DUPR Waterfall Rules and Format

Angelica Karlsson
January 8, 2024

The Newport Beach DUPR Waterfall Presented by Takeya

DUPR, The Tennis and Pickleball Club of Newport Beach and Takeya USA are proud to announce the largest prize money amateur tournament in the history of pickleball ($100K). The DUPR Waterfall, August 5-7, features a new and innovative format that guarantees players four (4) competitive games all within a four-hour period, or tee-time. This revolutionary, amateur-only event will be like none other. You DO NOT want to miss it! Register now for your chance at winning a piece of the $100,000 prize pool!


Newport Beach Tennis and Pickleball Club

11 Clubhouse Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660

August 4 - August 7, 2022$135 per event (7 max)

Registration closes July 24, 2022

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The Details


Brackets are formed with 16 teams maximum and after each round, you continue playing against a team with the same sequence of wins-losses. For example, after round three, teams who won their first 2 and lost the 3rd play and teams that lost the first and won the next 2 play...your sequence matters even though all teams have 2 wins and 1 loss.


Similar to golf, play will occur within four hour designated time windows. There will be seven over the course of the weekend, so everyone can play in up to 7 brackets, with exactly 4 guaranteed games in each, whether you win or lose them all. You will find out what your assigned Tee-Times are on August 3, 2022.DUPR RATING:

You do not need to have a DUPR rating to register, but you will need to have at least a provisional DUPR rating to play in the tournament. To register, either claim your account if you have played in tournaments, or make one if you have not. Players can self-post one match to receive a provisional DUPR. Your rating as of August 2, 2022 will be used in the event.


All players must have a DUPR of 5.25 or less because the DUPR Waterfall guarantees DUPR neutral play, the tournament director will have final approval on tournament admission. You will be notified of your tee-time (start time) 48 hours prior to the event start date.


You sign up to the events you want to play (gender doubles, mixed, open) with or without a partner, and DUPR will create brackets of 16 teams based on the Team Average DUPR.


Within the DUPR Algorithm, matches where partners are rated with a difference greater than 1.50 are excluded, therefore, you may not sign up with a partner outside of that differential. So a 3.51 and a 5.00 may theoretically play against two players rated 4.25.


Sign up with your partner or without one and we will pair off remaining players for you. If you wish to sign up with two different people in the same day, email events@mydupr.com so we can manually add you with two different players.


On Sunday 8/7, you can play with a partner of any age, gender, or level. You and your mom could be playing against two senior men. The common denominator? Play will be competitive, level-based, and DUPR neutral across demographics.


Bracket winners get $1600, finalists $800. Because play is grouped by level, everyone will have a real chance at winning! Only top two in each bracket earn prize money.


Must be completed by July 24, 2022. Payment is taken through the mydupr.com registration page.


No refunds for any reason after the CANCELLATION DEADLINE (July 24th, 2022) unless the Registration & Weather Insurance Policy has been purchased prior to the CANCELLATION DEADLINE. If you withdraw before CANCELLATION DEADLINE, you will be issued a refund that amounts to 90% of your initial payment. If you are withdrawn from the tournament by the event administration, you will receive a 100% refund.

WITHDRAWALS: Refunds will be granted for withdrawals prior to July 24th. Simply select the bracket and click "Withdraw". If you signed up for 2 or 3 events and want to just play 1 or 2, withdraw and then re-register for fewer events. Email events@mydupr.com if you have refund issues.

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SCHEDULE: (Seniors play the same day)

Sign up for 1 event or 2 events Friday/Sunday and up to 3 on Saturday to maximize your play and your chance to win! You will receive your start time the Tuesday prior to the event after brackets are formed. Players could end up in either or any of the tee-times each day as brackets are formulated for maximum competitiveness by the Average Team DUPR.

- Friday, 8/5: Gender Doubles - 10am and 3pm

- Saturday, 8/6: Mixed Doubles - 8am, 12pm, 4pm

- Sunday, 8/7: Open Doubles - Play with ANYONE you want. NO RESTRICTIONS. You can play with a partner you played with earlier in the tournament, or someone new. 10am and 3pm

SENIORS: (age 50 and over) can play in both senior and non-senior events concurrently so long as they do not exceed the maximum number of events for each day (Friday 2, Saturday 3, Sunday 2).

FREE SWAG: FREE Takeya bottle to first 500 registrants.

AGE 8 & UP: As of December 31, 2022

BALL: Franklin X-40

CONTACT: events@mydupr.com for event specific questions or support@mydupr.com for profile, app or general DUPR issues.

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May 16, 2024


Pickleball player demographics, tight court dimensions and easy accessibility is making it a popular

addition to cruise liners and riverboats

Pickleball's unique blend of fun, friendship, fitness and accessibility has attracted millions of older people to the court in the last few years. These players can now combine their new favorite hobby with another activity beloved by retirees - cruises.

As well as hitting the demographics bullseye, pickleball is an attractive proposition for the cruise industry because of the low price of installing courts and their compact 20mx44ft dimensions, far easier to accommodate compared to those of tennis, squash or padel.


Many cruise ships already contain pickleball courts either indoor or on deck, but Pickleball International is taking its offering several stages further. The company was founded by former professional basketball player Eric Dailey Sr, who is now applying his 15 years' experience in basketball training, competitions and tours to the sport he fell in love with almost as soon as he picked up a paddle.


His sports travel enterprise included a partnership with cruise industry giants Caribbean International, which he is now expanding. Pickleball International offer cruises which include pickleball tuition from top pros, competitions and off-court physical preparation including yoga, spin classes, strength and agility training in top-of-the-range gyms and aqua training in the ship's swimming pools - in addition to all the usual cruise attractions: dinners, parties, casino nights and much more. 


