Whitwell

Doubles: 5.543 — Singles: 5.359

Travis Rettenmaier

Doubles: 6.335 — Singles: 6.802



Lauren Stratman

Doubles: 5.732 — Singles: 5.779

Kyle Yates

Doubles: 6.618 — Singles: 6.888

Milan Rane

Doubles: 5.388 — Singles: 5.362

Eden Lica

Doubles: 6.588 — Singles: 6.860



Andrea Koop

Doubles: 5.899 — Singles: 5.943

Rob Cassidy

Doubles: 6.416 — Singles: 6.319

Megan Fudge

Doubles: 5.374 — Singles: 5.428

Daniel De la Rosa

Doubles: 6.420 — Singles: 6.756



Vivienne David

Doubles: 5.661 — Singles: 5.786

Ben Newell (Recently replaced Auvergne)

Doubles: 6.106 — Singles: 6.461

Olivia McMillan

Doubles: 5.238 — Singles: 5.367

Julian Arnold

Doubles: 6.482 — Singles: 6.896




Simone Jardim

Doubles: 5.869 — Singles: 6.073

Pablo Tellez

Doubles: 6.332 — Singles: 6.842

Lina Padegimaite

Doubles: 5.464 — Singles: 5.384

Erik Lange

Doubles: 6.578 — Singles: 6.756



Jorja Johnson

Doubles: 5.674 — Singles: 5.527

Andrei Daescu

Doubles: 6.685 — Singles: 6.756

Susannah Barr

Doubles: 5.639 — Singles: 5.637

John Cincola

Doubles: 6.334 — Singles: 6.930



Bobbi Oshiro

Doubles: 5.667 — Singles: 5.825

Thomas Wilson

Doubles: 6.695 — Singles: 6.855

Corrine Carr

Doubles: 5.538 — Singles: 5.323

Chuck Taylor

Doubles: 6.445 — Singles: 6.541



Anna Bright

Doubles: 5.815 — Singles: 5.820

DJ Young

Doubles: 6.682 — Singles: 6.496

Maggie Brascia

Doubles: 5.337 — Singles: 5.429

Austin Gridley

Doubles: 6.360 — Singles: 6.756

June 1, 2022

The Largest Amateur Prize Pool in History

The Newport Beach DUPR Waterfall Presented by Takeya

DUPR™, The Tennis & Pickleball Club of Newport Beach & Takeya are proud to announce the largest prize money amateur tournament in the history of pickleball ($100K) August 5-7 with the new and innovative event format “The DUPR Waterfall™” guaranteeing players four (4) competitive matches (2 out of 3 games to 11) all within a four hour period.

You do not need to have a DUPR rating to register, but you will need to have at least a provisional DUPR rating to play in the tournament. To register, either claim your account if you’ve played in tournaments, or make one if you haven’t. Players can self-post one match to receive a provisional DUPR.

Brackets by "Tee-Time"

Teams will be placed into groups of sixteen using their DUPR ratings, ensuring fun, fair, “DUPR Neutral” play. Players can play up to seven tournaments (“tee-times”) in the course of just one weekend, each tee-time with a different partner if desired.

Four in Four:

The DUPR Waterfall™ guarantees all teams four matches in four-hour windows.

Prize Money:

Because players will be grouped closely by ability, every team has a real chance of winning. A team that wins their group earns $1,600, with 2nd place raking in $800. The "Open" division on Sunday allows for anyone to play with and against anyone--no gender or age restrictions.

Free Swag:

The first 500 people to register will receive a FREE Takeya stainless steel water bottle.

REGISTER (must be signed in to DUPR*)

Also, don't miss the action this weekend June 3-5 at MLP 2022 Austin, Livestreaming on YouTube.

Want to participate in this historic tournament? Please read until the end:

This revolutionary, amateur-only event will be like none other.

Play will be LEVEL-BASED, you sign up to the events you want to play (gender doubles, mixed, open) with or without a partner, and DUPR will create brackets of 16 teams based on the team’s average DUPR.

Bracket winners get $1600, finalists $800 - because play is grouped by level, everyone will have a real chance at winning!

The introduction of “tee-times”. Similar to golf, play will occur within 4 hour designated time windows. There will be 7 over the course of the weekend, so everyone can play in up to 7 brackets, with 4 guaranteed matches in each.

