Pickleball Tournaments and Pickleball Brackets Integration with DUPR - FAQS

May 3, 2024
2 min

The wait is finally over!

Here is all the information you need regarding our integration with Pickleball Tournaments and Pickleball Brackets.

Will DUPR be integrated into Pickleball Tournaments/Pickleball Brackets with results automatically uploaded and integrated into DUPR?

Yes, we are currently working on integrating results from Pickleball Inc. properties, such as Pickleball Brackets, Pickleball Tournaments, and Pickleball.com, to count towards your DUPR rating.

Will players need a DUPR to register for events on Pickleball Tournaments/Pickleball Brackets?

For brackets that contribute to DUPR ratings, players will need to link their DUPR ID or create a DUPR account if they do not have one already.

What steps should players take to ensure their profiles and results are integrated?

Players will receive prompts on Pickleball Brackets to easily link their DUPR account, through their profile, event registration, or creating a new account. The process will be kept simple and user-friendly.

When will the integration process begin, and when can we expect it to be completed?

The integration process is underway, and updates on the progress will be shared regularly.

Will past results be considered along with new results after the integration is finished?

The handling of past results is still being discussed, and updates will be provided as the platforms are fully integrated.

Will players be prevented from registering for brackets below their DUPR rating to prevent sandbagging?

Tournament directors will set a maximum allowed rating for bracket registration, ensuring fair play and preventing sandbagging.

Will Pickleball Brackets switch from CTPR ratings to DUPR for Pickleball Canada sanctioned tournaments?

This is still under consideration based on discussions with Pickleball Canada.

Will mixed doubles and same-gender doubles be rated separately by DUPR?

DUPR does not differentiate between mixed and same-gender matches in its ratings. However, Pickleball Brackets may choose to offer separate ratings for these categories at their discretion.

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