AmaWaterWays Co-Founder

Eric says: "The training is an important part of the offer for this demographic of pickleball players. We can't play like we're 17 any more! We have a world-class yoga instructor and facilities to prepare our players' muscles for four hours of fun on court each day."


Caribbean International's ship, The Odyssey of the Seas, has three indoor pickleball courts. Five-day cruises set sail from the UK, Greece and the USA (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) to the Caribbean, Australia, Hong Kong and Alaska. A maximum of 24 players go on a single trip and all standards are catered for by Pickleball International's roster of highly qualified pro coaches ('Z' Orano, Pedro Penteado, Jay Jaudon and Fiona Edwards).


"These cruises are for guys who want to improve," says Eric. "If you're a DUPR 3.0, that's fine, go have fun and learn. If you're a 5.0, there will be plenty of competitions to get your teeth into. It's a great opportunity for anyone who loves pickleball and loves to travel."


UK-based Amadeus River Cruises have pickleball courts on their Amadeus Cara and Amadeus Silver III and offer pickleball-themed cruises on which you can take on locals at clubs along the way.


Janine and Damian on board

AmaWaterways, headquartered in Calabasas, California, has also spotted pickleball's potential. Last year, they added a full-size pickleball court on the 21m-wide deck of the AmaMagna riverboat which cruises along the Danube through Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey.


Pickleball activity led by on-board coach Damian fuses perfectly with the ship's large gym and Zen Wellness Studio (offering circuit training, resistance bands and core training, yoga and Pilates). “More people want to stay active when they’re on holiday. Pickleball is really easy to pick up and you can quickly start playing a game,” says Damian.


As more cruise companies capitalize on pickleball's popularity, we are sure to see the trend for dinking on deck spread across the globe.

April 8, 2024

University of Florida Wins the Georgia Super Regional with Help From Their Spectacular Spectator Section

There is no limit to the number of teams a school can submit to a Regional, and the University of Florida (UF) used that to their advantage this past weekend by bringing five teams to compete. Never before had a school brought more than three teams to a DUPR Collegiate Pickleball event! By the time the finals rolled around, all of the players from the eliminated UF teams could be heard cheering on their last remaining team in hopes of securing their first Regional championship. 

In the finals, UF faced Clemson, who was both the winner of last year’s Georgia Regional and the winner of the last Super Regional in Virginia. Clemson taking the first game in Women’s Doubles didn’t phase UF, as UF rattled off 3 straight wins in Men’s Doubles, 1st Mixed Doubles, and 2nd Mixed Doubles to secure the title. Prior to the Georgia Super Regional, UF and Clemson had already secured spots at Nationals, so the remaining four bids went to University of Georgia, University of North Florida, Florida College, and Southeastern University (SEU). All school maintained a great team spirit throughout the tournament which made it even more exciting to be a part of!

The Georgia Super Regional also welcomed Charleston Southern University, Davidson College, University of Kentucky, Louisiana State University, and The University of Texas at Tyler to their first DUPR Collegiate Pickleball event! University of Kentucky almost pulled off a #14 seed vs. #3 seed upset against SEU in the Round of 16 by taking them to a Dreambreaker. In fact, the playoffs for this tournament saw an incredibly high number of Dreambreakers, as 7 out of the 15 elimination playoff matches went to a Dreambreaker, including both semifinals and 3/4 of the quarterfinals. Here is the link to view the full schedule and standings from the weekend.

A special thanks goes to our DUPR Collegiate Pickleball partners: JOOLA, HEAD, GAMMA, Rally Republic, Total Pickleball, and OOFOS. Another thanks goes to Pickle & Social in Buford, GA for hosting the 2nd annual Georgia Super Regional! 

March 26, 2024

Clemson Tops the Virginia Super Regional to Become the Second School to Win Multiple Regionals

In the largest collegiate regional to date, Clemson rose as a formidable contender to claim victory and secure the crown for themselves. They went through both the #1 UVA and #2 UNC in the playoffs - both of the past National Champions. This win makes them undefeated in both of their attended Regionals (won the 2023 Georgia Regional), and the second school with multiple Regional wins (Utah Tech is first with 4).

In total, there were 177 players from 20 different schools from Maine to Miami at the Virginia Super Regional. Penn State University, the University of Massachusetts, the University of Maine, and Robert Morris University all made their DUPR Collegiate Pickleball debut at the event. The 30-team challenger bracket was also the largest ever for a Regional, with Colter Cox and Luke Moretz from NC State winning it. On Sunday, there were back-to-back Dreambreakers on the livestream, with #1 UVA escaping #8 Miami in the Quarterfinals, and then #3 Clemson closing the door on #2 UNC in the Semifinals. 

Clemson, UVA, and UF obtained 3 out of the 4 bids to the 2024 Collegiate National Championship by advancing to the semifinals. UNC, who also made the semifinals, already secured a bid at the Townebank College Cup in February.

Photo By: Joseph Hutzler

There was a Battle for the Bid between Miami and JMU to decide the owner of the last bid, as they were the only two eligible Quarterfinalists. JMU claimed the bid with a 3-0 performance, and have locked in their spot for Nationals in November. 

A special thanks to Performance Pickleball in Richmond, VA for hosting the first ever Virginia Super Regional! Another thanks goes to our DUPR Collegiate Pickleball partners: JOOLA, HEAD, GAMMA, Rally Republic, Total Pickleball, and OOFOS.