The OPEN events: On Sunday 8/7, you can play with a partner of any age, gender, or level. You and your mom could be playing against two senior men. The common denominator? Play will be competitive, level-based, and DUPR neutral across demographics. You DON’T want to miss this event!

AMATEUR-ONLY. All players will with a DUPR greater than 5.25 cannot participate

Because the DUPR Waterfall guarantees DUPR neutral play, the tournament director will have final approval on tournament admission. You will be notified of your tee-time (start time) a week before the event start date.

Friday 8/5: Gender doubles - play with anyone you want of the same gender. There will be two tee-times/sessions.

Saturday 8/6: Mixed doubles - play with anyone you want of the opposite gender. There will be three tee-times/sessions.

Sunday 8/7: Open doubles - play with ANYONE you want. NO RESTRICTIONS. You can play with a partner you played with earlier in the tournament, or someone new. There will be two tee-times/sessions

Seniors can play in both senior and non-senior events concurrently so long as they do not exceed the day’s maximum (Friday 2, Saturday 3, Sunday 2).

The first 500 people to register will receive a FREE Takeya stainless steel water bottle.

Full Rules & Format Here

*It's completely free to have a DUPR account. Sign in, claim, or create account if you've never played a pickleball tournament.

May 31, 2022

MLP Presents Pickleball Night in America: MLP Austin 2022 Alternate Night

Check out the 4 men and women who were selected as Team Alternates after this year's draft


The Details:

Team Blue (22.695) vs Team Red (22.890)

Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, then two Mixed Doubles

Games to 21 - win by 2, Modified Rally Scoring until one team reaches game point (20)

Each game is worth 1 point

If the points are tied 2-2 after all four games, a singles Dreambreaker will ensue

One team first discloses its 4-person singles rotation order, and then the opposing team with that knowledge counter-designates its singles rotation order. Each player then rotates in for 4 singles points, until the tiebreaker has a winner. Modified Rally scoring, in a game to 15, win by 2.

Prize Pool:

$1000 appearance fee per player

+$250 per player for each game won

+$500 per player for winning team

Here's how Modified Rally Scoring works.

This week, Pickleball Night in America is ONLY streaming on the MLP Youtube & Facebook channels--7pm Central.

The Players:

Team Blue (22.695):

Hayden Patriquin, USA, 6.193

Wyatt Stone, USA, 5.824

Christine McGrath, USA, 5.403

Rachael James, USA, 5.275*

Team Red (22.890)

Brandon Nsekpong, USA, 6.238

Brandon French, USA, 6.183

Martina Kochli, SLO, 5.322

Rachel Rettger, USA, 5.147

*Provisional DUPR

Who are you pulling for? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Tune in at 7pm Central.

Follow us on Instagram for more stats, highlights and predictions.

May 12, 2022

MLP Presents Pickleball Night in America: Red (White) & Blue

America the Beautiful, you're in for a show.

This week's PNIA features some recent medalists from this weeks APP Cincinnati event. Fresh off her silver medal in mixed, Andrea Koop will be teaming up with Lina Padegimaite, Chuck Taylor and Austin Gridley for Team Red. Rising star Lina Padegimaite  fought her way to a podium twice this week with a silver medal in women's doubles and a bronze in mixed doubles alongside Team Blue's Stefan Auvergne. Auvergne is joined by veteran pros Adam Stone, Vivienne David and Corrine Carr. Think you'll see Stone and Carr on the same court? Think again.

Tune in at the same time every Tuesday, at 7:00 CST, and join us on DUPR's livestream or in person at the one and only Dreamland in Dripping Springs, TX.


The Details:

  • Team Blue (22.964) vs Team Red (22. 967)
  • Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, then two Mixed Doubles
  • Games to 21 - win by 2, Modified Rally Scoring until one team reaches game point (20)
  • Each game is worth 1 point
  • If the points are tied 2-2 after all four games, a singles Dreambreaker will ensue
  • One team first discloses its 4-person singles rotation order, and then the opposing team with that knowledge counter-designates its singles rotation order. Each player then rotates in for 4 singles points, until the tiebreaker has a winner. Modified Rally scoring, in a game to 15, win by 2.

Prize Pool:

$1000 appearance fee per player

+$250 per player for each game won

+$500 per player for winning team

Here's how Modified Rally Scoring works.

You'll be able to check out the full feed on the DUPR, MLP, APP Youtube & Facebook channels.

