DUPR Collegiate Individual National Championship - Recap

Angelica Karlsson
January 8, 2024
2 min

On April 14-16, 2023 DUPR held their Collegiate Individual National Championship at the Life Time Fort Worth-Alliance facility in Fort Worth, Texas. In total, there were 73 players and 20 universities represented during the event that competed for $22,000 in scholarship money.

The University of Virginia brought the highest number of participants with 18 students representing the University's Cavaliers.

The purpose for DUPR starting the Collegiate Individual National Championship this year was to recognize the most talented college players in pickleball, regardless of the university they attend. Any college student taking a minimum of 6 college credits is eligible to participate in this league. For players, the goal is to secure a spot for themselves in the Collegiate Team National Championship which will take place in November later this year.

Throughout the weekend, some of pickleball’s most talented up and coming players competed in Gender Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and Men and Womens Singles. The Collegiate Individual Nationship Championship league is the only tournament through DUPR with a singles event.

Each player is guaranteed 5 matches per event, utilizing the rally scoring format. For each perspective event, the scholarship payouts were as followed:

$2,000 Winner

$800 Runner-Up

$400 Semifinalists

$200 Quarterfinalists

In addition to this, the winner(s) of each event earned a bid for their school to compete in the year-end championship in November.

Recent PPA Pro Singles Silver Medalist and University of North Carolina student, Collin Shick had all eyes on him this weekend, and rightfully so, pulling off a 27-0 record for the weekend and earning him the triple crown in all three events. Dylan Ciampini, another rising star in pickleball hailing from Utah Tech University, won women’s singles and doubles.

Below are the results for the finals of each event:

Men’s Singles

Winner: Collin Shick (University of North Carolina)

Runner-Up: Martin Michelsen (University of Florida)

Women’s Singles

Winner: Dylan Ciampini (Utah Tech University)

Runner-Up: Caitlin Lewis (University of North Carolina)

Men’s Doubles

Winner: Collin Shick & Hunter Boyd (University of North Carolina)

Runner-Up: Christopher Crouch & Django Chassang (University of Flordia)

Women’s Doubles

Winner: Dylan Ciampini & Katelyn Nadauld (Utah Tech University)

Runner-Up: Taylor Crabtree & Lillian Vandixhorn (Texas Christian University)

Mixed Doubles

Winner: Collin Shick & Sarah Carpenter (University of North Carolina)

Runner-Up: Jared Brungard & Dylan Ciampini (Utah Tech University)

The following Universities were represented during the event with the amount of players representing the colleges and universities in parenthesis:

  • Boise State University (2)
  • Carnegie Mellon University (1)
  • Collin College (2)
  • University of Colorado at Boulder (3)
  • Florida State University (1)
  • Grand Canyon University (2)
  • University of Oklahoma (2)
  • Ohio State University (2)
  • Tarrant County College (1)
  • Texas Christian University (6)
  • Texas Woman's University (2)
  • University of Florida (8)
  • University of North Carolina (4)
  • Utah State University (2)
  • Utah Tech University (7)
  • University of Virginia (18)
  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (4)
  • Virginia Tech University (4)
  • University of Washington (1)

We would like to thank our event sponsors: Gamma Pickleball, OOFOS, and Cirkul who provided our players with bucket hats and water bottles. Additionally, we’d also like to thank the LifeTime Fort-Worth Star Alliance facility for hosting the event and providing an excellent experience for all participants.

If you are interested in getting involved with DUPR Collegiate Pickleball, please e-mail us at college@mydupr.com.

Be sure to follow us on social media as well to stay up-to-date for all future Collegiate events.

Written By: Sydney Steinaker - Executive Assistant

Edited By: Kevin Brown - Marketing Operations Manager

Contact: Marketing@mydupr.com

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February 6, 2024

Illinois Super Regional: A Record-Breaking Event in Collegiate Pickleball History

Fifteen schools and 113 players competed at Pickle Haus this past weekend to be crowned the Illinois Super Regional champions. By player count, it's the largest Regional that DUPR has ever run and the 3rd largest collegiate pickleball tournament ever! Multiple news stations were there to cover the action, as well as plenty of spectators from the surrounding Chicago area.

This tournament was the competitive debut for the UW-Madison, SIUE, Carnegie Mellon, Cornerstone, and Concordia pickleball teams. At the top, we saw the familiar faces of Ohio State, TCU, Indiana, and Michigan reach the semifinals and claim a bid to Nationals in November.

At our Michigan Regional last year, we saw Indiana beat the Ohio State 1st team in a Dreambreaker to advance to the finals and win the whole tournament. However the tables turned at the Illinois Super Regional, and it was instead the Ohio State 1st team getting their revenge and beating Indiana in the Dreambreaker to advance to the finals and winning the whole tournament.

