Leading Amateur Leagues Collaborating With DUPR

May 2, 2024
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Leagues Nationwide Are Adopting Standard Pickleball Rating System To Enhance Competition With Level-Based Play, More Opportunities to Compete and Grow Participation 

As amateur pickleball competition continues to gain momentum – both in opportunities to compete and in the number of players participating – leagues across the country are partnering with DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) to enhance opportunities for amateur players to compete, showcase their skills and even win prize money.  

La Cocina, Honcho Pickleball League, National Team Pickleball League (NTPL) and World Pickleball Tour (WPT) are just a few of the amateur leagues that have recently partnered with DUPR. The technology platform has solidified its status as the go-to-solution for the largest amateur leagues and tours in the sport, collaborating with local pickleball leaders to support level-based competition for hundreds of thousands of players and the overall growth of the game here in the United States and worldwide. 

“The adoption of DUPR by these leading pickleball leagues marks a major milestone in unifying the leading amateur tours and eliminating barriers to gameplay. League organizers and players are the heart of the game, and offering our technology and rating system can help to further enhance their efforts, support local play and make the sport even more fun,” said Tito Machado, DUPR CEO.

DUPR offers organizers the ability to use its accurate, reliable rating to organize competitive, level-based matches, and use its community platform to reach hundreds of thousands of pickleball players to highlight their leagues and upcoming events. Most importantly, players benefit from competing against others at their level for an even better experience. 

With 3,184 players across 12 states and 20 active venue partners, Honcho Pickleball League is also relying on DUPR to grow the sport and foster connections. “We are excited to dive into this relationship with DUPR,” said Chris Mott, Chief Revenue Officer of Honcho Pickleball League. “Their support not only provides us with one of the largest, most detailed player databases in the sport but also aligns with our mission to provide exceptional pickleball experiences and development opportunities for our players. We look forward to a fruitful relationship that brings added excitement and competition to our communities across the nation.”

The adoption of DUPR by these amateur leagues marks a move towards unifying the game under one common language and standard. When players have DUPR, they not only can experience more competitive play within their leagues, but are now part of a global pickleball community, enabling them to find level-based play wherever they are. Amateur leagues that use DUPR include: 

  • Honcho Pickleball League: With thousands of players across 12 states, Honcho Pickleball League is a premier amateur league offering six weeks of regular season play and two weeks of playoffs, offering fun, structured and dynamic competition. 
  • La Cocina: La Cocina Pickleball is a dynamic and innovative platform dedicated to promoting the thrilling sport of pickleball across the diverse and vibrant region of Latin America. 
  • National Team Pickleball League: The NTPL is an exciting points-based team concept of play that features men’s, women’s and mixed doubles. Each win for a player earns points for their team, and the teams with the highest points in their local leagues have the chance to advance to the National Championships held each fall. 
  • World Pickleball Tour: WPT is the world’s largest amateur pickleball tour, offering unparalleled competition, camaraderie, and excitement while offering a Round Robin format, providing 8 guaranteed matches to all players, elevated swag, and an inclusive and competitive atmosphere.
  • The Dink Minor Leagues: The Dink Minor Leagues is an innovative round-robin team competition with guaranteed matches. Mixed teams of 4 players (2 women and 2 men) are broken into divisions to compete against each other in four 21-point games.

To join the global pickleball community and support your league with level-based play, please visit www.dupr.com.

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