The Players:

Team Blue (22.964)

Team Red (22. 967)

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May 8, 2022

MLP Presents Pickleball Night in America Powered by DUPR

Buckle up, because it's our tightest matchup yet!

We are excited to bring you the most #DUPRNeutral match of the year (23.744 vs 23.755), featuring six top 30 players by DUPR and newly ranked #2 in the world, Dekel Bar.

The women's doubles matches feature a DUPR differential of only .001, with the men not far behind with one team slightly favored at 51%.

Dekel Bar and Vivienne David are going into Championship Sunday at the APP tomorrow, but will find themselves on opposite ends of the court on Tuesday. As Major League Pickleball's fearless leader, Steve Kuhn, would say, "That's spicy!"

Tune in at the same time every Tuesday, at 7:00 CST, and join us on DUPR's livestream or in person at the one and only Dreamland in Dripping Springs, TX.

The Details:

  • Team 01 Blue (DUPR 23.744) vs. Team 02 Black (DUPR 23.755)
  • Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, then two Mixed Doubles
  • Games to 21 - win by 2, Modified Rally Scoring until one team reaches game point (20)
  • Each game is worth 1 point
  • If the points are tied 2-2 after all four games, a singles Dreambreaker will ensue
  • One team first discloses its 4-person singles rotation order, and then the opposing team with that knowledge counter-designates its singles rotation order. Each player then rotates in for 4 singles points, until the tiebreaker has a winner. Modified Rally scoring, in a game to 15, win by 2.

Prize Pool:

$1000 appearance fee per player

+$250 per player for each game won

+$500 per player for winning team

Here's how Modified Rally Scoring works.

You'll be able to check out the full feed on the DUPR, MLP, APP Youtube & Facebook channels.

The Players:

Team One: 23.744

  • Thomas Wilson - 6.556 is no stranger to our PNIA Tuesdays, having won the Texas Hold 'Em with Dekel Bar. He also has made a name for himself in singles, known for his speed on the court. He often plays men's doubles with his cousin, AJ Koller (#13-6.498). He played college tennis at Purdue and majored in Psychology and Business.
  • DJ Young - 6.335 Holds down the #17 spot on our DUPR Doubles list. Originally from Spain, but residing in Dripping Springs, TX, DJ can be found on the Dreamland courts battling it out with Dekel, Vivienne and DJ on the reg and often partners with Thomas Wilson.
  • Vivienne David - 5.623 hails from Canada and went pro in tennis at age 15. Known for her steady play and her permanent smile, she's the 14th ranked female doubles player by DUPR with one of the highest percentage of points won on tour (60%).
  • Megan Fudge - 5.230 Is both German and English, but lives in Florida with her pro PB husband, Ryler DeHeart, who joined us for Texas Hold 'Em. Don't let her "sweet" last name fool you, Megan's college nickname, the Butcher, was inspired by her deadly slice forehand.

Team Two: 23.755

  • Dekel Bar - 6.751 Currently resides at the #2 spot in doubles. His DUPR is even greater than his 6' 3" stature, which he uses effectively to Erne and ATP his opponents seemingly with ease.
  • Daniel De La Rosa - 6.148 His PB skills are plenty, but he has even more gold medals in racquetball (7 IRT titles). He attributes his excellent hand speed at the net to his raquetball skills. He's not the only pickleball player in the house, though, his wife, Michelle (Key) De La Rosa (5.315) is his usual mixed doubles partner.
  • Parris Todd - 5.454 started playing pickleball 7 months ago and has been turning heads ever since with her forehand rolls and mid court resets. Also, a former pro tennis player, she could be deadly in a Dreambreaker, she's 12th on our DUPR Singles list.
  • Maggie Remynse - 5.402 has a full time job as a VP of Product at a startup, but that doesn't stop her from crushing those two handed backhands. Watch for her surprise attack: the one-handed backhand flick roll.

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April 30, 2022

PB Night in 🇺🇸 - Battle of the Ages - Powered by DUPR

Depends vs...Dependents?

This week, the old folks, a.k.a. Team Depends are taking on the young guns, a.k.a. Team Dependents in a good old fashioned Battle of the Ages. DUPR is a universal, genderless and ageless rating system and is favoring the Dependents (Team DUPR of 22.130) over Team Depends (Team DUPR of 21.075).  