The Illinois Super Regional was the first of eight Super Regionals DUPR is running this year, with the next one being the Utah Super Regional in Kaysville, Utah on March 2nd-3rd.

A big thank you goes to our sponsors: HEAD, GAMMA, OOFOS, Michelob Ultra, and Total Pickleball.

January 9, 2024

The 2024 DUPR Collegiate Pickleball Schedule Is Here! A Guide to Everything New This Upcoming Year!

After an amazing 2023, DUPR Collegiate Pickleball is excited to announce everything new we have to offer for 2024! In the post below, we describe changes we’re making to the bids, regionals, and rankings, as well as introducing campus regionals, DUPR duals, and regions! To get in contact with us, use our email at college@mydupr.com.

Bid System

Here are how bids will work for 2024:

  • 4 bids given out at each of the 8 Super Regionals
  • 1 bid given out at each of the 16 Campus Regionals

In total, there will be 48 bids given out to the 2024 Collegiate National Championship.

Super Regionals

Regionals run by DUPR have been upgraded into Super Regionals! These Super Regionals will have more bids, scholarship money, teams, and courts than our 2023 Regionals.

Spring Super Regionals

  • Illinois Super Regional - February 3rd-4th (Pickle Haüs in Chicago, IL)
  • Utah Super Regional - March 2nd-3rd (The Picklr in Kaysville, UT)
  • Virginia Super Regional - March 23rd-24th (Performance Pickleball in Richmond, VA)
  • Georgia Super Regional - April 6th-7th (Pickle & Social in Buford, GA)

Fall Super Regionals

  • Nevada Super Regional - October 5th-6th (Green Valley Life Time in Las Vegas, NV)
  • Arizona Super Regional - October 19th-20th (The Picklr in Gilbert, AZ)
  • Texas Super Regional - October 26th-27th (PALA Pickleball in Houston, TX)
  • 4th Fall Super Regional - TBD

Scholarship Money - $6000 total

Team Bracket

  • 1st Place - $2500
  • 2nd Place - $1250
  • Lost in the Semifinals - $500
  • Lost in the Quarterfinals - $250

Challenger Bracket

  • 1st Place - $250

1st-4th place teams will receive a bid to Nationals. If any of these teams already possess a bid, the opportunity for a bid will extend to the next highest-ranking team that does not have one. In some cases, schools may need to engage in an additional match to determine which team will receive the extended bid opportunity.

The Team Bracket will consist of MLP teams from each school, where there are 2-3 men and 2-3 women players on each team. It will operate the same as our 2023 Regionals, where teams will play Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles, 2 Mixed Doubles, and potentially a Dreambreaker to determine a winner between teams. The Challenger Bracket will be an open doubles tournament, unless we have enough players sign up to split into Men’s Doubles/Mixed Doubles/Women’s Doubles. 

Schools may bring an unlimited number of teams and challenger players. Any school may attend any Super Regional.

Entry Requirements

  • Have a DUPR account with a doubles rating
  • Be taking at least 6 credit hours at the school you are representing
  • Be partnered with other players from your school (applies to both the team and challenger brackets)

Email college@mydupr.com to have a team bracket made for your school in the Regional you want to attend. Your team bracket players will register in that bracket we made for you, and all challenger bracket players will register in the bracket labeled “Challenger Bracket”

Campus Regionals

Campus Regionals are a way for DUPR Collegiate Pickleball to work with individual clubs running their own collegiate tournaments. If your club is running a collegiate tournament, and it meets certain requirements, the tournament can be a part of our Campus Regional series. Each Campus Regional will receive a Nationals bid to give out, as well as be featured on the DUPR Collegiate Pickleball website. Only 16 tournaments will be selected for the Campus Regional series in 2024. Here is the link for the application and more details.

2024 Collegiate Individual National Championships (CINC)

Date: June 1st-2nd

Location: The Pickle Lodge in Cincinnati, OH

Scholarship Money: $20,000 total

Individual Nationals is returning in 2024! This event will crown a champion for each of the Men’s & Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and Men’s & Women’s Singles brackets. Any college student taking at least 6 credit hours can compete!

2023 CINC Champions

  • Mixed Doubles: Collin Shick & Sarah Carpenter (UNC)
  • Men’s Singles: Collin Shick (UNC)
  • Women’s Singles: Dylan Ciampini (Utah Tech)
  • Men’s Doubles: Collin Shick & Hunter Boyd (UNC)
  • Women’s Doubles: Dyan Ciampini & Katelyn Nadauld (Utah Tech)

Entry Requirements

  • Be current students taking at least 6 credit hours at the college they are representing
  • Be partnered up with someone from their college (if playing in a doubles bracket)


  • Saturday morning - Mixed Doubles
  • Saturday afternoon - Men’s & Women’s Singles
  • Sunday morning - Men’s & Women’s Doubles
  • Sunday afternoon - Semifinals and Finals for all events

2024 Collegiate National Championship (CNC)

For Nationals, 48 schools from across the country will compete to be the champion! Schools will be split into 8 groups of 6, and the top two teams from each group will advance to the single-elimination playoffs. There will also be a challenger bracket at the 2024 CNC, which will operate similar to the 2023 CNC challenger bracket. 

