International Coaches Institute and DUPR Partner to Support Growth of Pickleball with Education and Training Resources for Coaches

Kevin Brown
February 29, 2024

Professionals Can Access Industry-Leading Tools and Technology to Successfully Introduce and Grow the World’s Fastest-Growing Sport in Their Communities

DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) and The Registry of Pickleball Professionals (RRPk), the pickleball arm of the International Coaches Institute, today announced a long-term partnership to support the growth and development of club owners and coaching professionals with pickleball education training and resources. 

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the US and is seeing explosive growth worldwide. DUPR and RPPk are collaborating to launch an educational training program and platform for professional coaches and event organizers to equip them with tools and training to capitalize on the excitement around pickleball and successfully introduce the sport in their communities. DUPR’s accurate global rating system and technology platform provide a unifying language and standard to evaluate player skill level and find opportunities to play, creating connectivity for the sport around the world. 

“Our mission is to serve our members with the best tools and training to enhance their professional development. Pickleball is only continuing to grow worldwide and our partnership with DUPR will give our professionals the resources they need to effectively introduce and grow the sport in their communities,” said Luis Mediero, President of the Registro Profesional de Pickleball and International Registry of Pickleball Professionals. “We specialize in coaches and education, and DUPR specializes in the best, most accurate pickleball ratings and technology. It’s a natural fit for our organizations to come together to support our professionals and grow the sport effectively worldwide.”

RPPk will provide a DUPR Team Coach qualification to all coaches who pass the corresponding training courses in their professional training program, and will release a number of certification programs to support organizers in their professional development later this year. The partnership will kick off with a pickleball tournament in Madrid, where coaches will be able to take the first RRPk course and experience the power and precision of DUPR during a championship tournament.

“Professionals are the lifeblood of the game, and we are committed to providing the training, tools and technology to grow pickleball and make the experience fun and exciting so players keep coming back to the court,” said Tito Machado, DUPR CEO. “Our focus at DUPR is to bring accessible, easy to understand technology and analytics to pickleball to unify the sport across age, gender and location with a simple rating system. We are honored to partner with the RPPk and the International Coaches Institute to support professionals and the growth of the game worldwide.” 

RRPk and DUPR are developing the following programs to be released later this year: 

  • Players’ Rating Program: This will train certified RPPK International Professional coaches in establishing initial DUPR ratings for new players to evaluate player skill level, organize level-based play and start to get results into the system. 
  • Tournament Director Course: Coaches will learn how to use the DUPR platform to develop and organize successful pickleball events and tournaments. 
  • Team Manager Course: Team organizers will learn how to use the DUPR platform and successfully direct and captain a team in a pickleball league.
  • Referee Certification Course: Open to licensed International Referee Professionals, this course will teach how to use the DUPR platform and the necessary regulations to referee a pickleball tournament. 
  • Professional Services: RPPk offers a series of professional services so that all professionals certified through the RPPk & DUPR training and certification programs can carry out their work with total safety and guarantee.

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About International Coaches Institute & RPPk

The International Coaches Institute - ICI established during 2021, the Registry of Pickleball Professionals - RPPk dedicated to professional training, international certification and comprehensive professional services for PICKLEBALL teaching professionals, as well as the promotion of this sport. RPPk has more 1,200certified coaches in 21 countries, who have the highest recognition in the Pickleball industry. All our qualifications are recognized by: International Registry of Pickleball Professionals (RPPk International), European Registry of Pickleball Professionals (RPPk Europe), United States Registry of Pickleball Professionals (RPPk USA), Registro Profesional de Pickleball Latinoamericano (RPPk Latinoamérica), International Coaches Institute (ICI) and the y Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating (DUPR). 

All training programs, certification and qualifications and professional services of the Registry of Pickleball Professionals - RPPk are endorsed and recognized by the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation - RFET / PICKLEBALL and by the Spanish Pickleball Association - Pickleball Spain.

The International Coaches Institute (ICI) has become the first and largest international organization dedicated to offering educational programs, international certification and comprehensive professional services to tennis, golf, padel, fitness and pickleball teaching professionals through their respective Professional Registries: Tennis (RPTennis), Golf (RPGolf), Padel (RPPadel), Fitness (RPFitness) and Pickleball (RPPk) with a clear objective: to offer all those tools necessary to train and develop people through sport. 

About DUPR 

DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) is the premier global pickleball rating system and technology platform, trusted by the world's leading clubs, tournaments, leagues, and players. DUPR's dynamic rating system unifies pickleball across age, gender, and location by analyzing match results to accurately evaluate all players across a 2.000 - 8.000 scale. 

For more information on DUPR, visit the official website and follow DUPR on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

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