Tune in at the same time every Tuesday, at 7:00 CST, and join us on DUPR's livestream or in person at the one and only Dreamland in Dripping Springs, TX.

The Details:

  • Team Depends (Total Age 207, DUPR 21.075) vs. Team Dependents (Total Age 69, DUPR 22.130
  • Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, then two Mixed Doubles
  • Games to 21 - win by 2, Modified Rally Scoring until one team reaches game point (20)
  • Each game is worth 1 point
  • If the points are tied 2-2 after all four games, a singles Dreambreaker will ensue
  • One team first discloses its 4-person singles rotation order, and then the opposing team with that knowledge counter-designates its singles rotation order. Each player then rotates in for 4 singles points, until the tiebreaker has a winner. Modified Rally scoring, in a game to 15, win by 2.

Prize Pool:

$1000 appearance fee per player

+$250 per player for each game won

+$500 per player for winning team

Here's how Modified Rally Scoring works.

You'll be able to check out the full feed on the DUPR, MLP, APP Youtube & Facebook channels.

The Players:

Team Dependents:

  • Hayden Patriquin
  • Wyatt Stone
  • Sydney Sonday
  • Ivy Tschetter

Team Depends:

  • Rick Witsken
  • Lee Whitwell
  • Rich "Thunder" Lopez
  • Eva Welsher

Who are you pulling for? Tune in at 7pm Central and comment on our Facebook and Instagram posts with who you think will win...

April 22, 2022

PNIA - Battle at the Beach - Ft. Myers

We are hitting the road and heading to the sandy shores of Ft. Myers, Florida. This week we are

LIVE AT THE BEACH from Beach Boyz (and girls too!)

As always, you can watch us on our livestream from YouTube or Facebook. To catch the action live and in person, contact Beach Boyz. Overflow parking available at Panther Printing next door.

The Details

Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, then two Mixed Doubles

  • Games to 21 - win by 2, Modified Rally Scoring until one team reaches game point (20)
  • Each game is worth 1 point
  • If the points are tied 2-2 after all four games, a singles Dreambreaker will ensue
  • One team first discloses its 4-person singles rotation order, and then the opposing team with that knowledge counter-designates its singles rotation order. Each player then rotates in for 4 singles points, until the tiebreaker has a winner. Modified Rally scoring, in a game to 15, win by 2.

Here's how Modified Rally Scoring works.

You'll be able to check out the full feed on the DUPR, MLP, APP Youtube & Facebook channels. And if you missed last week's Battle of the Venues, check out the full coverage here.

Prize Pool:

$1000 appearance fee per player

+$250 per player for each game won

+$500 per player for winning team

The Players

Team Beach Boyz: JW Johnson, Kyle Yates, Jackie Kawamoto, Kasandra Gehrke

Team Baywatch: Andrei Daescu, Eden Lica, Bobbi Oshiro, Corrine Carr

April 22, 2022

The First Ever DUPR Collegiate National Championships

There's just something about taking those first few steps on a University campus that makes you feel ready to make history. For collegiate Pickleball athletes, that time is now.

We're bringing you the world's first collegiate Pickleball National Championship.

Fun fact: The first ever intercollegiate Tennis championship was in 1883 - 23 years before the founding of the NCAA! Harvard's Joseph Clark took the singles title, forever imprinting his name upon the history of the sport. That same honor awaits the winners of this unprecedented event.

Who will be crowned our Inaugural DUPR College Champions? Don't miss your chance to MLPlay your way to victory. Scheduled for November 18-19, 2022 at Dreamland Dripping Springs.

Pals, Prizes and Pickleball. Is there a better way to kick off a weekend?

We’ve got $10,000+ in scholarship prize money on the line for the first ever DUPR Collegiate National Championship  

Schedule & Location:

  • Dreamland Dripping Springs will host all play
  • Rounds 1 & 2 Friday, November 18, 2022 at 9 AM
  • Round 3, then, Semifinals & Finals Saturday, November 19, 2022
  • Scholarship Deadline: October 4th
  • Application Deadline: October 11th
  • Acceptance List Announcement: October 18

MLPlay Format:

  • Teams of 4 (two men, two women)
  • Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, then two Mixed matches
  • Dreambreakers will break any ties
  • Each team will be placed into four (4) pools for a round robin
  • Winners of each of the four (4) pools will compete in the semifinals and finals
  • Each pool will have an equal distribution of total Team DUPR