For the first time, we are allowing schools to bring multiple teams to Nationals! Schools with a bid can bring a 2nd team to compete against other 2nd teams. This 2nd team bracket is separate from the main 1st team championship bracket and will have scholarship money up for grabs. 

To participate in the team brackets at CNC, a school must:

  • Have obtained a bid
  • Participated in a Regional (either a Super Regional or a Campus Regional)
  • Have all of their players be current students at the college they are representing and taking at least 6 credit hours

To participate in the challenger bracket at CNC, players must:

  • Be partnered up with someone from their college
  • Be current students taking at least 6 credit hours at the college they are representing
  • A bid is NOT required to have players from your school compete in the challenger bracket

Nationals will be held on 11/22-11/24. The final location is still being determined.

Dual Matches

Ready to challenge your local rivals? Got a free weekend and craving some Collegiate Pickleball? We have just the solution - introducing DUPR Duals. This new initiative will allow teams to organize matches against each other that count towards their team record and ranking. All dual matches following this format will be featured on the DUPR Collegiate Pickleball website. Here is the link to our doc explaining how to conduct a dual match with another school. 

DUPR Collegiate Council

DUPR is the home of collegiate pickleball, and we want to make sure that we continue to foster open communication and collaboration with our player base. In 2024, we will organize a DUPR Collegiate Council that will be made up of leaders and players from each region of collegiate pickleball. The DUPR Collegiate Council and DUPR’s Collegiate Team will meet regularly to discuss feedback on previous events, the steps that DUPR is taking to grow the sport, and your input on what we can do to increase each player’s experience. Participation in the DUPR Collegiate Council will be by invitation only. If you are interested in lending your experience to help us grow collegiate pickleball, you may apply here.

Rankings Change

In 2024 we are changing the way teams are ranked. This new ranking system will reflect a team’s performance, instead of just their combined DUPR. The old system from 2023 will be renamed “Team Ratings” and will still be updated monthly and posted on our website. The new system will be called “Team Rankings”, and will be updated weekly with results from dual matches, campus regionals, and super regionals. We intend to use this ranking to seed teams for the 2024 Collegiate National Championship. 

Here is the formula:

  • Percentile of your Match W/L % (x4) - If your school is 6-2 against other schools, your match W/L % is 75%.
  • Percentile of your Strength of Schedule (x3) - Strength of Schedule formula: Number of wins of every team you’ve played divided by number of losses of every team you’ve played.
  • Percentile of your Game Differential (x2) - Your game differential will go up +4, +3, +2, or +1 if you win 4-0, 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2 respectively. Vice versa if you lose.
  • Percentile of your best Super Regional finish (x1) - If you finished 3rd and 6th at your two Super Regional appearances, we will only look at the 3rd place finish, since that is your best. 

Percentile - Range from 1 to 0, based on the results from every other school. The worst result is a 0, and the best is a 1. Max score is a 10.00 (4.00+3.00+2.00+1.00), lowest is a 0.00. Only matches played by a school’s 1st and 2nd teams will count towards their school’s ranking. 

DUPR Regions

Introducing DUPR Regions - Teams are split up into different regions based on geographic location. These regions were decided based on a variety of factors, and with the ever-growing collegiate pickleball landscape, we shall review regional splits on an annual basis. DUPR Regions will allow players to be eligible for regional awards, experience heightened rivalries, and access more competitive opportunities.

Please note - Due to the current distribution of Collegiate Pickleball teams, not all regions will have the same amount of Super/Campus Regionals for 2024. Teams can compete in any regional tournament they wish, regardless of their assigned region.

See below to see what region your team belongs to - 

DUPR Awards

Starting in 2024, DUPR shall implement the inaugural DUPR Collegiate Pickleball Awards! This initiative aims to reward players, coaches, and programs for their contributions to the success of DUPR Collegiate Pickleball on and off the court. These awards will be decided by the DUPR Collegiate Council and will be given out at the 2024 Collegiate National Championship during the awards banquet. 

DUPR All-American 

  • Honors the top 4 male and top 4 female players based on multiple performance criteria as judged by the DUPR Collegiate Council.

DUPR Scholar-Athlete

  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.7
  • Be a full-time student
  • Competed in a DUPR Super Regional 

DUPR Rookie of the Year

  • Honors a first-year student who made significant contributions to his/her team in the areas of leadership, sportsmanship, and performance.