  • Participating universities must be on DUPR
  • All players and alternates must have a reliable DUPR within four weeks prior to the tournament.
  • It’s free to have a DUPR rating, to browse & message players, and to post scores.
  • It usually takes between 5-10 matches to have a reliable DUPR rating.
  • All players must be currently enrolled in their team's college/university.
  • Prizes and Scholarships
  • At least $10,000 in scholarship money
  • 8 teams will be traveling all expenses paid to Dreamland
  • Selected by committee


  • Championship Division will be comprised of the top 16 teams who compete for scholarship money
  • Challenger Division will compete in a Round Robin format in teams of 2
  • More details on Challenger Division TBA

The Saturday Semi-Finals and Finals will stream live on the DUPR & MLP Youtube channels.

April 21, 2022

Top 20 Pro Player Lists 4/19/22

DOUBLES...flip flop

...Another flip flop at the top for JW Johnson and Ben Johns after JW found his way to the top of all three podiums this week for another #triplecrown.

...Bobbi Oshiro made a big jump this week, boosted by her gold medal in women's doubles with partner, Anna Bright to jump 6 spots after her DUPR went from 5.463 to 5.568. (Also, check out more of Oshiro on Tuesday night this week as we take Pickleball Night In America on the road to Ft. Meyers, FL.)

SINGLES...keeping up with the...Jameses?

...Make room for some new ★★ as James Ignatowich and Rachael James leave their mark on both the APP and our DUPR Top 20.

...Ignatowich took down Zane Navratil in the second round with a dramatic win (16-14, 8-11, 11-2), then won another three-game match versus Anderson Scarpa on his way to a Bronze Medal.

...Rachael James lost her first round to Jorja Johnson and then fought her way all the way back to the finals, going three games with Anna Bright and taking home the silver.



*To qualify for Top Pro lists, players must meet DUPR half life eligibility requirements. The players who made our latest list have a singles half life of over 5.0 and a doubles half life of over 10.0. Half life is based on the principle of exponential decay and measures how many matches you’ve played and how recent they are.

April 11, 2022

The DUPR Origin Story

An open letter to the global Pickleball community on ratings by Steve Kuhn, DUPR & Major League Pickleball founder

I first fell in love with Pickleball 7 years ago.  My nephew told me there was a “new” sport that combined aspects of tennis and table tennis (2 previous romances) and that I should try it.  I googled “Pickleball Austin Texas” and on that fateful Wednesday night I found myself in the Bethany Church gym.

The infatuation was immediate.  I fell hard.  I soon had a 5 night a week habit and learned a lot about world religions (the Jewish Community Center became a favorite, for example.)

I am known for my enthusiasm.  I told everyone I knew that Pickleball was the next big thing.  I argued that one day Pickleball would be the most played sport in America.  One person who heard this proclamation was Andy Roddick (I served on his charity board) and I remember quite distinctly his response;  “Steve, you are an idiot!”  It was said with love.

As my addiction grew, I sought wise counsel.  Pam and Toby Boyd, two USA Pickleball Ambassadors, took me under their wing.  Later Walter and Christina Dorman beat me into submission until I learned how to play a bit better.  The spirit of joy and sharing that permeates this sport is unlike any other and I'm thankful to the countless thousands who have helped build this sport for the last 57 years.  We were fortunate enough to host the Pickleball Hall of Fame ceremony at Dreamland earlier this year and I had a chance to thank some of those legends in person.

I wanted to share this amazing sport with everyone I knew.  I wanted to play my part in helping more people find something that makes them happier and healthier.  I joined USA Pickleball and helped form Greater Austin Pickleball (Mind the GAP!).  I organized play for kids groups throughout Austin.  And I talked my friend Andy and his friend Andre (Agassi) into trying this sport.

But all that wasn’t enough!  I wanted to do more to help Pickleball reach a goal of 40 million players by 2030.  

I decided to recruit a group of amazing owners to start Major League Pickleball (MLP).  I opened a venue named Dreamland with 16 courts and some of the world’s top players living and training to be their best.  

But most importantly, I founded DUPR (Dreamland Universal Pickleball Rating) to help players more accurately track their progress and to find players at their level, when play is its most competitive and most fun.  