DUPR Senior Player of the Year

  • Honors the senior student who had the best year among all players in his/her class in areas of leadership, sportsmanship, and performance.

DUPR Coach of the Year

  • Honors a coach who has exhibited outstanding leadership in ways that contribute to on and off-court team performance.

DUPR Community Service Award (Team)

  • Honors a team that gives back to their campus and their community through pickleball and non-pickleball pathways.

DUPR Ambassador of the Year

  • DUPR will recognize two students (1 male, 1 female) who advance the mission of DUPR by devoting consistent time and effort to promotional activities, and by supporting and bringing awareness to their school program and collegiate pickleball in general.
December 23, 2023

Resounding Victories and Team Spirit: Inside the Minor League Pickleball National Championship

The Minor League Pickleball (MiLP) National Championship took place Dec 16-17, 2023 at Los Cab Sports Village in Fountain Valley, California. The event hosted teams from 24 states across the US and several countries. With five divisions competing, the weekend was charged with competition and camaraderie, leaving everyone with lasting memories and anticipation of next year’s Nationals.

Saturday consisted of 68 teams battling for a spot in Sunday’s finals. Sunday featured intense quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. It also included a unique uniform contest, drawing many great team submissions. Team Matrix from DUPR 16 was voted the winner with their fun, creative, and vibrant spirit.

Player Insights

Reflecting on the experience, participants praised the event organization and atmosphere. Brodie Smith from California in DUPR 18 with Team Don’s Pro Shop, deemed it as the "best pickleball event" he had attended, emphasizing the exceptional care given to athletes and the seamless event execution.

Ashley Koo from Washington in DUPR 20, representing team Mutant Ninja Pickles, highlighted the exceptional teamwork fostered by the MiLP format, describing it as an "EPIC weekend of pickleball."

Jordan DeGroote from New York in DUPR 18 with Team The Sky Guys/Life Time reinforced these shared sentiments stating, “When I think of a perfect pickleball tournament, I now and forever will think of MiLP Nationals. Thrilling format, gorgeous weather, ideal venue, exhilarating competition, and TONS of pickleball! The tournament was so well organized and executed - we will definitely do our best to be back next year.”

Partnership with Swish

Central to the tournament's success was the use of Swish, one of DUPR's latest API partners. Swish streamlined the event by automating the entire player experience, encompassing everything from inputting and validating match scores to updating court assignments and providing players access to view other teams' results.

At the end of each day, tournament results were uploaded into DUPR so that players could quickly see how their ratings changed. Swish contributed to a seamless tournament and made the players' lives easier, allowing them to focus on their matches.

Division Winners

MiLP Nationals showcased top-tier play across various divisions, highlighting the different levels of skill and the competitive spirit of pickleball players. Here's the list of divisional winners:

DUPR 14 Division:

First Place: Wild Monkeys - Oklahoma

Second Place: Hook’Em - Texas

Third Place: Team Angry Birds - California

DUPR 16 Division:

First Place: Tennis Sucks - California

Second Place: Wear a Smile - Oklahoma

Third Place: Zen Johns from New Jersey - Pennsylvania

DUPR 18 Division:

First Place: The Sky Guys/Life Time - New York

Second Place: Wild Monkeys - Oklahoma

Third Place: Cranky Big Red Bears - Texas

DUPR 20 Division:

First Place: Mutant Ninja Pickles - Washington

Second Place: Pickle Rock - California

Third Place: Coachella Pickleballers All Stars - California

DUPR 22 Division:

First Place: Team Florence - California

Second Place: Pickleball Lifers - California and the District of Columbia

Third Place: Cali Breeze 2.0 - California

Gratitude to Our Sponsors

The event's success owes a huge thanks to our sponsors: Anheuser Busch, Total Pickleball, OOFOS, and Oso. Anheuser Bush's refreshing drinks were a hit, Total Pickleball's "CHAMP" discount code still offers 30% off until the end of the year, OOFOS kept players comfortable as our official recovery footwear, and Oso kept the games going as the official ball of MiLP Nationals. Their support truly made a difference, enhancing the entire event experience.

The MiLP National Championship at Los Cab Sports Village represented more than just a competition; it embodied sportsmanship, teamwork, and a shared passion for pickleball. As the event wrapped up, the echoes of excitement and camaraderie remain, setting the stage for an eagerly anticipated return next year.

About Minor League Pickleball

Minor League Pickleball is a co-ed, amateur tournament where players compete in their respective divisions across the nation. The top teams earn the chance to advance and play at the Minor League Pickleball National Championship.

To learn more about Minor League Pickleball, visit the website.

Sign up today for a MiLP event or host your own MiLP event.

Minor League