At the time of DUPR’s founding, less than 1% of Pickleball players had any rating.  I knew from my experience in tennis and golf that an accurate skill measurement system was something that led to people wanting to increase their rating or lower their handicap.  They would want to play more and would want to get more lessons.  There is nothing like the ladder on the wall of a club to motivate players!  DUPR provides that.

In designing DUPR, the following qualities were deemed pivotal for the community:

  • Inclusive: means it is easy for anyone to use DUPR.  We have created a downloadable mobile app and website that allows anyone who wants to do so to turn casual play into something a little more meaningful.  As we say “DUPR or it didn’t happen!”  
  • Inexpensive: It is free to download DUPR and have a rating.  We wanted to make it for the widest adoption possible, and nothing beats free.  
  • Widely used: Number of players, match results, clubs, countries, etc. It will be hard for any other system to catch up to DUPR’s already beloved global adoption by clubs, international federations and players across the world.  
  • Ends geographic disparities in ratings:  Because we have enough players who travel to play in tournaments all over the map, we have the necessary “connectivity” to greatly reduce any such disparities and we have published lists of the top Male and Female players in each USA Pickleball region to allow others to check our work.
  • Responsive and Dynamic: As we have seen numerous times, players can emerge quickly in this sport and enter even the highest levels. DUPR rates more recent matches as more relevant and that allows our lists of top players to rapidly reflect new stars.
  • And last but certainly not least, Accurate and Reliable.  This will always be a work in progress.  There is no perfect rating system.  We have to have the humility to hear complaints and differing views on ratings.  Hopefully, our response to a complaint that your rating (or someone else’s) is inaccurate would be to explore that possibility and see if we can learn something.

DUPR will not lose sight of its goal to bring more people to this amazing sport.  We are in discussions with USA Pickleball and others on all the ways we can work together to meet this goal–40 million players before 2030. “40 by 30!”  Let’s go!

Steve Kuhn

Founder of DUPR and Pickleball fanatic

April 11, 2022

Pickleball Night In America - Texas Hold 'Em - Powered by DUPR & MLP

Get your poker face ready, because this week's Pickleball Night in America is going Texas Hold 'Em style.

Texas Hold Em? What does that mean?

We're pairing pro players with wide differentials in their DUPR ratings. Winners of the first match will play the finals and the losers play for 3rd & 4th. More details below.

As always, you can find us at the one and only Dreamland in Dripping Springs, TX.

If you just so happen to be in the area, load up the whole fam and come on down. This event is FREE and open to the public. Expect fast paced Pro Pickleball, half time games, prizes, and more!


The Details:

  • 4 teams DUPR ranked 1st vs 4th, 2nd vs 3rd
  • 2 out of 3
  • Losers from both play off in a game to 21 for 3rd, 4th place
  • Winners play a 2 out of 3 - 3rd game goes to 11. Win by 2

Prize Pool:

1st place: $2000 per player

2nd place: $1500 per player

3rd place: $1250 per player

4th place: $1250 per player

You'll be able to check out the full feed on the DUPR, MLP, APP Youtube & Facebook channels. And if you missed last week's Hat Draw, check out the full coverage here.

April 11, 2022

Five Key Takeaways from DUPR's "Ask Us Anything" with Founder, Steve Kuhn

Did you miss DUPR’s livestream “Ask us Anything”?

We’ve got you covered.

Here are the five key takeaways and most asked questions from the already popular event:

1.) Is a 4.0 50 year old man really the same exact skill as a 4.0 19 year old woman?

YES! The DUPR system is designed to be gender blind and analyze ONLY a player’s performance-not their hair color or their wingspan. The current state of tournaments and ratings is not sustainable for the growth of the sport—in the last month, a Pickleball event occurred with over 100 brackets! This is not only operationally unscalable, it’s completely antithetical to the culture and ethos of our sport. As a community, we don’t crave silo’d systems and brackets (ie a new bracket for every 5 years of age and .5 of skill)—the community craves fair play. The solution is more accurate ratings—NOT more bracketing. American Tennis had been on life support for 20+ years until UTR (Universal Tennis) exploded onto the scene with an “innovative” concept: level-based play. Pickleball needs to learn a lesson from Tennis before it’s too late.

2.) How can I get my club up on DUPR or run a tournament and send results to DUPR?

Easy! Email support@mydupr.com. It’s totally free to send results to DUPR and there are ZERO up front costs to running a tournament on DUPR’s new tournament management platform that launched last week.

3.) What does the future of tournaments look like?

Tighter bracketing—DUPR knows that competitive play occurs when players’ DUPRs are between .25. Currently, events are run within a .5 differential—this is WAY too high and creates completely unbalanced, non-level-based matches. We’ve analyzed thousands of results to find that on average, a medalist can be as high as 1 full point above their registered bracket (ie a 4.0 winning a 3.0 bracket) and only 20% of matches actually go to three games (if the current ratings worked, this number should be much, much higher). Using the DUPR software, every single match can be competitive, players can find partners more easily (because the only requirement is skill—not age or gender) and organizers have the ability to guarantee more matches (imagine playing four matches guaranteed!) Organizers can also provide guaranteed time slots in three hour windows (ie 8-11, 12-3, 3-6) AND with dedicated warm up courts. Now isn’t that #dreamy

4.) Do all four players have to be signed up to post a score?

No! You can invite players who aren’t already signed up for DUPR all within the post a score “flow”. Once they accept the invite, the match will validate. It only takes one person on the opposing team to validate the match for the score to post. However, we are reversing that logic soon to be an “invalidation” process— if one person from the opposing team DOESN’T invalidate the match within 72 hours, it WILL post to your DUPR account.

5.) Who can have a DUPR and how many matches does it take to get rated?

It's totally free to have a DUPR and it only takes ONE match against someone who has a DUPR to get rated. It takes between 5-10 to see what we call a totally "reliable rating". If two people play and neither has a DUPR--that match can still count! Once one of the players “touch” someone who has a DUPR, their previous match will retroactively “count”. No data is ever lost!

Want to learn more about DUPR? Check out the company's origin story from the founder himself, Steve Kuhn, in an open letter to the global Pickleball community.  

April 2, 2022

Pickleball Night In America Powered by DUPR & MLP

Move over Monday Night Football, there's a new kid in town. Just ask Gary Vee.

Admittedly, I used to laugh at the hoots, hollers, and claps that emanated from the living room as my dad watched football, religiously, every Monday night. Now that's me, every week, watching Tuesday night PB. What can I say? Apple doesn't fall far from the tree 🤷🏻‍♀️

Join us for another thrilling installment of Tuesday night pro Pickleball at Dreamland in Dripping Springs, TX. This week we're shaking things up (literally) with a Hat Draw challenge. Details below!


How the Hat Draw Works:

  • Eight names in a hat
  • Draw out two teams, play 2 out of 3 rally scoring
  • After, draw out the next two teams
  • The four winners redraw for the finals...$13,000

Prize Pool:

1st place: $4,000 to each player

2nd place: $1,000 to each player

3rd place: $1,000 to each player

4th place: $500 to each player

You'll be able to check out the full feed on the DUPR, MLP, APP & Facebook channels. And if you missed last week's Battle of the Sexes, check out the full coverage here.

March 30, 2022

The Men Win the Inaugural Battle

Each match closer than the last, we were on the edges of our seats all night. The fans may have been overwhelmingly on The Ladies' side, but DUPR had The Men pegged to win with a 1.063 advantage on their Total Team DUPR.

Full Coverage of the Event

Right off the bat, the powerhouse ladies, Lee Whitwell and Anna Bright put on a great show and an amazing fight, but ultimately, The Men came out on top. Thanks to a lot of great hands battles from the Mumbai Monster, Altaf Merchant and some amazing angles from the "Sher Bear" Ryan Sherry. A close call on the paddle of Whitwell's ATP on game point was called out by Sherry, who ultimately pulled out the win for The Men, 24-22.

In Lineup #2 Corrine Carr and Vivienne David looked comfortable the whole match, but after some unbelievable gets from Rick Witsken and a boatload of silky lobs from Matt Manasse, The Men pulled out another narrow margin of victory (22-20), putting them up 2-0 at halftime.

In the third lineup, Bright and David were able to get some momentum going for the girls, with a confident 21-15 victory against Sherry and Manasse.

As the final matchup, Whitwell and Carr took on the elders, Merchant and Whitsken, who clinched the trophy for the boys, 21-18.

You'll be able to check out the full feed on our DUPR, MLP & APP Youtube & Facebook Channels soon.

Thanks so much to Civile Apparel for providing the uniforms of the evening!

How incredible did those athletes look?

March 28, 2022

DUPR's Battle of the Sexes

Streaming live at 7pm CST on March 29th, 2022

From the DUPR, MLP & APP Youtube & Facebook Channels

Watch Here

Why Battle of the Sexes?

  • DUPR is a universal scale that is genderless and ageless.
  • This means it can power unique events like the Battle of the Sexes where the selected men and women have very similar DUPR ratings.
  • DUPR is built for the Pickleball Community:  
  • A forward thinking, inclusive community deserves a rating to match. With DUPR, all players regardless of their age, gender, location, or skill are rated on the same scale between 2.000-8.000.


A magical thing called, "Connectivity." The algorithm learns by experiencing match ups and pairings that it doesn't see on a "normal" basis. It is events like Battle of the Sexes that help the algorithm grow even smarter.

Meet the Teams

Representing the ladies, we've got a powerhouse collective including Lee Whitwell, Corrine Carr, Vivienne David, and Anna Bright.

As for the men, the crew is no less impressive, with Altaf Merchant, Rick Witsken, Matt Manasse, and Ryan Sherry.

The Fine Print

Rally Scoring in Games to 21 (Side out scoring when one team gets to 20)

Dreambreakers (Ties between the two teams after 4 games go to a singles tiebreaker like MLP) $10 per point won  

$100 per game won  

$1,000 per player on winning team

Check out this event and more amazing upcoming events, live streamed for your pleasure — as part of the Dream Team Series every Tuesday night.


Innovate the Game. Unify the Sport.

March 10, 2022

DUPR Listens - Survey Results

DUPR asked, you answered.

Last week, we sent a survey to over 11,000 competitive players, and the results are in! Check out the responses from the community.

Do you love data and Pickleball as much as we do?  

March 5, 2022

Beat The Dream Team Series Powered by DUPR Brings High Production Pro Pickleball to Tuesday Nights

Get ready for a new Tuesday night series of Pro Pickleball events featuring innovative formats (rally scoring? Yes, please!), MLP-style lineups, and prize money based on points and games won.

March 22 sees "The Challengers" of Anna Leigh Waters, Leigh Waters, Collin Johns, and Adam Stone taking on "The Dream Team" from Dreamland in Dripping Springs, TX of Dekel Bar, DJ Young, Irina Tereschenko, and Lee Whitwell.

March 29 features DUPR's inaugural Battle of the Sexes with Altaf Merchant, Matt Manasse, Ryan Sherry and Rick Witsken taking on Corrine Carr, Vivienne David, Lee Whitwell and Anna Bright.

Who are you rooting for?

DUPR: Innovate the Game. Unify the Sport.


Rally Scoring in Games to 21 (Side out scoring when one team gets to 20)Dreambreakers (Ties between the two teams after 4 games go to a singles tiebreaker like MLP)$10 per point won $100 per game won $1,000 per player on winning team

Check out this event and more amazing upcoming events, live streamed for your pleasure — as part of the Dream Team Series every Tuesday night starting Mar 22 at Dreamland Dripping Springs.

February 24, 2022

DUPR Predicts - PPA Ororo Minnesota Indoor Open & APP Punta Gorda Open

Hey Pickleballers!

Tournament season is in full swing, and we'll be bringing you weekly winner predictions for every Pro tournament across the globe.

This weekend is a packed one, with two tournaments occurring simultaneously - the PPA Ororo Minnesota Indoor Open and the APP Punta Gorda Open.

A few notable details...

...at least two players are traveling to Minnesota for singles and then back to Florida for singles on Sunday. (Only one made our top 6 picks). Now that's dedication, Ryan Sherry and Frank Anthony Davis.

...Dekel Bar (APP) and Ben Johns (PPA) both opted out of singles this week.

...Alix Truong made our Top 100-18 & Under List. Good luck to all our rising stars.

Who are you rooting for?

February 5, 2022

Top 100 Under 18

Let’s give some credit to the future stars of the sport! DUPR is proud to release Pickleball’s first Top 100 Players Under 18 Years Old. The list encompasses 29 Females with some serious girl power at the top with 15 year old Anna Leigh Waters taking the #1 spot. Share this link if you feel like next year’s top players in the sport are on this list right now!

Comment below with the next data download you’d like to see. We love to hear from our data diehards. 🤓🧐

Do you see someone who should be on the list but is missing? Encourage them to create a free DUPR profile and start posting scores today, or if they already have tournament results but are missing--drop us a line at hello@mydupr.com